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The Scorpion's Dark Dance.

The Scorpion's Dark Dance, a bilingual edition of Alfredo de Palchi's poetry translated and introduced by Sonia Raiziss, who was coeditor with him for the Italian section of the 1966 Bantam Books anthology Modern European Poetry, contains many poems which have already appeared in various literary journals and in his 1988 Italian collection, Mutazioni. For those who have come to know this unique poet, in exile since 1951 but continuing to write verse in his native language all the while, any edition of his work is a welcome one.

As the American poet James Dickey has said, de Palchi remains uncompromising "and his poems are painful and exalting to read." The poems in the present volume are pervaded by a sense of menace, even a dose of cruelty, from a poet who does not seem willing or able to get away from the dark side of things, from the pull of nothingness that threatens our contemporary consciousness. He finds himself in the typical postmodern predicament of a self that has lowered all its pretensions while remaining obsessed with its fate. Nevertheless, his harsh, unrelenting stance and his beautiful and disquieting imagery belong to one who draws in the dark while longing for the light.

Rosetta Di Pace-Jordan
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Author:Pace-Jordan, Rosetta di
Publication:World Literature Today
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Jun 22, 1994
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