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Articles from The Sunday Post (Aberdeen,Scotland) (May 3, 2020)

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'Please, do not give up on vital helplines'. 299
- First Minister on VE Day anniversary It is right we remember the end of a terrible war. Today, we must hope for victory in another. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 269
10,000 more salmon after record low Rods catch. 196
1952 frozen in time. 163
A brilliant advocate Sturgeon salutes QC and a lovely man: Nicola after his sudden death at 65. Craig McDonald 593
A brilliant advocate Sturgeon salutes QC and a lovely man: Nicola after his sudden death at 65. Craig McDonald 595
A disaster plan? Labour leader response report which did not questions Scottish pandemic mention testing in 27 pages. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 513
A fitting moment to celebrate 75 years of peace. NICOLA STURGEON FIRST MINISTER 267
angling. 196
Are you Javelin a laugh? Fan of stunned after insurance costs classicmotors soar overnight; Retired police officer nearly round bend in car dispute. 648
As our ship was leaving the port, a lady in white sang opera to us, some wonderful, beautiful songs. And we sang back to her 'We're no awa' tae bide awa' - Veteran John Webster remembers; THIS DAY TO REMEMBER Britain prepares to pay tribute to sacrifice made by so many as the country fought for freedom on 75th anniversary of VE Day. Dawn Thompson 800
At the service, I sat a metre away from mum. With gloves on, we held hands. MERLE BROWN 780
Back chat; What the celebs are talking about this week. 323
Back to basics for brilliantly tasty meals; Claire's culinary treats with 10 essential ingredients. WORDS ALICE HINDS 950
Beauty Boss; Patricia Boland, skin specialist at Colorescience, shares her expert tips and tricks for nailing handcare at home. 427
Best-seller gives PS1m to charities helping the most vulnerable as she reveals loved ones on the frontline. Craig McDonald 720
By the graveside, our heads. It isn't in our masks and gloves, we can only bow much but, hopefully, it will show we care. Sally McDonald 1317
Can't believe it's not clutter? Tidying guru Marie Kondo shows home workers how w t to spark the reaching for the bin bags. Stevie Gallacher 570
Car credit payment breaks. 277
catches on the rise after record low Wild salmon. 196
CELTIC, EUROPEAN CUP, 1973-74. 225
CEO wipes billions off firm...with one tweet. 214
Creative people are e not cut-thr throat. We're all in it together; MELANIE'S STORY. 262
Cup could have 2021 final and all-Edinburgh semi heading to Murrayfield. Danny Stewart 705
Customer's warning on lost money. 237
Delivered straight to your door or your device. 295
DRAMA. 264
DrCianbkisnet. 197
elon wipes billions off Tesla...with one tweet. 212
Every twitch way but loose: John Hannah on watching rdies g the own wat the bir during lockdo o; Actor on why ornithology is his new normal as he comes in from the garden to discuss lockdown, Brexit, independence...and his new film. Murray Scougall 1063
Every twitch way but loose: John Hannah on watching rdies g the own wat the bir during lockdown. Murray Scougall 1034
Expert warns ministers must deliver clear exit messages. 368
Expert: Send GPs into care homes to bolster test and trace offensive. Mark Aitken 530
Experts: Grief with no end. 254
Film favourite was an all-American hero who died to save passengers. 315
Force faces 500 compensation claims from public and own officers. 368
Francis Gay; My week It is intense but still so caring in intensive care. 633
Gallacher:Would it really be so bad to wait for a year? EXCLUSIVE By Adam Lanigan 734
Gers still hopeful of making Hagi deal permanent. Brian Fowlie 547
Getaway from it all in Crusoe's seaside cottage. AS TOLD TO ALICE HINDS 535
Going, going, gondola as star's Venetian flit ends in four days; Actress ditches Italy move amid pandemic. Krissy Storrar 236
