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Articles from The Sunday Post (Aberdeen,Scotland) (May 31, 2020)

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- Dr alasdair Forbes, Royal College of gps Recoveries are hard to predict. It's speculative; THE gp. 284
- Intensive care doctor Patients seem different. We wonder if virus is mutating? THE ICU DOCTOR. 508
- Scriptwriter Andrea Gibb Both my father and grandfather suffered and I hoped to use a little of what I knew about this awful disease. I hope it helped and I think it did; Screenwriter returns home and reveals how her own fwn family's experience of dementia helped shape acclaimed drama. Bill Caven 1301
- Spiritualist Ann Treherne Arthur Conan Doyle still believes in life after death. I know... because he told me. 566
- sufferer Barbara Melville I am ill and constantly I have been for 10 weeks now; THE PATIENT. Laura Smith 367
100cms is not far to go to keep struggling firms in business and their workers in jobs. Donald MacLeod D M THERE'S ONLY ONE 551
1983 frozen in time. 157
64 YEARS AGO THIS WEEK; A look back at how The Sunday Post reported the world through the years. This week: May 27, 1956. The UK, Russia and America battle for aerial supremacy, piracy accusations and England face Germany in big game. 543
A court appearance for Jamie. 163
A love letter to the best of British... from field to table; On my plate Chef says ditch the supermarket, shop local. WORDS ALICE HINDS 556
A stitch and time as, 60 years on and all thanks to lockdown, aunt Annie's engagement gift is finished at last. Paul English 472
A trip to HMS Ganges meant a 400-step descent into hell. 722
A walk down under. 221
Airport smooths over car park fuss. 251
Andy and the Dons had to keep dodging missiles. Brian Fowlie 581
angling. 176
Another insult, another injury? Watchdogs told to reconsider time bar rule after rejecting mesh complaint; Politicians demand U-turn to allow probe into mesh surgeons. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER 873
Another wealthy and privileged man explaining why he is above the rules? I had to turn him off. JudyMurray 481
Are we there yet? Taking small steps on road back to normality; EDITOR'S LETTER. Editorial 279
Aussie eagle gave Scots vets claws for thought. Stevie on the TV 400
Back chat; What the celebs are talking about this week. 298
Beat the stress. 350
Beat the stress; Cycling gives me time to unwind and the fresh air lifts my mood. 337
Beauty Boss; No cut? No problem! Pam O'Brien, from Salon Trusted reveals how to look after your crowning glory at home. As told to Alice Hinds 420
BiKe sChemes. 201
Books. 296
Budge hits out at SPFL over their delay in giving philanthropists' offer their due consideration. Brian Fowlie 619
Bunch of selfish so-and-sos! My plants are acting like petulant pets; Experimenting is fun but it also brings frustrations. Just ask gardening guru Agnes Stevenson, who this week finds her patience is being tested to the limit. 458
Call: Halve two-metre safety rule. 285
Can you believe it? Blasphemy's been controversial for millennia; Honest Truth In Acts Against God, Professor David Nash charts the evolution of an age-old crime that has been globally invoked to suppress freedom of expression. From Scotland's most infamous case to our current laws, he tells Laura Smith the Honest Truth about blasphemy. 566
Care homes get a single passing mention in the pandemic plan...testing and the supply of PPE do not get mentioned at all. Peter Swindon 1013
Care homes get a single passing mention in the pandemic plan...testing and the supply of PPE do not get mentioned at all. Peter Swindon 999
Charity's dementia care call. 183
Coronavirus not to blame for investment losses; Investors could claim compensation if poor advice to blame for stock market losses. 534
Del says Jonny will not be on his way back to Pittodrie; news. Danny Stewart 352
Dementia care must be free at the point of delivery. It is fair, it is right and it is overdue. HENRY SIMMONS CHIEF EXECUTIVE, ALZHEIMER SCOTLAND 580
Expert: European tie should have been cancelled. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 275
Expert: Fast tests key to halting second wave. Peter Swindon 252
Fears that world's poorest nations will be abandoned to face virest viral onslaught alone. 235
FM: Hair dye spies are a little bit weird. 183
Francis Gay Beatles statue on Liverpool waterfrontMyweek; A reminder that we can make sad times better. 654
From Down Under to Ey Oop: Visa confusion forces couple to miss out on dream trip to NZ for a week in Yorkshire. 660
Government action at home and abroad helps cope with Covid. 437
Gunners' sights fixed on Edouard but Lennon doesn't feel under fire. Danny Stewart 831
Here comes summer ...and the midges too. 208
Hollywood saved star after his breakdown. 227
Hoops duo earn high praise as they head for pasturoops pastures new. 206
Horoscopes. With Jane Ridder-Patrick 623
How to wear this season's cool shorts; These summer favourites hit the fashion world's runways we have three great styles to suit all shapes and sizes. 178
I found the guest ...I found a body; FROM THE BOOK. 238
I know who ordered the killing of my brother... and so do police; 18 YEARS ON Brother demands review of unsolved murder. Norman Silvester 456
I'd hope people look at their lives and see there is more fun to be had by not rushing around; TV chef knows how life can be easier after lockdown. WORDS ALICE HINDS 1203
I'm doing 50 miles a week and loving every minute; improve mental health. 254
improve mental health; I'm doing 50 miles a week and loving every minute. 254
