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The Seafood Industry.


by Roy E Martin and George J Flick. 445 pages with index. (UK: Chapman and Hall)

This book's coverage includes information on seafood classification, products, byproducts, processing, packaging, merchandising, labelling, factory hygiene, distribution and storage. Whilst the book examines operations in the United States, it also looks at activities overseas. Authors discuss the major commercial species of groundfish and freshwater fish as regards their uses, quality and biology. Not only is the history of the whole business set out but the various authors describe aquaculture, harvesting techniques, the whaling business, etc.

The twentythree chapters carry titles: A history of the seafood industry; Harvesting techniques; Groundfish; Pelagic fish; Shellfish - mollusks; Shellfish - crustaceans; Miscellaneous and underutilized species; Processing finfish; Processing mollusks; Processing crustaceans; Fresh-water fish; Packaging; Freezing; handling of fresh fish; Merchandising and managing a fresh seafood department; Nutrition and preparation; Cleaning and sanitation; Aquaculture; Waste treatment and utilization; Fish meal and oil; Regulations; Smoked, cured and dried fish; and transportation, distribution and warehousing.

From a glance through the above list it is immediately obvious that the book covers a wide canvas, which is exactly what it sets out to do - it deals with fish from its watery habitat to the dinner plate. It has been written so that the widest audience can appreciate its contents but it takes twentyseven different authors to complete the task. The text seems curiuosly short of illustrative material but the editors do explain that the problem had been how to squeeze a quart into a pint pot as far as the information to be included was concerned.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
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Date:Oct 1, 1990
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