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Articles from The Scientific World Journal (January 1, 2014)

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#Nitrosocarbonyls 1: antiviral activity of N-(4-hydroxycyclohex-2-en-1-yl)quinoline-2-carboxamide against the influenza a virus H1N1. Saad, Dalya Al-; Memeo, Misal Giuseppe; Quadrelli, Paolo Report 7142
[delta]-cut decision-theoretic rough set approach: model and attribute reductions. Ju, Hengrong; Dou, Huili; Qi, Yong; Yu, Hualong; Yu, Dongjun; Yang, Jingyu Report 9227
[H.sub.[infinity]] cluster synchronization for a class of neutral complex dynamical networks with Markovian switching. Liu, Xinghua Report 6257
[N.sub.2]O emissions from an apple orchard in the coastal area of Bohai Bay, China. Xie, Baohua; Yu, Junbao; Zheng, Xunhua; Qu, Fanzhu; Xu, Yu; Lin, Haitao Report 5937
1-Quasiconformal mappings and CR mappings on goursat groups. Wu, Qing Yan; Fu, Zun Wei Report 5874
100 Gy [sup.60]Co [gamma]-ray induced novel mutations in tetraploid wheat. Yang, Chuntao; Zhu, Jianshu; Jiang, Yun; Wang, Xiaolu; Gu, Mengxue; Wang, Yi; Kang, Houyang; Fan, Xi Report 4337
100 nm AlSb/InAs HEMT for ultra-low-power consumption, low-noise applications. Gardes, Cyrille; Bagumako, Sonia; Desplanque, Ludovic; Wichmann, Nicolas; Bollaert, Sylvain; Dannevi Report 2670
16QAM blind equalization via maximum entropy density approximation technique and nonlinear lagrange multipliers. Mauda, R.; Pinchas, M. Report 2502
2-pentanone production from hexanoic acid by penicillium roqueforti from blue cheese: is this the pathway used in humans? Walker, Valerie; Mills, Graham A. Report 6288
2.4 GHz CMOS power amplifier with mode-locking structure to enhance gain. Lee, Changhyun; Park, Changkun Report 2643
3' splice site sequences of spinal muscular atrophy related SMN2 pre-mRNA include enhancers for nearby exons. Cho, Sunghee; Moon, Heegyum; Loh, Tiing Jen; Oh, Hyun Kyung; Kim, Hey-Ran; Shin, Myung-Geun; Liao, D Report 4384
3D analysis of D-RaCe and self-adjusting file in removing filling materials from curved root canals instrumented and filled with different techniques. Simsek, Neslihan; Ahmetoglu, Fuat; Keles, Ali; Bulut, Elcin Tekin; Kursat, Er Report 5093
3D online submicron scale observation of mixed metal powder's microstructure evolution in high temperature and microwave compound fields. Kang, Dan; Xu, Feng; Hu, Xiao-fang; Dong, Bo; Xiao, Yu; Xiao, Ti-qiao Report 2621
4-Hydroxy-2-nonenal induces apoptosis by inhibiting AKT signaling in human osteosarcoma cells. Ji, Guang-rong; Yu, Nai-chun; Xue, Xiang; Li, Zong-guang Report 3536
50 MHz-10 GHz low-power resistive feedback current-reuse mixer with inductive peaking for cognitive radio receiver. Vitee, Nandini; Ramiah, Harikrishnan; Chong, Wei-Keat; Tan, Gim-Heng; Kanesan, Jeevan; Reza, Ahmed W Report 7048
5D parameter estimation of near-field sources using hybrid evolutionary computational techniques. Zaman, Fawad; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor Report 6230
A "salt and pepper" noise reduction scheme for digital images based on support vector machines classification and regression. Gomez-Moreno, Hilario; Gil-Jimenez, Pedro; Lafuente-Arroyo, Sergio; Lopez-Sastre, Roberto; Maldonado Report 8750
A Bayesian framework for single image dehazing considering noise. Nan, Dong; Bi, Du-yan; Liu, Chang; Ma, Shi-ping; He, Lin-yuan Report 4315
A bio-inspired method for the constrained shortest path problem. Wang, Hongping; Lu, Xi; Zhang, Xiaoge; Wang, Qing; Deng, Yong Report 8317
A broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of bacillus subtilis RLID 12.1. Ramachandran, Ramya; Chalasani, Ajay Ghosh; Lal, Ram; Roy, Utpal Report 6781
A cascaded approach for correcting ionospheric contamination with large amplitude in HF skywave radars. Li, Yajun; Wei, Yinsheng; Guo, Rujiang; Xu, Rongqing; Wang, Zhuoqun; Tang, Xiudong Report 3920
A CBR-based and MAHP-based customer value prediction model for new product development. Zhao, Yu-Jie; Luo, Xin-xing; Deng, Li Report 10550
A chaotic cryptosystem for images based on Henon and Arnold cat map. Soleymani, Ali; Nordin, Jan; Sundararajan, Elankovan Report 11499
A Chinese herbal medicine, Jia-Wei-Xiao-Yao-San, prevents dimethylnitrosamine-induced hepatic fibrosis in rats. Chien, Shu-Chen; Chang, Wei-Chiao; Lin, Pu-Hua; Chang, Wei-Pin; Hsu, Shih-Chung; Chang, Jung-Chen; W Report 4654
A clinical trial to investigate the effect of cynatine HNS on hair and nail parameters. Beer, Christina; Wood, Simon; Veghte, Robert H. Report 4449
A cloud-based X73 ubiquitous mobile healthcare system: design and implementation. Ji, Zhanlin; Ganchev, Ivan; O'Droma, Mairtin; Zhang, Xin; Zhang, Xueji Report 6468
A collaborative recommend algorithm based on bipartite community. Fu, Yuchen; Liu, Quan; Cui, Zhiming Report 9015
A collaborative scheduling model for the supply-hub with multiple suppliers and multiple manufacturers. Li, Guo; Lv, Fei; Guan, Xu Report 8080
