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Articles from The Sunday Post (Aberdeen,Scotland) (April 26, 2020)

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- Nicola Benedetti It did feel a little strange to have time to take a breath after so many years rushing around. So I took a breath for a week or so...but then thought I'd get back to work; Acclaimed musician admits the novelty of being stuck at home soon wore off as she quickly logged in to boost education charity. Murray Scougall 1073
1975 frozen in time. 165
81 YEARS Ago THIS week. 604
A clear vision: up in father's Designer's daughter on growing see-through modernist marvel; Writer remembers a childhood full of photoshoots and fashion in one of Scotland's most celebrated homes. Sally McDonald 1059
A First with no equal: Melania Trump has her place in history; april 26, 1970. alan shaw 452
Amid the darkness, a glimmer of light; Intensive care doctors reveal hope the worst might be over. Janet Boyle 182
Amid the darkness, a glimmer of light; Intensive care doctors reveal hope the worst might be over. Janet Boyle 185
An honour to be part of Edith's show. 169
angling. 192
april 29, 1944. 251
Back chat; What the celebs are talking about this week. 364
Britt's love: The men in her life. 278
Britt: Tight Rod should give to Celts. 246
CELTIC, EUROPEAN CUP, 1971-72. 227
Changing face of crisis makes return difficult to predict. Alan Shaw 562
Charity: 14 workers die daily in Scotland. 177
Chic rebuild is anything but run of the mill. WORDS MURRAY SCOUGALL 567
Delicious and easy to bake, this is truly a bread of heaven; Quick bite. Recipe 198
discover the power of flowers; Be inspired by the colours and flowers in your garden, says Wendy Rigg. Pretty pinks, blues and floral prints are perfect for afternoon tea in the sun. 501
Distancing is so painful for our residents; THE CARER. 209
Doctors see glimmer of light after dark weeks but warn of a second surge in infections. Janet Boyle 989
Doctors: Ministers wanted DNR calls. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER 291
DRAMA. 171
DUNDEE, FAIRS CUP 1967-68. 215
Everyone of us will need to get used to a new normal. JASON LEITCH SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT'S NATIONAL CLINICAL DIRECTOR 372
Exercise should be fun... and not a punishment for eating a wee treat. 494
Experts fear criticising ministers risks their funding. 233
Experts fear criticising ministers risks their funding. 220
Famous flower show goes virtual. 162
Get back to basics... 216
Good people and the kindness of strangers gives me great hope for the future after the pandemic; lockdowndiary Maggie's. 732
Good Souls Better Angels Lucinda [...]. 165
Government stages massive global rescue mission to fly 19,000 stranded cruise travellers back to Britain. 264
Grassie's departure from the SRU was inevitable. ON RUGBY DAVID Sole 455
Hair today, glam tomorrow: Your locks needn't suffer in lockdown; Beauty Boss Fringe benefits? Rainbow Room's Suzie McGill tells us how to keep our crowning glories under control. Tracey Bryce 447
Hamish:Roma got the result they needed but still wanted to kill us. Danny Stewart and Brian Fowlie 553
Hearn aims to follow up on darts to bring big-time sport back. EXCLUSIVE By Neil Goulding 657
Hibs chief now wants to play out the season. Brian Fowlie 467
Hibs chief now wants to play out the season; news. Brian Fowlie 467
HIBS, EUROPEAN CUP 1955-56. 222
Hollywood fashion icon prefers high street style. 206
Honest Truth; It's famous on social media, praised as a superfood and devoured worldwide. But Jeff Miller, author of Avocado: A Global History, tells Laura Smith the Honest Truth about how our appetite for avocados is having unsavoury consequences for growers and local wildlife. 571
Horoscopes. With Jane Ridder-Patrick 606
I'll tell you straight: Ricky's anger makes me happy! Stevie on the TV. 283
If only I had been as relaxed at the World Cup as the time I sang on Top Of The Pops! DON'T MISS THE PEOPLE'S PUNDIT EVERY WEEK Alan Brazil 640
If Rangers have information that will benefit the well-being of the game, they need to release it. THE LEGEND WRITES FOR YOU Sir kenny 736
It feels like a change. With every discharge there seems another little glint of optimism, a small suspicion that we might be winning; In his weekly dispatch from one of Scotland's Intensive Care Units, a doctor reveals the situation is improving but not, sadly, for many stricken patients. 649
It is not about saving lives or saving jobs. It must be about saving lives and saving jobs. Donald MacLeod D M THERE'S ONLY ONE 549
Jam, jute and... just a minute: Swindler moves to trademark Tayside motto; Conman bids to claim city's slogan. Toby McDonald 484
John tamed Coop to help Diamonds lift Spring Cup. Brian Fowlie 607
Judy: Federer has got it spot on over the merits of any possible merger; tennis. 231
Jullien would relish going head-to-head with the Gers again. Danny Stewart 691
Jullien would relish going head-to-head with the Gers again; news. Danny Stewart 691
Knox's Cup warning over accusations of cronyism. Jim Black 431
Lockdown has our players looking at life after football. Danny Stewart 710
Lockdown is the ideal time to stop and smell the roses; Experts say we should embrace the way we used to live. WORDS TRACEY BRYCE 953
Mark endured an epic 18-hour drive across 1,130 miles to beat the lockdown and get back to work; THE BIG INTERVIEW Fotheringham gives an insight into a life back on the training ground. EXCLUSIVE By Danny Stewart 1117
