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The Steroid Deceit.

The Steroid Deceit

Jeff Rutstein

Custom Fitness Publishing

Strategies (Publicity)

PO Box 178122 San Diego, CA 92177

097601724 $12.95 1-858-467-1978

The Steroid Deceit: A Body Worth Dying For? by Jeff Rutstein is an informed and informative guide to all that the use of steroids will effect in the life and body of the user. In The Steroid Deceit the reader will find much great detailing on national statistics, psychological reasoning, and preventative action. The book's invaluable content follow the guidelines of "Why do teenagers really use steroids?", "How do they obtain steroids?", "What are the warning signs of steroid use?", and "How do you get teenagers to recognize the real dangers of steroids?". The Steroid Deceit is critically important and very highly recommended reading--especially for parents and athletically active teenagers.
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Title Annotation:The Steroid Deceit: A Body Worth Dying For?
Publication:Small Press Bookwatch
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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