A color gamut description algorithm for liquid crystal displays in CIELAB space. Sun, Bangyong; Liu, Han; Li, Wenli; Zhou, Shisheng Report 4369
A combination of extended fuzzy AHP and fuzzy GRA for government E-tendering in hybrid fuzzy environment. Wang, Yan; Xi, Chengyu; Zhang, Shuai; Yu, Dejian; Zhang, Wenyu; Li, Yong Report 7182
A community detection algorithm based on topology potential and spectral clustering. Wang, Zhixiao; Chen, Zhaotong; Zhao, Ya; Chen, Shaoda Report 5330
A compact 5.5 GHz band-rejected UWB antenna using complementary split ring resonators. Islam, M.M.; Faruque, M.R.I.; Islam, M.T. Report 3367
A comparative analysis of swarm intelligence techniques for feature selection in cancer classification. Gunavathi, Chellamuthu; Premalatha, Kandasamy Report 7551
A comparative analysis of synonymous codon usage bias pattern in human albumin superfamily. Mirsafian, Hoda; Ripen, Adiratna Mat; Singh, Aarti; Teo, Phaik Hwan; Merican, Amir Feisal; Mohamad, Report 5367
A Comparative Rugoscopic study of the dentate and edentulous individuals in the south Indian population. Rajguru, Jagdish Prasad; Misra, Satya Ranjan; Somayaji, Nagaveni S.; Masthan, K.M.K.; Babu, Aravindh Report 1889
A comparative study of electric load curve changes in an urban low-voltage substation in Spain during the economic crisis (2008-2013). Lara-Santillan, Pedro M.; Mendoza-Villena, Montserrat; Fernandez-Jimenez, L. Alfredo; Manana-Canteli Report 8236
A comparative study of routing protocols of heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Han, Guangjie; Jiang, Xu; Qian, Aihua; Rodrigues, Joel J.P.C.; Cheng, Long Report 7059
A comparative study on root canal repair materials: a cytocompatibility assessment in L929 and MG63 cells. Jiang, Yuqing; Zheng, Qinghua; Zhou, Xuedong; Gao, Yuan; Huang, Dingming Report 3463
A comparison in mechanical properties of cermets of calcium silicate with Ti-55Ni and Ti-6Al-4V alloys for hard tissues replacement. Oshkour, Azim Ataollahi; Pramanik, Sumit; Shirazi, Seyed Farid Seyed; Mehrali, Mehdi; Yau, Yat-Huang Report 4430
A comparison of central composite design and Taguchi method for optimizing fenton process. Asghar, Anam; Raman, Abdul Aziz Abdul; Daud, Wan Mohd Ashri Wan Report 8353
A comparison of performance of endotracheal intubation using the Levitan FPS optical stylet or Lary-flex videolaryngoscope in morbidly obese patients. Gaszynski, Tomasz; Pietrzyk, Monika; Szewczyk, Tomasz; Gaszynska, Ewelina Report 4877
A complete hierarchical key management scheme for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks. Chen, Chien-Ming; Zheng, Xinying; Wu, Tsu-Yang Report 10310
A component prediction method for flue gas of natural gas combustion based on nonlinear partial least squares method. Cao, Hui; Yan, Xingyu; Li, Yaojiang; Wang, Yanxia; Zhou, Yan; Yang, Sanchun Report 2677
A comprehensive availability modeling and analysis of a virtualized servers system using stochastic reward nets. Nguyen, Tuan Anh; Kim, Dong Seong; Park, Jong Sou Report 12746
A comprehensive propagation prediction model comprising microfacet based scattering and probability based coverage optimization algorithm. Kausar, A.S.M. Zahid; Reza, Ahmed Wasif; Wo, Lau Chun; Ramiah, Harikrishnan Report 9724
A comprehensive review on adaptability of network forensics frameworks for mobile cloud computing. Khan, Suleman; Shiraz, Muhammad; Wahab, Ainuddin Wahid Abdul; Gani, Abdullah; Han, Qi; Rahman, Zulka Report 22442
A comprehensive robust adaptive controller for gust load alleviation. Capello, Elisa; Guglieri, Giorgio; Quagliotti, Fulvia Report 5131
A cooperative model for IS security risk management in distributed environment. Feng, Nan; Zheng, Chundong Report 2823
A coverage and slicing dependencies analysis for seeking software security defects. He, Hui; Zhang, Dongyan; Liu, Min; Zhang, Weizhe; Gao, Dongmin Report 5046
A cuckoo search algorithm for multimodal optimization. Cuevas, Erik; Reyna-Orta, Adolfo Report 12606
A DAG scheduling scheme on heterogeneous computing systems using tuple-based chemical reaction optimization. Jiang, Yuyi; Shao, Zhiqing; Guo, Yi Report 14317
A decentralized fuzzy C-means-based energy-efficient routing protocol for wireless sensor networks. Alia, Osama Mohd Report 5909
A design of irregular grid map for large-scale Wi-Fi LAN fingerprint positioning systems. Kim, Jae-Hoon; Min, Kyoung Sik; Yeo, Woon-Young Report 6210
A discrete wavelet based feature extraction and hybrid classification technique for microarray data analysis. Bennet, Jaison; Ganaprakasam, Chilambuchelvan Arul; Arputharaj, Kannan Report 5097
A distributed parallel genetic algorithm of placement strategy for virtual machines deployment on cloud platform. Dong, Yu-Shuang; Xu, Gao-Chao; Fu, Xiao-Dong Report 8656
A downlink and uplink alignment scheme for power saving in IEEE 802.16 protocol. Chen, Jenhui; Tarn, Woei-Hwa; Lee, Jiann-Der Report 5612
