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The Spin.

The Spin recently received an unsolicited email from a PR agency declaring: "Don't forget to sign up for Planned Power in your offices tomorrow! Registering is compulsory, and feel free to pass along!"

Planned Power? Compulsory? We were dusting off our jackboots until we read on to find: "At Planned Power you will learn how to: identify what you want from each area of life; create a plan to achieve it; make the most of your year ahead; align your unconscious mind with the conscious; become a fulfillioniare -- rich in every area of life."

Come to think of it, the fascist overtones of the opening lines might be less ghastly than the term "fulfillionaire".

A good looking product can really help sales. Ask any food photographer who has spent hours meticulously sculpting dishes to maximise their succulence, or window dresser who has dressed dummies so their creases fall exactly right. Or... the Kuwaiti fish shop that decided those dead cold eyes of its merchandise were less than appetising, so stuck on plastic googly eyes to make fish look fresher. The local police weren't so convinced and closed the trader down.

UK satirical magazine Private Eye picked up on some creative photo editing from the editor of Arab News, Faisal Abbas. On July 13 he posted a group shot of himself with the UK's Prince William, Saudi Arabia's Prince Sultan bin Khaled al-Faisal and assorted others at a polo event in Cambridge. Three days later he posted another photo, just of him and William. Private Eye suggests some creative Photoshopping might have been used to remove the other guests, who Abbas decided were "surplus to requirements." The Spin, though, is sure the alterations were only for aesthetic reasons, and not driven by vanity in the slightest.

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Publication:Campaign Middle East
Date:Sep 9, 2018
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