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The Structure and Mathematics of the Principal Calendars of the Western World: Muslim, Gregorian, Jewish, and Other Systems.


The structure and mathematics of the principal calendars of the western world; Muslim, Gregorian, Jewish, and other systems.

Kapel, Martin.

Edwin Mellen Pr.


184 pages




Kapel takes a different tack than the usual history of calendars and instead works from the mathematical side, giving full explanations for the complex structures of calendars while also serving those who simply want to jump to the results. He covers the astronomical basis of time management, the Muslim lunar calendar, the development of civil and sacred solar calendars, the calendars of the Gregorian church, the Jewish calendar and the subdivision of time, obsolete calendars such as the Babylonian, Essene, French Revolutionary, Incan and Soviet, and, since the time is now, computer calendars. Appendices apply the theories into a variety of working calendars.

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Date:May 1, 2006
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