A dual-mode bandpass filter with multiple controllable transmission-zeros using T-shaped stub-loaded resonators. Yao, Zh.; Wang, C.; Kim, N.Y. Report 2113
A dynamic ensemble framework for mining textual streams with class imbalance. Song, Ge; Ye, Yunming Report 6736
A fast and robust ellipse-detection method based on sorted merging. Wang, Gangyi; Ren, Guanghui; Wu, Zhilu; Zhao, Yaqin; Jiang, Lihui Report 8128
A fast density-based clustering algorithm for real-time Internet of things stream. Amini, Amineh; Saboohi, Hadi; Wah, Teh Ying; Herawan, Tutut Report 6344
A fast elitism Gaussian estimation of distribution algorithm and application for PID optimization. Xu, Qingyang; Zhang, Chengjin; Zhang, Li Report 6606
A fast overlapping community detection algorithm with self-correcting ability. Cui, Laizhong; Qin, Lei; Lu, Nan Report 6867
A filter-mediated communication model for design collaboration in building construction. Lee, Jaewook; Jeong, Yongwook; Oh, Minho; Hong, Seung Wan Report 6966
A flexile and high precision calibration method for binocular structured light scanning system. Yuan, Jianying; Wang, Qiong; Li, Bailin Report 4511
A framework for sharing and integrating remote sensing and GIS models based on Web service. Chen, Zeqiang; Lin, Hui; Chen, Min; Liu, Deer; Bao, Ying; Ding, Yulin Report 6999
A full ranking for decision making units using ideal and anti-ideal points in DEA. Barzegarinegad, A.; Jahanshahloo, G.; Rostamy-Malkhalifeh, M. Report 4831
A fusion method of Gabor wavelet transform and unsupervised clustering algorithms for tissue edge detection. Ergen, Burhan Report 6052
A fuzzy-decision based approach for composite event detection in wireless sensor networks. Zhang, Shukui; Chen, Hao; Zhu, Qiaoming; Jia, Juncheng Report 14579
A GA-based approach to hide sensitive high utility itemsets. Lin, Chun-Wei; Hong, Tzung-Pei; Wong, Jia-Wei; Lan, Guo-Cheng; Lin, Wen-Yang Report 7784
A game-theoretic response strategy for coordinator attack in wireless sensor networks. Liu, Jianhua; Yue, Guangxue; Shen, Shigen; Shang, Huiliang; Li, Hongjie Report 6949
A game-theoretical approach to multimedia social networks security. Liu, Enqiang; Liu, Zengliang; Shao, Fei; Zhang, Zhiyong Report 6393
A generalized quantum-inspired decision making model for intelligent agent. Hu, Yuhuang; Loo, Chu Kiong Report 5144
A grammar-based semantic similarity algorithm for natural language sentences. Lee, Ming Che; Chang, Jia Wei; Hsieh, Tung Cheng Report 11887
A graph-based ant colony optimization approach for process planning. Wang, Jin Feng; Fan, Xiao Liang; Wan, Shuting Report 7445
A green strategy for federated and heterogeneous clouds with communicating workloads. Mateo, Jordi; Vilaplana, Jordi; Pla, Lluis M.; Lerida, Josep Ll.; Solsona, Francesc Report 7150
A grey NGM(1, 1, k) self-memory coupling prediction model for energy consumption prediction. Guo, Xiaojun; Liu, Sifeng; Wu, Lifeng; Tang, Lingling Report 8293
A group based key sharing and management algorithm for vehicular Ad Hoc networks. Khan, Zeeshan Shafi; Moharram, Mohammed Morsi; Alaraj, Abdullah; Azam, Farzana Report 5887
A heuristic for disassembly planning in remanufacturing system. Sung, Jinmo; Jeong, Bongju Report 5641
A hierarchical framework approach for voice activity detection and speech enhancement. Zhang, Yan; Tang, Zhen-min; Li, Yan-ping; Luo, Yang Report 5478
A high accuracy pedestrian detection system combining a cascade adaboost detector and random vector functional-link net. Wang, Zhihui; Yoon, Sook; Xie, Shan Juan; Lu, Yu; Park, Dong Sun Report 4170
A high performance load balance strategy for real-time multicore systems. Cho, Keng-Mao; Tsai, Chun-Wei; Chiu, Yi-Shiuan; Yang, Chu-Sing Report 9607
A high-performance genetic algorithm: using traveling salesman problem as a case. Tsai, Chun-Wei; Tseng, Shih-Pang; Chiang, Ming-Chao; Yang, Chu-Sing; Hong, Tzung-Pei Report 12204
A hop count based heuristic routing protocol for mobile delay tolerant networks. You, Lei; Li, Jianbo; Wei, Changjiang; Dai, Chenqu; Xu, Jixing; Hu, Lejuan Report 5826
A hybrid algorithm for clustering of time series data based on affinity search technique. Aghabozorgi, Saeed; Wah, Teh Ying; Herawan, Tutut; Jalab, Hamid A.; Shaygan, Mohammad Amin; Jalali, Report 8678
A hybrid approach of stepwise regression, logistic regression, support vector machine, and decision tree for forecasting fraudulent financial statements. Chen, Suduan; Goo, Yeong-Jia James; Shen, Zone-De Report 5512
A hybrid approach to protect palmprint templates. Liu, Hailun; Sun, Dongmei; Xiong, Ke; Qiu, Zhengding Report 6197
A hybrid digital-signature and zero-watermarking approach for authentication and protection of sensitive electronic documents. Tayan, Omar; Kabir, Muhammad N.; Alginahi, Yasser M. Report 7934
