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The Spirituality of Wine.

The Spirituality of Wine Tom Harpur Northstone

"The ultimate test of any spirituality is experience," says Harpur and he takes us on a test of the senses to experience the connection between wine and spirituality, a test far beyond the biblical encouragement to "taste and see that the Lord is good." All the senses get involved in the experience of wine. Indeed the whole being is necessary. "The reason our ancient ancestors celebrated every stage in the making of wine was that they saw in every step a mirror of their own lives. The analogy ran at several levels, from the purely social to the inner development of their unique lives." This coffee table collectible offers us a feast for the eyes as well as a feast of words and wisdom from the accumulated insights of the ages seen through an aged vintage of a respectable modern Australian or Canadian.

What is more spiritual experience than ... a lover's metaphor of wine's intoxicating power, "Oh, may your breasts be like clusters of the vine?"

Or ... a friendship's long lasting bond sealed with a glass of wine, "For a wine to taste like a real wine, it has to be drunk with a friend?"

And always, good Presbyterians that we are, we remember Harpur's adage: "Not too much. Not too fast." I think at the least Harpur's The Spirituality of Wine deserves a toast, so I'll drink to that!

L' Chayim!

Rev. Kenneth Stright was the FLAMES initiative coordinator for the Year of Spirituality.
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Author:Stright, Kenneth
Publication:Presbyterian Record
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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