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The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory.

The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory

Stacy Wakefield

Akashic Books

232 Third Street, #A115, Brooklyn, NY 11215

9781617753039 $15.95

The Sunshine Crust Baking Factory tells of Sid, who arrives in New York City in 1995 eager to join the anarchist world. She gets a tattoo and joins in all the countercultural world that squatting entails, believing herself clever for her choices-but the Lower East Side is losing empty buildings, the existing squat are full, and only in the very different Brooklyn does Sid get the chance to occupy a squat under circumstances she never dreamed of. The angst and passion of a witty, determined young rebel makes for a saga that is compelling and vivid, and a story that will draw in any young rebel who has dreamed of bucking convention.

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Publication:California Bookwatch
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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