Going, going, gondola as star's Venetian flit ends in four days; Actress leaves Italy to lock down in Argyll. Krissy Storrar 245
Good reasons why we must all be looking out for No. 1. JASON LEITCH SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT'S NATIONAL CLINICAL DIRECTOR 425
Good To Know JoJo Her [...]. 183
HIBERNIAN, FAIRS CUP, 1960-61. 241
Honest Truth; Every night, the stars and planets twinkle down at us from many millions of miles away, captivating the interest of budding astronomers. Here, Matt Gaw, author of Under The Stars, tells Alice Hinds the Honest Truth about stargazing to inspire your own journey into space. Travel narrative 656
Horoscopes. With Jane Ridder-Patrick 637
How to spark joy tHe Marie kondo MetHod. 304
Howtowearfloral al dresses; Pretty print dresses will lift your mood. Pair with summery accessories, and air enjoy a bit of flower power! 197
I love working alone so, for me, social distancing is a way of life; JENNY'S STORY. 235
I loved being at Cheltenham but, looking back now, what on earth were we all thinking? JudyMurray FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER @JudyMurray 482
I think it's time to call all rugby finished; ON RUGBY. DAVID SOLE 434
I'm looking out of my window at the sunshine, the tulips and forget-me-nots and carrying on as normal... Dame Esther Rantzen on the lockdown, a virtual That's Life reunion, finding love and putting her 80th birthday on hold. WORDS SALLY McDONALD 1167
Images of the we ek. 154
in the middle 12-page REPLICA EDITION; it was just days after Victory in europe was declared mood of national celebration, but also the feeling of when The Sunday post of may 13, 1945 went to press. The paper reflected the anger at the lives needlessly lost during the years when the world was at war. 680
It is right we remember the end of a terrible war. Today, we must hope for victory in another i; Nicola Sturgeon on the battle ahead First Minister on VE Day anniversary. 244
It's just the three of us so plenty of time to bond; BABY ALICE. 326
Jim's arrival came at just the right time for Toony; rugby. Alan Shaw 422
John aiming for fourthdecade Crucible title. Neil Goulding 500
Keep calm and sow on: Even the very best gardeners can have seed failures; As lockdown continues, more and more people are turning to growing plants says our expert Agnes Stevenson. But they musn't be put off by a few false starts. 538
Kim Jong Un back in the public eye. 187
Korean leader dispels death rumours. 199
Laps, straps, apps: smartwatch fitness Inside the revolution; Experts warn less is more as sports gadgets change the way we eat, run and sleep. WORDS TRACEY BRYCE 836
Lockdown could lead to kids losing their drive to become top players; THE BIG INTERVIEW Leading coach Billy Stark reveals his fears for football's future generations. EXCLUSIVE By Danny Stewart 1295
Lockdown is the time to dance like no one's watching. 228
Many an unlucky kid would have loved the chances Islam Feruz was given to make it big. DON'T MISS THE PEOPLE'S PUNDIT EVERY WEEK AlanBrazil 751
Margaret's millions: Watched by 20m, the first live TV wedding; May 6, 1960. Craig Campbell 456
Mark knew it wasn't his night when he couldn't jump out of Pittodrie. Danny Stewart & Brian Fowlie 601
MAY 6, 1840. 247
Meet the Author; Hazel Aitken The Pretty Girls, Austin Macauley Publishers, out now. 572
MP, Olympic rower and retiring nurse join Covid fight. 226
My desk, as I'm sure Marie would put it, is a pure midden. 405
NZ hails PM: She's not a superhero. She's just a Kiwi; Public health specialists call for escalation in testing and contact tracing in communities as lockdown relaxation looms. Megan McEachern In Wellington, New Zealand 599
Of course, ifs and maybes don't matter now...but they could have mattered then. Mandy Rhodes INSIDE HOLYROOD 562
Oh, baby, it's odd outside: Maternity experts on how it is at home for Scotland's lockdown newborns; Doctors reveal new parents miss family visits during isolation but thriving with less stress and more time for bonding. Tracey Bryce 685
