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The Sound Story of Black XS.

Summary: Paco Rabanne, sensations activist, creates an event and builds the clamour of emotions by placing Black XS and Black XS for Her centre stage.

Already topping the charts, these fragrance sensations are for rebel princesses and tough guys with tender hearts.

The Sound Story of Black XS

Paco Rabanne, sensations activist, creates an event and builds the clamour of emotions by placing Black XS and Black XS for Her centre stage.Already topping the charts, these fragrance sensations are for rebel princesses and tough guys with tender hearts.Their notes are as powerful and contrasting as those of electric guitars. This electro... shock duo will electrify those with Black XS, and music, under their skin.Black XS Live Sound is launching a site for young talent. welcomes music artists of all genres. The objective is to create a space for artists to express themselves freely, make themselves known and build up an audience.This virtual community will be on-line throughout the year. On the agenda: all the info on the Black XS tour, services with high musical value and surprise events in connection with Black XS fragrances. Black XS Live Sound is ready to listen and give everyone a chance. Now it's up to you!

Top Heart Base for himCalabrian Lemon, Kalamanzi, Tagette, Sage, Praline, Cinnamon, Tolu Balsam, Black Cardamom, Palissander Wood, Black Amber, Patchouli and Ebony Wood

Top Heart Base for her

Pink Peppercorn, Tamarind, Cranberry, Black Violet, Hellebore Rose, Cacao Flower, Massoia Wood, Patchouli and Tahitian Vanilla

FOR HIMBlack XS 100,000 Volts of FragranceLive transmission of a freshness turning to insolence Black XS sends out shock waves with a few punchy notes. The harmonies of Calabrian lemon, kalamanzi, tagete and sage are the first to hit you. Then praline gives a solo rendition, its vibrations enhanced by the arrangements of cinnamon, tolu balm and black cardamom. Pallisandre and ebony woods, as well as black amber and patchouli, provide addictive accents, which go on resonating on the skin,even when it is warmed even when it is warmed up by hours of "dancing".

A real "Show Case" of a bottleIt opens like a cigarette lighter at a concert, ready to set hearts on fire. Its colours plunge into the depths, highlighting the vinyl black, while its fine grooves give it a refined contrast. Already iconic, the tattooed rose and gothic lettering on the body of the bottle are the accepted masculine emblems of a modern, provocative sensuality.

Electrifying PresentationBlack XS is a contemporary fragrance that offers as a free gift, for this limited edition only, a wrist band, the symbol of a virility that is right on trend.

Customised, with its leather wrist band anchored around it, the Black XS is collector's item.

Once detached from the bottle, the wrist band's smooth, black leather unrolls to wrap twice around the wrist. In the centre, a metal plaque engraved with Black XS underlines its appeal.

There's no question that with it, life goes up a few decibels and the nights are glittering.

It's something to latch onto non-stop, like a song that you play over and over into the small hours.

FOR HERA trance -- like fragrance

This olfactive combination of energy and mystery also contains a touch that's brand new and ultra-sexy.

The rhythm of this fiery fragrance balances fruity, floral and woody notes in its composition, an adrenalin rush for the senses.

From the start, it explodes with sensuality through the frenetic pulsations of the tamarind flower, pink peppercorn and cranberry essences.

This is where the hellebore rose, once known as the witch's rose, makes its appearance. Wrapped in black velvet, it captures the light and fascinates with its mystery, accompanied by the narcotic pulses of black violet and cacao blossom.

An overdose of massoia wood delivers the organic version of a metallic sensation, with the bewitching charms of patchouli and black vanilla to make it super-sexy.

A "Dance Floor" Bottle

Rebelling against design formats, the bottle is a mix of black and pink, revealing a depth that is almost purple.

The rose, with all its thorns on display, interlaced with the gothic lettering of Black XS for Her, transforms into a tactile blossom at the base of the bottle, thanks to the petals carved into the bottle.

To match its dramatic flair, for this limited edition, Black XS for Her is exposed in new transparent packaging, adorned with a chain. Once detached from the bottle, this chain forms a bracelet, a free gift for this limited edition only.

Glittering Presentation

The metal chain, Paco Rabanne?s signature material, wraps twice around the wrist. Its glamorous charms take the form of a faceted strass crystal and an electric guitar. A truly fashionable accessory for clubbing nights, this baroque 'n' roll bracelet gives its wearers a wild femininity. It invites you to shine on the dance floor and play up the Black XS for Her icons all night

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