Meet the Author; Harlan Coben The Boy From The Woods, Century, PS20. 611
Meghan and the elephant, Judi and the juice... we're all going a little La La in lockdown; Scotland's Mr Showbiz drops us a postcard from Hollywood. 516
Ministers might not like questioning newspapers but, for Scotland's sake, they should back them. Most of the holding to for real journalism. It is a undoubtedly a challenging by BRIAN WILSON FORMER 633
MPs call for probe into Ibrox Euro tie. 292
Mum was very shy and very funny. She loved her family above all else; THE FAMILY. 277
Mum's bewildered that dad's gone. She just doesn't understand. That is perhaps the only blessing; THE RESIDENT. Sally McDonald 1104
Nationwide toast to war heroes as anniversary party moves indoors. Murray Scougall 437
No, of course I'm not a feminist. I'm a very strong person, though. I have compassion; Outspoken '70s icon on India, ex-lovers...and her dog. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 1205
Numan urges SPFL to follow Dutch lead and not award Celtic title. Mark Guidi EXCLUSIVE 682
Nurse on frontline fighting coronavirus stressed by row over a hefty PS800 data bill. 623
Officers on patrol in busy parks. 228
OnDemand. 282
One of the world's last cruise ship land after whole month at sea on passengers finally reaches dry luxurious but deserted ocean liner; Retiree refuses to abandon ship and returns to Britain in splendid isolation before booking same trip, same time next year. Peter Swindon 980
oor wullie hailed at press awards as party leaders come together to urge ministers to back Scotland's newspapers. 320
Our leaders have no good choices. We can only wish them well...and hope for the best. 488
Party leaders united in call for press support. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 372
Party leaders united in call for press support. Mark aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 386
Picpkoodf cthaests; Frank Skinner's Poetry Podcast (Absolute). 465
Piecing it together as lockdown Scots rush for jigsaws; Puzzle fans get out of their box to ease boredom of isolation. Tracey Bryce 614
Plea for photos to help save Scots site. 194
PM ready to return as row rages over expert advisers; Government guidance committee revealed. Peter Swindon 728
Police advise: Just say no to cold callers; ADVICE. 271
POSTING SHED; Welcome to my potting shed! This is the column where I'll share all my gardening hints and tips - and I'll try to answer any queries you may have. Column 304
racing. 248
RANGERS, FAIRS CUP 1968-69. 225
Rare whisky auction hit by targeted cyber attack. 182
Released into a different world but we all should care what happens next. ANNIE MAUGER-THOMPSON CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF LEADING COMMUNITY JUSTICE ORGANISATION SACRO 537
Relief as workshops beat the lockdown. 302
Replies The Doc; Our expert answers your medical questions. 399
Resident dies after NHS snub. 246
Roll up, roll up...for the greatest food show on Earth; on my plate Circus chef's magical big top menu. WORDS ALICE HINDS Recipe 957
Ryan Absolutely can't wait to introduce a new Thomas family member. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 494
Scotland set for UEFA windfall over Euros halt. Mark Walker 378
Scots key workers use one million masks daily. 359
So many blessings in just one of those days; Francis gay my week. 649
Taskforce's reconstruction plans are already hanging in the balance. Brian Fowlie 737
Taskforce's reconstruction plans are already hanging in the balance. Brian Fowlie 679
The Cowries of Iona. WORDS PHILIPPA EAST 1526
the title decider that didn't decide anything. David Walker 457
The true bloody history behind a free cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit. 349
They had lain in a [...]. Paul English 1481
this week. 268
TOP10. 197
Two Doors lockdown: Sitcom on ice because of pandemic. Paul English 673
ueries Your; If you have a question, email Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus outbreak we are currently unable to accept your letters through the post. 341
Victory in Europe: This day to remember; 75 YEARS ON As the world once again goes to war against Covid-19, those who endured another terrible conflict remember their joy when it ended. 1270
View from the Vegetable Patch; You say tomato. I say tomatoes... taste sweeter than supermarket varieties when you grow your own. 425
Violent crime falls reveal fraud is up in lockdown but police as crooks exploit crisis. Krissy Storrar 955
Violent crime falls reveal fraud is up in lockdown but police as crooks exploit crisis; Swindlers cash in on pandemic but national tional force confirm dramatic fall in most other offences during Scotland's lockdown. Krissy Storrar 1004
We Are Attempting To Survive [...]. 300
We cry every day. If only we could grieve; THE MANAGER. 238
We enjoy other people's homes; AT home. 243
We help put heat on home company. 275
We need more testing and need it now: Desperate Scottish care homes in plea for screening; Owners appeal for protection. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER 570
Wednesday More Or Less Radio [...]. 267
With Ronaldo up front, my line-up of gorgeous plants is really quite striking; Never mind lockdown, says our expert Agnes Stevenson. The weather has improved, and there's lots of work to be done in the garden. 524
Zoff: It's unthinkable to imagine players celebrating while so many people are dying. EXCLUSIVE By Danny Stewart & Massimiliano Vitelli 595

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