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The Sistahood of Shopaholics.

by Leslie Esdaile, Monica Jackson Reon Laudat and Niqui Stanhope Griffin Trade/St. Martin's Press October 2003 $13.95, ISBN 0-312-32188-0

The Sistahood of Shopaholics is the collaboration of four accomplished romance writers: Leslie Esdaile, Monica Jackson, Reon Laudat and Niqui Stanhope. The book chronicles four friends living in Atlanta who subsist by sedating themselves with platinum-level shopping sprees in elite malls. The book is made up of four novellas that provide an entertaining escape. The ladies have joined forces in a shopaholics' support group. On the path to redemption, each is faced with obstacles that may seem implausible yet will ring true with many die-hard shoppers.

Della has a weakness for Victoria's Secret; Neecy has bill collectors ringing her phone 24/7; Ramona is recovering from a designer shoe addiction; and Gillian takes the term "retail therapy" to new heights. At each woman's lowest point on the road to recovery, a handsome interloper, usually in the form of a chocolate-brown, sensitive and sensual man, fills the void she's been using weekly shopping sprees to satiate.

While each novella is written by a different author, the stories flow seamlessly. The Sistahood of Shopaholics is a light read perfect for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Kalyn Johnson, coauthor of The BAP Handbook: The Official Guide to the Black American Princess, is a lawyer.
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Author:Johnson, Kalyn
Publication:Black Issues Book Review
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Date:Nov 1, 2003
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