A hybrid evolutionary algorithm for wheat blending problem. Li, Xiang; Bonyadi, Mohammad Reza; Michalewicz, Zbigniew; Barone, Luigi Report 9582
A Hybrid monkey search algorithm for clustering analysis. Chen, Xin; Zhou, Yongquan; Luo, Qifang Report 8181
A hybrid multiuser detector based on MMSE and AFSA for TDRS system forward link. Yin, Zhendong; Jiang, Xu; Wu, Zhilu; Liu, Xiaohui Report 4420
A hybrid wavelet transform based short-term wind speed forecasting approach. Wang, Jujie Report 6437
A laboratory based investigation of a new elastic toothbrush head. Mazza, Lorenzo; Gatto, Maria Rosaria; Monaco, Giuseppe; Pelliccioni, Gian Andrea Report 3345
A layered searchable encryption scheme with functional components independent of encryption methods. Luo, Guangchun; Peng, Ningduo; Qin, Ke; Chen, Aiguo Report 13742
A lectin from Dioclea violacea interacts with midgut surface of Lutzomyia migonei, unlike its homologues, Cratylia floribunda lectin and Canavalia gladiata lectin. Report 3996
A Legendre tau-spectral method for solving time-fractional heat equation with nonlocal conditions. Bhrawy, A.H.; Alghamdi, M.A. Report 4407
A lightweight neighbor-info-based routing protocol for no-base-station taxi-call system. Zhu, Xudong; Wang, Jinhang; Chen, Yunchao Report 5687
A local stability supported parallel distributed constraint optimization algorithm. Peibo, Duan; Changsheng, Zhang; Bin, Zhang Report 5322
A loop-mediated isothermal amplification assay for rapid detection of Cyprinid herpesvirus 2 in gibel carp (carassius auratus gibelio). Zhang, Hui; Zeng, Lingbing; Fan, Yuding; Zhou, Yong; Xu, Jin; Ma, Jie Report 3721
A low-noise delta-sigma phase modulator for polar transmitters. Zhou, Bo Report 3361
A malware detection scheme based on mining format information. Bai, Jinrong; Wang, Junfeng; Zou, Guozhong Report 7294
A master-slave surveillance system to acquire panoramic and multiscale videos. Liu, Yu; Lai, Shiming; Zuo, Chenglin; Shi, Hao; Zhang, Maojun Report 5657
A MD simulation and analysis for aggregation behaviors of nanoscale zero-valent iron particles in water via MS. Zhao, Ying; Liu, Dongmei; Tang, Huan; Lu, Jing; Cui, Fuyi Report 6135
A measure of uncertainty regarding the interval constraint of normal mean elicited by two stages of a prior hierarchy. Kim, Hea-Jung Report 5435
A memristive hyperchaotic system without equilibrium. Pham, Viet-Thanh; Volos, Christos; Gambuzza, Lucia Valentina Report 3280
A meta-analysis of the bacterial and archaeal diversity observed in wetland soils. Lv, Xiaofei; Yu, Junbao; Fu, Yuqin; Ma, Bin; Qu, Fanzhu; Ning, Kai; Wu, Huifeng Report 6728
A method for calculating the area of Zostera marina leaves from digital images with noise induced by humidity content. Leal-Ramirez, Cecilia; Echavarria-Heras, Hector Report 8685
A method for the simultaneous determination of chlorogenic acid and sesquiterpene lactone content in industrial chicory root foodstuffs. Willeman, Honorine; Hance, Philippe; Fertin, Anne; Voedts, Najia; Duhal, Nathalie; Goossens, Jean-Fr Report 9018
A methodology for multihazards load combinations of earthquake and heavy trucks for bridges. Sun, Dezhang; Wang, Xu; Sun, Baitao Report 5121
A mini library of novel triazolothiadiazepinylindole analogues: synthesis, antioxidant and antimicrobial evaluations. Biradar, Jaiprakash Sharanappa; Rajesab, Parveen; Biradar, Naveen Jaiprakash; Somappa, Sasidhar Bala Report 7638
A mobile anchor assisted localization algorithm based on regular hexagon in wireless sensor networks. Han, Guangjie; Zhang, Chenyu; Lloret, Jaime; Shu, Lei; Rodrigues, Joel J.P.C. Report 6644
A model based security testing method for protocol implementation. Fu, Yu Long; Xin, Xiao Long Report 6173
A model independent S/W framework for search-based software testing. Oh, Jungsup; Baik, Jongmoon; Lim, Sung-Hwa Report 7804
A modified active appearance model based on an adaptive artificial bee colony. Abdulameer, Mohammed Hasan; Abdullah, Siti Norul Huda Sheikh; Othman, Zulaiha Ali Report 9410
A modified decision tree algorithm based on genetic algorithm for mobile user classification problem. Liu, Dong-sheng; Fan, Shu-jiang Report 6916
A modified implementation of tristate inverter based static master-slave flip-flop with improved power-delay-area product. Singh, Kunwar; Tiwari, Satish Chandra; Gupta, Maneesha Report 6173
A modified nonlinear damage accumulation model for fatigue life prediction considering load interaction effects. Gao, Huiying; Huang, Hong-Zhong; Zhu, Shun-Peng; Li, Yan-Feng; Yuan, Rong Report 4626
A modular neural network scheme applied to fault diagnosis in electric power systems. Flores, Agustin; Quiles, Eduardo; Garcia, Emilio; Morant, Francisco; Correcher, Antonio Report 6776
A molecular and morphological reassessment of Diademaceae. Ariyawansa, Hiran A.; Phookamsak, Rungtiwa; Tibpromma, Saowaluck; Kang, Ji-Chuan; Hyde, Kevin D. Report 5389
A multianalyzer machine learning model for marine heterogeneous data schema mapping. Yan, Wang; Jiajin, Le; Yun, Zhang Report 4338
