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The Sum of Our Past.

The Sum Of Our Past

Judy Busk

Signature Books

564 West 400 North, Salt Lake City, UT 84116-3411

1560851848 $32.95 1-800-356-5687

The Sum Of Our Past: Revisiting Pioneer Women strives to answer the question: who were American pioneer women, really? True stories of the lives of courageous women, whether determinedly standing their ground or secretly confiding their weaknesses, assemble a composite picture of both the hardship and the joy of daily frontier life. Black-and-white photographs illustrate this memorable tribute that does not overly idealize pioneer women, nor stereotype them as Hollywood media tends to (in the "submissive but sturdy" civilizing woman category, or the "drinking, smoking, cursing" Calamity Jane category), but rather offers an extensively researched yet thoroughly readable portrait that will connect women readers across America with their roots. Highly recommended and rewarding reading, The Sum Of Our Past: Revisiting Pioneer Women is ideal for collegiate level Women's Studies supplement reading lists as well.
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Date:Feb 1, 2005
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