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The Scurra.

X FILES star Gillian Anderson and her British fiance have scrapped plans to marry in Italy and are now to have their wedding at a ranch in northern Kenya.

Anderson and documentary film-maker Julian Ozanne have told guests to keep the location top secret but I can reveal that they will be married on September 1 at an upmarket lodge called Loisaba, whose past guests have included Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood and Princess Michael of Kent.

Ozanne was born in Kenya and grew up in the palace of the late King Moshoeshoe II of Lesotho after his parents split up and his mother Patricia befriended the king. He remains a close friend of Moshoeshoe's son, King Letsie III, to this day.

Anderson has been a frequent visitor to Kenya since being introduced to the country by Ozanne but at least one local has had trouble separating her from her screen persona.

After recognising the actress, who plays FBI Agent Dana Scully in the series about extra-terrestrial phenomena, he asked: "And what are you here to investigate?"

DRASTIC action has been taken at the Commons following my revelation of an explosion at The Debate canteen.

The incident, you'll recall, is just the latest catastrophe to take place at Parliament's pounds 234million disaster zone, Portcullis House, where 200 MPs have offices.

After my report, a team of 10 from the Parliamentary Works Directorate swooped in and dismantled much of the kitchen.

"They appeared to be attempting to open the chrome compartments under the wok with what looked like a giant crowbar," says a Debate insider. "By the sound they were making, you would have thought they were just trying to smash the whole place up."

FAG merchants British American Tobacco must be wondering why they are paying former Conservative Chancellor Ken Clarke pounds 100,000 a year as deputy chairman.

Forty three MPs last week voted against backbencher Gareth Thomas's 10-minute rule bill to ban smoking in cafes and restaurants.

Ex-Tory leader William Hague was one, as was former Defence Secretary Michael Portillo but of Clarke there was no sign.

CONSERVATIVE chairman Theresa May has expelled a history teacher from the Party after a row over racism.

As reported here earlier this year, Stephen Parker stirred things up by writing to Central Office complaining that members of the BNP were being allowed to infiltrate the party. "I won't let this matter drop," says Parker.

STRETCH for those hard hats... Former EastEnder Mike Reid has taken a verbal swipe at the "rude, arrogant" Weakest Link dominatrix Anne Robinson, whom he "can't stand at any price".

Indeed, if Reid was hosting a dinner party he'd like Robbo to be his kitchen lackey. "I would keep rushing in," he says, "giving her orders that were totally obscure, make her run about and keep her there until the last person had gone home and everything was spick and span and polished again.

"As she was going out of the door I'd find something else for her to do. If she had a go at me, which she does everyone else, I would love to turn my abuse on to her."

LOOTERS in Baghdad have been making off with rare and historic artifacts dating back 7,000 years or more. Or "British Army assault rifles", as they're officially known.


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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 21, 2003
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