A multicriteria decision making approach based on fuzzy theory and credibility mechanism for logistics center location selection. Wang, Bowen; Xiong, Haitao; Jiang, Chengrui Report 5730
A multiobjective interval programming model for wind-hydrothermal power system dispatching using 2-step optimization algorithm. Ren, Kun; Jihong, Qu Report 5626
A multistrategy optimization improved artificial bee colony algorithm. Liu, Wen Report 6013
A network and visual quality aware N-Screen content recommender system using joint matrix factorization. Ullah, Farman; Sarwar, Ghulam; Lee, Sungchang Report 6590
A neural-network-based approach to white blood cell classification. Su, Mu-Chun; Cheng, Chun-Yen; Wang, Pa-Chun Report 4806
A new approach for clustered MCS classification with sparse features learning and TWSVM. Zhang, Xin-Sheng Report 5515
A new approach in regression analysis for modeling adsorption isotherms. Markovic, Dana D.; Lekic, Branislava M.; Rajakovic-Ognjanovic, Vladana N.; Onjia, Antonije E.; Rajak Report 9613
A new automated way to measure polyethylene wear in THA using a high resolution CT scanner: method and analysis. Maguire, Gerald Q., Jr.; Noz, Marilyn E.; Olivecrona, Henrik; Zeleznik, Michael P.; Weidenhielm, Lar Report 5010
A new cooperative MIMO scheme based on SM for energy-efficiency improvement in wireless sensor network. Peng, Yuyang; Choi, Jaeho Report 5321
A new expanded mixed element method for convection-dominated Sobolev equation. Wang, Jinfeng; Liu, Yang; Li, Hong; Fang, Zhichao Report 4825
A new graph-based molecular descriptor using the canonical representation of the molecule. Hentabli, Hamza; Saeed, Faisal; Abdo, Ammar; Salim, Naomie Report 6642
A new multiconstraint method for determining the optimal cable stresses in cable-stayed bridges. Asgari, B.; Osman, S.A.; Adnan, A. Report 5287
A new optical surface measurement method with iterative sparsity-constrained threshold phase retrieval algorithm. Niu, Yi; Liu, Yang; Shi, Guangming; Gao, Dahua; Li, Guo Report 3894
A new pixels flipping method for huge watermarking capacity of the invoice font image. Li, Li; Hou, Qingzheng; Lu, Jianfeng; Xu, Qishuai; Dai, Junping; Mao, Xiaoyang; Chang, Chin-Chen Report 4651
A new seamless transfer control strategy of the microgrid. Zhang, Zhaoyun; Chen, Wei; Zhang, Zhe Report 4136
A new sensors-based covert channel on Android. Haiqi, Ahmed Al-; Ismail, Mahamod; Nordin, Rosdiadee Report 9630
A new subcarrier allocation strategy for MIMO-OFDMA multicellular networks based on cooperative interference mitigation. Gkonis, Panagiotis K.; Seimeni, Maria A.; Asimakis, Nikolaos P.; Kaklamani, Dimitra I.; Venieris, Ia Report 5879
A new subspecies identification and population study of the Asian small-clawed otter (Aonyx cinereus) in Malay Peninsula and southern Thailand based on fecal DNA method. Rosli, M.K.A.; Syed-Shabthar, S.M.F.; Abdul-Patah, P.; Abdul-Samad, Z.; Abdul, S.N.; Burhanuddin, M. Report 6760
A new system of skip-lot sampling plans including resampling. Balamurali, Saminathan; Aslam, Muhammad; Jun, Chi-Hyuck Report 3175
A node influence based label propagation algorithm for community detection in networks. Xing, Yan; Meng, Fanrong; Zhou, Yong; Zhu, Mu; Shi, Mengyu; Sun, Guibin Report 6491
A note on parametric surfaces in Minkowski 3-space. Ozturk, Esra Betul Koc Report 3419
A note on the solutions of some nonlinear equations arising in third-grade fluid flows: an exact approach. Aziz, Taha; Mahomed, F.M. Report 3397
A novel adaptive cuckoo search for optimal query plan generation. Gomathi, Ramalingam; Sharmila, Dhandapani Report 4337
A novel algorithm combining finite state method and genetic algorithm for solving crude oil scheduling problem. Duan, Qian-Qian; Yang, Gen-Ke; Pan, Chang-Chun Report 6029
A novel algorithm for imbalance data classification based on neighborhood hypergraph. Hu, Feng; Liu, Xiao; Dai, Jin; Yu, Hong Report 9122
A novel and highly regioselective synthesis of new carbamoylcarboxylic acids from dianhydrides. Ochoa-Teran, Adrian; Estrada-Manjarrez, Jesus; Martinez-Quiroz, Marisela; Landey-Alvarez, Marco A.; Report 9525
A novel approach for blast-induced flyrock prediction based on imperialist competitive algorithm and artificial neural network. Marto, Aminaton; Hajihassani, Mohsen; Armaghani, Danial Jahed; Mohamad, Edy Tonnizam; Makhtar, Ahmad Report 6519
A novel approach for detail-enhanced exposure fusion using guided filter. Singh, Harbinder; Kumar, Vinay; Bhooshan, Sunil Report 4130
A novel approach toward fuzzy generalized bi-ideals in ordered semigroups. Khan, Faiz Muhammad; Sarmin, Nor Haniza; Khan, Hidayat Ullah Report 10069
A novel artificial bee colony algorithm based on internal-feedback strategy for image template matching. Li, Bai; Gong, Li-Gang; Li, Ya Report 5184
