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The Shad Treatment (1977).

The Shad Treatment by legal scholar and novelist Garrett Epps was hailed as an All the King's Men for Virginia when it was first published, though it never achieved its predecessor's wide readership. Nonetheless, it is a compelling chronicle of a fictional 1973 Virginia gubernatorial race in the Old Dominion during the Byrd regime's decline. When Thomas Jefferson "Tom Jeff" Shadwell leads a people's crusade to free the Governor's Mansion from the conservative political machine that has controlled the state for a half century, he starts to learn about the racists, the giant corporations, and the elite families that have kept the machine oiled. And for Mac Evans, Shadwell's key aide, the election--nasty, scandalous, gripping--offers him the opportunity to redeem his family name.

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Title Annotation:STATE AND LOCAL
Author:Epps, Garrett
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2012
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