On the seas of hope; Thrown together in the lockdown, a gran and grandson find a little common ground. WORDS WAYNE PRICE 3328
OnDemand. 243
Only bubbly could slow Stuart's race for medals. Brian Fowlie 618
Picpkoodf cthaests. 430
Plane crazy! Rob's inflight japes always leave best pal Romesh with a red face. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 464
potting shed; Welcome to my potting shed! This is the column where I'll share all my gardening hints and tips - and I'll try to answer any queries you may have. Column 230
Quick bite. Recipe 274
RaCing. 246
Replies The Doc; Our expert answers your medical questions. 384
SANDRA'S STORY We have to change to survive. 279
Scientists name 56 new types of plant. 177
Scotland Yard called in to hunt for child killer as fourth victim is found; 95 years ago this week A look back at how The Sunday Post reported the world through the years. This week: April 26, 1925. A gruesome child murderer on the loose, a handsome con woman and motorcyclists alight on their heads. 535
Sheridan Smith; Cilla star Sheridan Smith talks about being pregnant and filming a new drama series while in lockdown. Life according to... WORDS MURRAY SCOUGALL 514
Silent seas stress free for Scottish dolphins. Krissy Storrar 831
Silent seas stress free for Scottish dolphins; CORONAVIRUS CRISIS Reclaimed oceans are playground for pods. Krissy Storrar 818
Specialists fear virus might fuel huge surge in cancer deaths. Janet Boyle 372
SPFL's Doncaster fires back against renewed criticism of club payments. Danny Stewart 660
Sponsor Scottish football? Right now, you wouldn't sponsor the SPFL's bus fares. THE LEGEND WRITES FOR YOU Sir kenny 792
Stevie on the TV; I've seen the new Normal... and it's quite extraordinary. 268
Stubbs: Celts deserve title despite obsessed Rangers fans views. Ewing Grahame 726
Sunday Post Delivered straight to your door or your device; NEVER mIss THE POST EASY WAYS to Get YOUR FAVOURITE PAPER. 228
The billionaire fly guys need to have their wings clipped but we need their planes ready for take-off. Donald MacLeod D M THERE'S ONLY ONE 505
The Figure In The Photograph [...]. 299
The forgotten: Doctors fear heart surgeon reveals Scots for thousands of patients after are waiting longer to seek help. Janet Boyle and Marion Scott 811
The Highlands and buy lands as crafty islanders set up shop on world wide web; How tech-savvy knitters, hat makers and tea ea sellers are attracting thousands of new customers during the big shutdown. Laura Smith 659
The legacy of C-19 could be an elevated death rate for years to come. 570
The Pitts? No, Brad's a pretty classy guy, says America's most unlikely heartthrob; Scotland's Mr Showbiz drops us a postcard from Hollywood. 542
this week. 272
Thousands sign up for blood trial. 202
Thousands sign up for blood trial. 195
Thursday North By Northamptonshire Radio [...]. 252
TOP10. 184
Treat yourself to... 333
ueries Your; If you have a question, email Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak we are currently unable to accept your letters through the post. 327
UK toll set to be second only to US in virus deaths. 393
View from the Vegetable Patch; Strawberries sewn, tomatoes, herbs and peas potted...Soon I'll enjoy the fruits of my labours. 402
view. 495
We have to change to survive; SANDRA'S STORY. 279
We women are dealing with the lockdown a lot better than men: Our multi-tasking sees to that; lockdowndiary Maggie's. 726
We're so lucky and loving every minute stuck indoors with our beautiful girl; BABY ELLA-ROSE. 467
We're so lucky to be loving every minute of life in lockdown with our beautiful girl; BABY ELLA-ROSE. 467
We're worn down by the lack of justice...but we will keep fighting; On the fifth anniversary of Sheku Bayoh's death in custody, his family ask why they still have no answers. Craig McDonald 590
Wright quits Saints but Irish job is looking unlikely. Danny Stewart 487

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