A novel BA complex network model on color template matching. Han, Risheng; Shen, Shigen; Yue, Guangxue; Ding, Hui Report 5779
A novel chaotic map and an improved chaos-based image encryption scheme. Zhang, Xianhan; Cao, Yang Report 4376
A novel clustering algorithm for mobile ad hoc networks based on determination of virtual links' weight to increase network stability. Karimi, Abbas; Afsharfarnia, Abbas; Zarafshan, Faraneh; Al-Haddad, S.A.R. Report 6706
A novel complex networks clustering algorithm based on the core influence of nodes. Tong, Chao; Niu, Jianwei; Dai, Bin; Xie, Zhongyu Report 4544
A novel concept acquisition approach based on formal contexts. Qian, Ting; Wei, Ling Report 5482
A novel deployment method for communication-intensive applications in service clouds. Liu, Chuanchang; Yang, Jingqi Report 6023
A novel deployment scheme based on three-dimensional coverage model for wireless sensor networks. Xiao, Fu; Yang, Yang; Wang, Ruchuan; Sun, Lijuan Report 3348
A novel energy recovery system for parallel hybrid hydraulic excavator. Li, Wei; Cao, Baoyu; Zhu, Zhencai; Chen, Guoan Report 5308
A novel flexible virtual fixtures for teleoperation. Du, Guanglong; Zhang, Ping Report 7348
A novel harmony search algorithm based on teaching-learning strategies for 0-1 knapsack problems. Tuo, Shouheng; Yong, Longquan; Deng, Fang'an Report 9288
A novel high-power dual-band coupled-line Gysel power divider with impedance-transforming functions. Wang, Weimin; Wu, Yongle; Liu, Yuanan Report 3230
A novel hybrid self-adaptive bat algorithm. Fister, Iztok, Jr.; Fong, Simon; Brest, Janez; Fister, Iztok Report 8936
A novel in vitro protocol for inducing direct somatic embryogenesis in Phalaenopsis aphrodite without taking explants. Feng, Jia-Hua; Chen, Jen-Tsung Report 4356
A novel joint problem of routing, scheduling, and variable-width channel allocation in WMNs. Lin, Chun-Cheng; Liu, Wan-Yu; Chou, Chun-Hung; Deng, Der-Jiunn Report 9721
A novel key-frame extraction approach for both video summary and video index. Lei, Shaoshuai; Xie, Gang; Yan, Gaowei Report 5254
A novel Latin hypercube algorithm via translational propagation. Pan, Guang; Ye, Pengcheng; Wang, Peng Report 8417
A novel macroblock level rate control method for stereo video coding. Zhu, Gaofeng; Yu, Mei; Jiang, Gangyi; Peng, Zongju; Shao, Feng; Chen, Fen; Ho, Yo-Sung Report 4354
A novel memristive multilayer feedforward small-world neural network with its applications in PID control. Dong, Zhekang; Duan, Shukai; Hu, Xiaofang; Wang, Lidan; Li, Hai Report 5815
A novel method of the generalized interval-valued fuzzy rough approximation operators. Xue, Tianyu; Xue, Zhan'ao; Cheng, Huiru; Liu, Jie; Zhu, Tailong Report 10166
A novel modulation classification approach using Gabor filter network. Ghauri, Sajjad Ahmed; Qureshi, Ijaz Mansoor; Cheema, Tanveer Ahmed; Malik, Aqdas Naveed Report 7573
A novel multisensor traffic state assessment system based on incomplete data. Zeng, Yiliang; Lan, Jinhui; Ran, Bin; Jiang, Yaoliang Report 7525
A novel N-input voting algorithm for X-by-wire fault-tolerant systems. Karimi, Abbas; Zarafshan, Faraneh; Haddad, S.A.R. Al-; Ramli, Abdul Rahman Report 5964
A novel photosynthesis of carboxymethyl starch-stabilized silver nanoparticles. Sheikh, M.A. El- Report 5640
A novel prediction method about single components of analog circuits based on complex field modeling. Zhou, Jingyu; Tian, Shulin; Yang, Chenglin Report 6960
A novel resource management method of providing operating system as a service for mobile transparent computing. Xiong, Yonghua; Huang, Suzhen; Wu, Min; Zhang, Yaoxue; She, Jinhua Report 7960
A novel role of globular adiponectin in treatment with HFD/STZ induced T2DM combined with NAFLD rats. Ma, Hong; You, Guo-Ping; Zhang, Xuan-Pu; Yang, Xiang-Jiu; Lu, Hua-Dong; Huang, Yan-Ling; Zhang, Wen- Report 4367
A novel sample based quadrature phase shift keying demodulator. Moubark, Asraf Mohamed; Ali, Sawal Hamid Md Report 3517
A novel study of methane-rich gas reforming to syngas and its kinetics over semicoke catalyst. Zhang, Guojie; Su, Aiting; Qu, Jiangwen; Du, Yannian Report 3745
A novel two-stage illumination estimation framework for expression recognition. Zhang, Zheng; Song, Guozhi; Wu, Jigang Report 6742
A novel vehicle stationary detection utilizing map matching and IMU sensors. Amin, Md. Syedul; Reaz, Mamun Bin Ibne; Nasir, Salwa Sheikh; Bhuiyan, Mohammad Arif Sobhan; Ali, Moh Report 9015
A novel wide-area backup protection based on fault component current distribution and improved evidence theory. Zhang, Zhe; Kong, Xiangping; Yin, Xianggen; Yang, Zengli; Wang, Lijun Report 8425
A parallel algorithm for the two-dimensional time fractional diffusion equation with implicit difference method. Gong, Chunye; Bao, Weimin; Tang, Guojian; Jiang, Yuewen; Liu, Jie Report 5535
A parallel decoding algorithm for short polar codes based on error checking and correcting. Zhang, Yingxian; Pan, Xiaofei; Pan, Kegang; Ye, Zhan; Gong, Chao Report 9483
