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The Spirit of Haida Gwaii.

From opening scene to closing credits, this videotape leads viewers on a fascinating journey which ties the past traditions of the Haida culture to contemporary issues and images. In illustrating the development of a major sculptural commission for the new Canadian embassy in Washington, DC, the videotape introduces viewers to major Canadian artist, Bill Reid, a member of the Haida tribe. it shows the work as it develops from the myths and forms of an ancient culture, is related to environmental issues and tribal rights; and is finally installed as a major public work of art in Washington.

Besides showing a remarkably human side of the creation of an artwork, the program presents an in-depth view into the techniques required for the conceptualization, development and realization of a major sculptural piece destined to become a "must-see" for anyone visiting our nation's capitol. It also does an exceptional job of illustrating how ancient traditions and values influence the present, and bridge cultural understanding, admiration and respect. Clearly, this beautifully produced video is a must for any school library--it has great relevance for history, social studies, and especially art programs from upper elementary through higher education. It is even bound to sit well in anyone's home library.
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Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Audiovisual Review
Date:Jan 1, 1993
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