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The Shipment of Edible Oils.


by K.T.H.Farrer

The author was formerly chief scientist with Kraft Foods of Australia and is now a consultant in the UK. His book covers an unusual subject which at first glance does not appear to concern the reader. Edible oils and mainly vegetable oils make up 20 percent of all the liquid cargoes carried around the world by tankers. 90 percent of this total ends up in food and therefore the value of this 20 percent equals the remainder of the world market in liquids. This is an interesting thought and makes the book worthwhile reading for anyone in the food industry connected with the use of food oils.

The book sets out the background to the transport of edible oils and explains their chemistry in a simple way. It consolidates information on current standards, guidelines and regulations for all aspects of shipment, handling and storage. Finally the book emphasises the need for strict sampling procedures before and after shipment as well as meticulous analysis.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jul 1, 1990
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