A parametric study of nonlinear seismic response analysis of transmission line structures. Tian, Li; Wang, Yanming; Yi, Zhenhua; Qian, Hui Report 4470
A particle swarm optimization variant with an inner variable learning strategy. Wu, Guohua; Pedrycz, Witold; Ma, Manhao; Qiu, Dishan; Li, Haifeng; Liu, Jin Report 11001
A partition-based active contour model incorporating local information for image segmentation. Shi, Jiao; Wu, Jiaji; Paul, Anand; Jiao, Licheng; Gong, Maoguo Report 8089
A perspective review on numerical simulations of hemodynamics in aortic dissection. Naim, Wan Naimah Wan Ab; Ganesan, Poo Balan; Sun, Zhonghua; Chee, Kok Han; Hashim, Shahrul Amry; Lim Report 8306
A possible change process of inflammatory cytokines in the prolonged chronic stress and its ultimate implications for health. Tian, Rui; Hou, Gonglin; Li, Dan; Yuan, Ti-Fei Report 5287
A prefiltered cuckoo search algorithm with geometric operators for solving Sudoku problems. Soto, Ricardo; Crawford, Broderick; Galleguillos, Cristian; Monfroy, Eric; Paredes, Fernando Report 6784
A preliminary appraisal of the effect of pumping on seawater intrusion and upconing in a small tropical island using 2D resistivity technique. Kura, Nura Umar; Ramli, Mohammad Firuz; Ibrahim, Shaharin; Sulaiman, Wan Nor Azmin; Zaudi, Muhammad Report 5987
A preliminary investigation of user perception and behavioral intention for different review types: customers and designers perspective. Qazi, Atika; Raj, Ram Gopal; Tahir, Muhammad; Waheed, Mahwish; Khan, Saif Ur Rehman; Abraham, Ajith Report 6137
A preliminary study of biodegradable waste as sorbent material for oil-spill cleanup. Idris, J.; Eyu, G.D.; Mansor, A.M.; Ahmad, Z.; Chukwuekezie, C.S. Report 2395
A preliminary study of the algicidal mechanism of bioactive metabolites of Brevibacillus laterosporus on Oscillatoria in prawn ponds. Jia, Wen; Huang, Xianghu; Li, Changling Report 7631
A premature termination of human epidermal growth factor receptor transcription in escherichia coli. Elloumi-Mseddi, Jihene; Jellali, Karim; Villalobo, Antonio; Aifa, Sami Report 3583
A prerecognition model for hot topic discovery based on microblogging data. Zhu, Tongyu; Yu, Jianjun Report 7516
A primal analysis system of brain neurons data. Pu, Dong-Mei; Gao, Da-Qi; Yuan, Yu-Bo Report 3580
A procedure for extending input selection algorithms to low quality data in modelling problems with application to the automatic grading of uploaded assignments. Otero, Jose; Palacios, Ana; Suarez, Rosario; Junco, Luis; Couso, Ines; Sanchez, Luciano Report 7213
A proteomics analysis to evaluate cytotoxicity in NRK-52E cells caused by unmodified nano-[Fe.sub.3][O.sub.4]. Lin, Yi-Reng; Kuo, Chao-Jen; Lin, Hugo You-Hsien; Wu, Chin-Jen; Liang, Shih-Shin Report 5387
A pruning-based disk scheduling algorithm for heterogeneous I/O workloads. Kim, Taeseok; Bahn, Hyokyung; Won, Youjip Report 7766
A Qos aware resource allocation strategy for 3D A/V streaming in OFDMA based wireless systems. Chung, Young-uk; Choi, Yong-Hoon; Park, Suwon; Lee, Hyukjoon Report 6638
A qualitative study on perceptions of changes reported by caregivers of patients in vegetative state and minimally conscious state: the "time gap experience". Covelli, Venusia; Cerniauskaite, Milda; Leonardi, Matilde; Sattin, Davide; Raggi, Alberto; Giovannet Report 7395
A quantitative method for the characterization of lytic metastases of the bone from radiographic images. Sanchez, Alicia Baltasar; Sistal, Angel Gonzalez Report 2927
A quantitative study of gully erosion based on object-oriented analysis techniques: a case study in Beiyanzikou catchment of Qixia, Shandong, China. Wang, Tao; He, Fuhong; Zhang, Anding; Gu, Lijuan; Wen, Yangmao; Jiang, Weiguo; Shao, Hongbo Report 7098
A real-time and closed-loop control algorithm for cascaded multilevel inverter based on artificial neural network. Wang, Libing; Mao, Chengxiong; Wang, Dan; Lu, Jiming; Zhang, Junfeng; Chen, Xun Report 6100
A real-time apple grading system using multicolor space. Toylan, Hayrettin; Kuscu, Hilmi Report 5154
A real-time optical tracking and measurement processing system for flying targets. Guo, Pengyu; Ding, Shaowen; Zhang, Hongliang; Zhang, Xiaohu Report 4997
A relationship: word alignment, phrase table, and translation quality. Tian, Liang; Wong, Derek F.; Chao, Lidia S.; Oliveira, Francisco Report 9980
A retrospective review of outcomes of dental treatment performed for special needs patients under general anaesthesia: 2-year follow-up. Yiu, Sreekanth Kumar Mallineni Cynthia Kar Yung Report 3820
A review of C[O.sub.2] sequestration projects and application in China. Tang, Yong; Yang, Ruizhi; Bian, Xiaoqiang Report 8929
A review of intraoperative goal-directed therapy using arterial waveform analysis for assessment of cardiac output. Mehta, Neil; Fernandez-Bustamante, Ana; Seres, Tamas Report 5619
