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Articles from The Sunday Post (Aberdeen,Scotland) (April 19, 2020)

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- Sam McTrusty of Twin Atlantic My wife, mum and sister are nurses. Not signing up for Edith's fundraiser was not an option. Murray Scougall 514
- Stage star Liz Ewing I loved theWest End but flying back to The Nest felt like coming home; Actress says landing role in TV drama was ideal timing on her return to Scotland. Marion Scott Chief reporter 490
1963 frozen in time. 181
A bowed head, a small moment of silence: Old ways are a new way of sharing our grief. 499
A call went out and you responded. Laura Smith 394
A quick and delicious soup with a taste of the Orient. 162
Amanda Holden; Life according to... Britain's Got Talent judge on unicyclists, choirs, scientists, surprises...and the return of Mr Nasty. WORDS KEITH WEST 506
And they're still arguing down at the virtual pub! danny stewart 655
angling. 234
APRIL 21, 1960. 235
Arthritis treatment tested on Scots ward. 212
AT WORK, AT HOME, AT RISK; We speak to three low-income Scots being hit hard by Covid-19. 263
Atomic race begins as USA shares secrets of the bomb with the world; 74 YEARS Ago THIS week. 553
Back chat. 335
Beechgrove's back and braver than me (well I wouldn't let you into my garden); As TV's top horticultural show spotlights its presenters' own gardens, Agnes Stevenson reveals why she won't be inviting any cameras into her home any time soon. 497
Benefits bosses say sorry after grieving widow, 86, shocked by funeral payout; Department admits advice was misleading. 613
Black and white and fed-up all over: Zoo's penguins pine for parades during lockdown. Laura Smith 1081
Budge gets an apology from Dens ens chief Nelms - but still joins call for independent inquiry. Danny Stewart 443
Captain Tom has eyes on No1 spot. 219
Cargo of hope: Cautious welcome from nurses as 10 million masks from China arrive at Prestwick. 451
Dobbie is ready to keep on rolling. Ewing Grahame 312
Don't be old. Don't be ill. But, above all, don't be poor. 490
Dons chairman urges Doncaster to apologise and show contrition over crucial vote. Brian Fowlie 834
Dotcom boom! Best of online; Online shopping has been a big part of our lives for some time, but never more so than now. Wendy Rigg has been taking a look at some gorgeous buys. 556
Driving force. WORDS PATSY COLLINS 769
Drysdale looks ahead to how Tour may look on its return. Adam Lanigan 728
Findlay brands UEFA 'nauseating' and 'disgusting' ahead of crunch UEFA meeting; EXCLUSIVE - Blue Brazil chairman's broadside. Danny Stewart 729
Findlay brands UEFA 'nauseating' and 'disgusting' ahead of their crunch summit; EXCLUSIVE - Blue Brazil chairman's broadside. Danny Stewart 729
Flight row mum launches appeal. Marion Scott 235
Foreseen then forgotten: How best-selling writer's only unpublished book detailed viral pandemic, lockdown and a PM in hospital ...15 years ago; Author on writing a novel that eerily predicted these testing times more than a decade ago...when publishers said it was too far-fetched. Tracey Bryce 1139
From manager madness to Alex's dream cup win. Brian Fowlie 615
From revolution to coronavirus: City known as Chicago of China. 323
From the classroom to the Kremlin: The swotty revolutionary. Craig Campbell 456
Gerrard's influence could double Gers' money on Hagi. Danny Stewart & Massimiliano Vitelli 490
GP surgery rules out hospital [...]. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 805
GP surgery rules out hospital for care home residents; Doctors' decision questioned. Mark Aitken POLITICAL EDITOR 810
Have you tried creosote, Mr Darwin? Research reveals visionary Scot's unusual prescription for scientific genius; How origin of Species author called on pioneer for help with illness. Dawn Thompson 823
Hay fever during lockdown needn't be such a hardship; A spring clean, online pharmacies, a dab of Vaseline and even a nasal bath can all help sufferers cope. WORDS TRACEY BRYCE 865
Here comes the bride, her mother and the Scots doctor who, 27 years ago, saved both their lives; Medic enjoys joyful wedding day reunion almost 30 years ears after a chance and life-changing encounter in an African maternity ward. Murray Scougall 1382
Here is the news: Broadcaster gets a paper round as she supports our campaign for lifeline hotlines. JACKIE BIRD BROADCASTER AND PAPERGIRL 862
Here is the news: Broadcaster gets a paper round as she supports our campaign for lifeline hotlines; JACKIE KAY THE MAKAR'S CHOICE. JACKIE BIRD BROADCASTER AND PAPERGIRL 994
Hi-Hi ended the season... then heard it was all over; CATHKIN PARK. Brian Fowlie 1331
Hollywood star's SOS to veteran climber. 219
Horoscopes. With Jane Ridder-Patrick 630
I got a call from a GP asking me to agree to a Do Not Resuscitate Order. She'd never even met me - Former miner's shock at doctor's cold-call on treatment. Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER 405
I got a call from a GP asking me to agree to a Do Not Resuscitate Order. She'd never even met me; - Former miner's shock at doctor's cold-call on treatment. Marion Scott Chief reporter 405
I got it wrong in the Old Firm game but I'm sure VAR would have made it right; Clancy's confession over THAT Edouard goal. Danny Stewart 711
I loved my shedroom so much, I turned it into a full-time job. AS TOLD TO ALICE HINDS 644
