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The Strong, Silent Type.

The Strong, Silent Type by C. Kelly Robinson New American Library, January 2005 $13.95, ISBN 0-451-21037-9

Deacon is a former football star and son of a prominent civil rights activist. He has just been fired because of a stuttering problem from his job as executive director for the American Dream Party, a party started, ironically; by his own father. His efforts to overcome his problem leads Deacon to the well-respected Speech Recovery Clinic and a speech therapist named Maria. Their relationship quickly escalates into a physical one.

The two lovers have their own separate struggles. In Deacon's case, he is determined to stay active in the lives of his two children, keeping the lines of communication open with the mothers of his children. He must also delve into the disturbing and questionable circumstances surrounding his father's death. Maria has to come to terms with her past and tries to regain custody of a child she gave up. Through it all, Deacon and Maria remain supportive of one another, and their relationship deepens.

Robinson's portrayal of a vulnerable man dealing with stuttering rings true because it is based partly on his own experience. In the "Readers' Guide" section, Robinson states, "I think the story is true to what my readers expect--an entertaining, true-to-life story with elements of humor, suspense and romance" Robinson's fans will not be disappointed

--Reviewed by Mary N. Oluonye Mary N. Oluonye is a writer in Cleveland She is a library associate at the Shaker Heights Public Library.
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Author:Oluonye, Mary N.
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 1, 2005
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