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The Snack Artist One Chip for Mankind Classic Potato Chips.

This month, we asked our Test Drive panelists to temporarily disregard any resolutions related to healthful eating and crunch on America's favorite snack: the potato chip. Specifically, we asked them to sample "One Chip for Mankind" Classic Potato Chips from Pleasanton, Calif.-based Safeway Inc.

The variety is one of a number of offerings Safeway recently introduced under "The Snack Artist" moniker. Packaged in resealable bags sporting light-hearted doodles, the line ranges from traditional potato chips and restaurant-style tortilla chips to crunchy kettle-style chips in a variety of flavors. Each snack is named using a creative play on words (for example, the Nacho Cheese Tortilla Chip variety is dubbed "Mariachicheese").

We purchased the 11-ounce bags of chips for the promotional price of $1.99 at Dominick's, a Safeway banner based in the Chicago area.

The Panelists


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Product Comments

Paula: I like the potato chips. They are light in texture, have good flavor and are not too salty. I would definitely purchase these chips.

Geoff: I enjoyed them as a snack. They have the flavor of classic potato chips, with the taste of oil and salt, but not too much of either.

Vlada: It looks like every other potato chip and mostly resembles other potato chips in taste. It is noticeably fattier to the taste, which does make it more delicious, but not healthier. It isn't too salty, which is a plus.

Packaging Comments

Paula: I love "The Snack Artist" packaging and play on words. Packaging shows an astronaut on top of a potato chip with the saying, "One Chip for Mankind." I thought that was clever and caught my attention. I also like how the bag opens with a pull tab and has a resealable feature.

Geoff: The resealable package was nice and effective in keeping the chips fresh.

Vlada: The packaging is trendy/artsy looking. It seems to be created to stand apart from its competitors, which I think it accomplishes. However, aside from standing apart, I don't find the packaging especially appealing. The nutritional value isn't emphasized. In fact, it seems to be slightly fattier than most other chips.

Note: Test Drive delivers honest, yet totally unscientific feedback on a new store brand product and its packaging each month. Our panelists give a green light to items/packaging they like a great deal; a yellow light to items/packaging they deem "acceptable;" and a red light to items/packaging not meeting their expectations.

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Date:Feb 1, 2011
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