Internet users face price rise. 272
Isolated bird isle trio do a clean up. 241
Israel pile-up could prove to be a problem for Scotland once Nations League comes back. Danny Stewart 426
It is just like living in a war off...but perhaps worse. A - professor Tim Walsh zone when a bomb goes off only once. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER 1037
It'll be good to hear from you again I ghy. 164
JJ's reputation cannot be called into question. ON RUGBY DAVID Sole 454
Jonathan Antoine; Life according to... WORDS MURRAY SCOUGALL 490
June 3, 1925. 249
Just the ticket: Lottery posts record sales figures. Financial report 167
Just when you thought football was starting to emerge from lockdown, Higgins warns the 'B' word is just around the corner; THE BIG INTERVIEW Brexit will bring regulations that will hamper clubs' ability to sign foreign talent. EXCLUSIVE By Danny Stewart 1166
Keep calm... and use the grey matter. AS TOLD TO ALISON GIBB 605
Leitch: Don't go writing the date iting for any return on your calendars just yet. Brian Fowlie 491
Liftoff for first US launch in nine years. 241
Little The things. WENDY CLARKE 1820
Meet the Author; Craig Robertson Watch Him Die, Simon & Schuster, PS8.99. 601
Mind reading: Let page-turners boost your mental health. WORDS TRACEY BRYCE 864
Minister: Tracer data will be secure. 166
Naka was a Bhoy loved Japanese in the East; FROM BEYOND EUROPE THEY CAME ... danny stewart & Brian fowlie 893
OnDemand. 273
Our wee bit kill and glen: Crime bestsellers head north in hunt for inspiration; Mysterious deaths in spectacular settings are filling our bookshelv e bookshelves as Highland Noir becomes the latest crime-writing trend. Maggie Ritchie 1119
Pain will bring Marshall is set after his longest gain as to play lay-off. EXCLUSIVE By Mark Guidi 856
Paul is eager for game's rules men to ready a speedy remedy. Jim Black 705
Picpkoodf cthaests. 419
Quick bite. Recipe 287
Rangers rated Europe's mostvulnerable club; news. Ewing Grahame 479
Reality star Jenner hits back after Forbes snub. 153
Recipe; Asparagus cooked on the fire with labneh, mint, almonds and seeds. Recipe 446
Record's gone in just 9.72 seconds as track ace races into history; MAY 31, 2008. alice Hinds 474
Rennie: Scots stars will always move on; rugby. Alan Shaw 482
Replies The Doc; Our expert answers your medical questions. 394
roger and out for our first win; racing. Reg Moore 252
Scotland's flagship testing lab is working at third of capacity revealed. Craig McDonald 651
Scots praised for keeping our distance as crowds mob beaches down south. Peter Swindon 507
Scots praised for keeping our distance as crowds mob beaches down south; Sunny delight for a country unlocked at last CORONAVIRUS CRISIS. Peter Swindon 501
Show me the money; SPFL LATEST Doncaster is now ready to meet Budge's benefactors to see if there is a lower-league bailout. 159
Singer: We must remember who key people were in this crisis. 259
Sinking spirits: How Houdini tried but failed to convince Holmes creator of seance fakers; Curious case of the iconic detective writer, the w, the world-famous illusionist and a deathly fall-out that tore their friendship apart. Murray Scougall 786
Special charter flights bring 30,000 British travellers back home. 224
Swim safety warning issued. 162
The Covid-19 crisis has us all thinking differently and could lead the Old Firm to England. Sir kenny THE LEGEND WRITES FOR YOU 837
The Disunited States can't agree on The Kardashians, lockdown or their next leader; Scotland's Mr Showbiz drops us a postcard from Hollywood. 492
The most important lesson we've learned in this strange new world? It's cool to be kind; lockdowndiary Maggie's. 643
The Old Firm playing in an empty stadium is a no-no for ex-Ger Durrant; news. Danny Stewart & Ewing Grahame 730
The weekend is too nice to rain on so let's enjoy our first baby steps in the sun. 491
This is not any kind of victory for the PM. He has lost a lot but we have lost a lot more. Mandy Rhodes INSIDE HOLYROOD 553
Tinderbox America: Protests spread after arrest death of unarmed man. Mark Aitken 451
TOP10. 179
Treat yourself to... Spring has sprung so make the most of being at home by enjoying a garden picnic and more. 229
ueries Your; If you have a query, email We are once again able to accept written queries to Queries, The Sunday Post, Speirs View, 50 High Craighall Road, Glasgow G4 9UD, but ask that readers email their questions, where possible. 336
View from the Vegetable Patch; Ripe time, ripe place...Nothing beats taste of fresh, juicy berries sampled on the spot, in the plot. 411
Waiting for a miracle? Government scientific adviser warns C-19 is here to so stay and vital vaccine may never be discovered. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 958
Wake up to the facts: You could easily set a record your sleep. 319
We've lost that hugging feeling, says Davina... and it's making me howl. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 437
Weather worries for Falcon launch. 242
Wednesday The Folk Show With [...]. 244
Wheels on our bikes are going round and round as Scots push off out of lockdown. Laura Smith 310
while the world holds its breath... we'll keep you Posted. 1077
while the world holds its breath... we'll keep you Posted; 10 weeks Of LOCKDOWN when yOu READ IT HERE FIRST. 287
Why are my irises dying [...]; Welcome to my potting shed! This is the column where I'll share all my gardening hints and tips - and I'll try to answer any queries you may have. Column 276
Working to end extreme poverty across the world. 160

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