It's time to... Take cuttings from salvias and keep them. 164
Johnson: Neil will want to win nine-ina-row on the pitch. Mark Guidi 765
Johnson: Neil will want to win nine-ina-row on the pitch; exclusive. Mark Guidi 765
Just the ticket: Your refund rights. 302
Kindness in times of crisis: A gift of precious letters made me remember why little things matter most; Writer reveals an unexpected delivery of his mum's notes from the past gives him hope for the future. ALASTAIR CAMPBELL BROADCASTER AND FORMER LABOUR COMMUNICATIONS CHIEF 1621
King Kenny calls for SPFL investigation; EXCLUSIVE. 175
King Kenny calls for SPFL investigation; EXCLUSIVE. 173
King Kenny calls for SPFL investigation; Leading clubs join chorus for inquest into rulers' conduct. 161
Leftovers and mums have always been souperstars; Francis gay my week. 619
Like the banks in 2008, our insurers will face a reckoning tomorrow for their actions today; Donald MacLeod D M INSIDE HOLYROOD. 504
Lockdown is proving harder for Preston than it was trekking 22 miles-a-day with the needle down at minus-26o Centigrade; THE BIG INTERVIEW Arctic Challenge was easier to deal with for radio pundit. Danny Stewart 1103
longing to meet you... WORDS JEAN BOWES PORTER 1455
Look after your skin and emerge from lockdown looking fabulous. Tracey Bryce 457
Malpas hopeful that United can benefit from bounce factor. Danny Stewart 507
Many, many questions but there are no easy answers. JASON LEITCH SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT'S NATIONAL CLINICAL DIRECTOR 346
McCartney family snap is revealed. 198
Meet the Author Isla Dewar A Day Like Any Other, Polygon, PS8.99. 588
Millions go Gaga over superstar fundraiser. 159
Millions of masks arrive from China as Scottish NHS staff and carers demand better protection. 447
MP Murray demands referendum legislation. 197
Muffin can stop me now: How a small slice of heaven in the Highlands inspired Belgium's star baker to start stirring it up; Bake Off judge on an unforgettable gettable holiday in Scotland when a blueberry epiphany transformed her life forever. Murray Scougall 1063
My other half's shaved all his hair off. As for me, I went on live TV looking like Joanna Lumley in AbFab; Inspirational presenter shares the lighter moments of life in lockdown. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 1271
New drug trialled on critically ill patients. 225
Oh, Eve! I'm not the only one that's lost a bit of sex appeal. 283
OnDemand. 306
One lady with epilepsy got ill at home and had nothing to eat for three days. The situation here is becoming awful. 644
Our carers have been too long in the shadow of the NHS. Now, we must care for them. Mandy Rhodes INSIDE HOLYROOD 557
Our fruit will rot in the fields: Farmers call for a European army of pickers to save season. Marion Scott 932
People have more time to cook and experiment with flavours...and soup's ideal for hiding vegetables from kids. Maggie Ritchie 527
Picpkoodf cthaests. 456
PM missed emergency meetings. 186
Pogba may be a World Cup winner, but I'd take Graeme Souness over him every time; DON'T MISS THE PEOPLE'S PUNDIT EVERY WEEK AlanBrazil. 687
Polar cub faces being frozen out. 190
Racing. 267
Repeat offender: Ricky says the things polite people wouldn't dream of. WORDS STEVIE GALLACHER 505
Replies The Doc Our expert answers your medical questions. 401
Revealed: Hollywood star's SOS to explorer. 219
Right now, it looks a shambles so would any big company want to sponsor the SPFL? THE LEGEND WRITES FOR YOU Sir kenny 710
Samosa dish makes a super main meal. Recipe 177
Seven-time champ Hendry: Crucible has got to be done right - or not at all! Neil Goulding 799
Six of the best: Katie's must-listen interviews. 229
So many patients look the same,50-plus, a bit overweight, perhaps not been looking after themselves.That's who we see. 1182
So many patients look the same,50-plus, a bit overweight, perhaps not been looking after themselves.That's who we see. 1461
Swift, J-Lo, Dion? I'm going Gaga about the best team since the Jags won the Cup. 514
The Bonny Gerry Cinnamon The [...]. 171
THE GREAT SCOTTISH BAKE-OFFS; Regula takes a look at some of the tr traditional dishes we all know and love. 404
The Mystery Of Henri Pick [...]. 327
THE RECIPE. Recipe 293
The secret to keeping up an unbroken supply of greens over the summer is to keep on sowing. 403
this week. 257
Today Elaine Paige Radio 2, [...]. 252
Traditional recipes? I've well and truly thrown them out of the window - Author and chef, Miguel Barclay; Chef cooks up simple tasty meals - all for less than a quid per serving. WORDS ALICE HINDS 520
Treat yourself to... 244
ueries Your. 341
Violin star on regret of practising so often. 204
We have to keep our animals safe...even a cold could kill chimps. 323
We secure PS500 for disabled customer. 268
We will come out of this crisis as better, more caring people... and I'll still speak to my daffodils. 770
Wearing a mask could speed up game's return. Mark Walker 255
Where eagles soar: The majestic birds returning to Scottish skies; Honest Truth. 694
You get so used to distancing. My husband and I now sit at opposite ends of the couch when we watch TV. 1454
you have to feel for players after SRU pay cut faux pas. ON RUGBY DAVID Sole 441

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