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The Secret History of the Mongols: A Mongolian Epic Chronicle of the Thirteenth Century, Translated with a Historical and Philological Commentary, rev.ed., 2 vols.


The secret history of the Mongols; a Mongolian epic chronicle of the thirteenth century, translated with a historical and philological commentary, rev.ed.; 2v.

Trans. by Igor de Rachewiltz.

Brill Academic Publishers


1349 pages



Brill's Inner Asian library; 7/2


Bearing corrections and revision by the author on the 2003 publication, this remains the definitive edition of the Secret history, which relates the story of Genghis Khan and his followers, providing many details about the life, land, and folklore of the nomadic civilization of the Mongolian Plain. Just over 200 pages of the 1349 are the Secret history itself. The majority of the two volumes contains Rachewiltz's exhaustive commentary, which supplies alternate readings of terms and passages and extensive historical, social, and literary commentary on the figures and events described. Maps, some photos, and a full bibliography are provided. Rachelwitz is emeritus in Asian History at the Australian National University.

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