A review of subsequence time series clustering. Zolhavarieh, Seyedjamal; Aghabozorgi, Saeed; Teh, Ying Wah Report 12973
A review on recent contribution of meshfree methods to structure and fracture mechanics applications. Daxini, S.D.; Prajapati, J.M. Report 11270
A review on using crumb rubber in reinforcement of asphalt pavement. Mashaan, Nuha Salim; Ali, Asim Hassan; Karim, Mohamed Rehan; Abdelaziz, Mahrez Report 15350
A reward optimization method based on action subrewards in hierarchical reinforcement learning. Fu, Yuchen; Liu, Quan; Ling, Xionghong; Cui, Zhiming Report 4212
A rhythm-based authentication scheme for smart media devices. Lee, Jae Dong; Jeong, Young-Sik; Park, Jong Hyuk Report 4285
A robust H.264/AVC video watermarking scheme with drift compensation. Jiang, Xinghao; Sun, Tanfeng; Zhou, Yue; Wang, Wan; Shi, Yun-Qing Report 6953
A robust nonlinear observer for a class of neural mass models. Liu, Xian; Miao, Dongkai; Gao, Qing Report 2569
A ROM-less direct digital frequency synthesizer based on hybrid polynomial approximation. Omran, Qahtan Khalaf; Islam, Mohammad Tariqul; Misran, Norbahiah; Faruque, Mohammad Rashed Iqbal Report 6243
A routing path construction method for key dissemination messages in sensor networks. Moon, Soo Young; Cho, Tae Ho Report 7435
A Sarsa([lambda])-based control model for real-time traffic light coordination. Zhou, Xiaoke; Zhu, Fei; Liu, Quan; Fu, Yuchen; Huang, Wei Report 4218
A Schiff base-derived copper (II) complex is a potent inducer of apoptosis in colon cancer cells by activating the intrinsic pathway. Hajrezaie, Maryam; Paydar, Mohammadjavad; Moghadamtousi, Soheil Zorofchian; Hassandarvish, Pouya; Gw Report 6142
A secure and efficient audit mechanism for dynamic shared data in cloud storage. Kwon, Ohmin; Koo, Dongyoung; Shin, Yongjoo; Yoon, Hyunsoo Report 6200
A secure and fair joint e-lottery protocol. Chen, Chin-Ling; Liao, Yuan-Hao; Tsaur, Woei-Jiunn Report 8388
A secure operational model for mobile payments. Chang, Tao-Ku Report 6941
A semi-analytical solution for elastic analysis of rotating thick cylindrical shells with variable thickness using disk form multilayers. Nejad, Mohammad Zamani; Jabbari, Mehdi; Ghannad, Mehdi Report 3121
A sequential optimization sampling method for metamodels with radial basis functions. Pan, Guang; Ye, Pengcheng; Wang, Peng; Yang, Zhidong Report 8456
A sequential statistical approach towards an optimized production of a broad spectrum bacteriocin substance from a soil bacterium Bacillus sp. YAS 1 strain. Embaby, Amira M.; Heshmat, Yasmin; Hussein, Ahmed; Marey, Heba S. Report 10290
A service based adaptive u-learning system using UX. Jeong, Hwa-Young; Yi, Gangman Report 4157
A simple and reliable setup for monitoring corrosion rate of steel rebars in concrete. Ahmad, Shamsad; Jibran, Mohammed Abdul Azeem; Azad, Abul Kalam; Maslehuddin, Mohammed Report 5799
A simple approach for monitoring business service time variation. Yang, Su-Fen; Arnold, Barry C. Report 14056
A simple attitude control of quadrotor helicopter based on Ziegler-Nichols rules for tuning PD parameters. He, ZeFang; Zhao, Long Report 7051
A simple quality assessment index for stereoscopic images based on 3D gradient magnitude. Wang, Shanshan; Shao, Feng; Li, Fucui; Yu, Mei; Jiang, Gangyi Report 5306
A simplified method for analysis of geosynthetic reinforcement used in pile supported embankments. Fei, Kang Report 4179
A simulation analysis of an extension of one-dimensional speckle correlation method for detection of general in-plane translation. Hamarova, Ivana; Smid, Petr; Horvath, Pavel; Hrabovsky, Miroslav Report 7509
A simulation approach to decision making in IT service strategy. Orta, Elena; Ruiz, Mercedes Report 6252
A social diffusion model with an application on election simulation. Lou, Jing-Kai; Wang, Fu-Min; Tsai, Chin-Hua; Hung, San-Chuan; Kung, Perng-Hwa; Lin, Shou-De; Chen, K Report 9468
A socially aware routing based on local contact information in delay-tolerant networks. Kim, Chan-Myung; Han, Youn-Hee; Youn, Joo-Sang; Jeong, Young-Sik Report 5013
A solution quality assessment method for swarm intelligence optimization algorithms. Zhang, Zhaojun; Wang, Gai-Ge; Zou, Kuansheng; Zhang, Jianhua Report 5034
A splay tree-based approach for efficient resource location in P2P networks. Zhou, Wei; Tan, Zilong; Yao, Shaowen; Shipu Wang Report 6855
A spread willingness computing-based information dissemination model. Huang, Haojing; Cui, Zhiming; Zhang, Shukui Report 8036
A statistical approach to optimizing concrete mixture design. Ahmad, Shamsad; Alghamdi, Saeid A. Report 5260
A stochastic total least squares solution of adaptive filtering problem. Javed, Shazia; Ahmad, Noor Atinah Report 2989
A Strategy for finding the optimal scale of plant core collection based on Monte Carlo simulation. Wang, Jiancheng; Guan, Yajing; Wang, Yang; Zhu, Liwei; Wang, Qitian; Hu, Qijuan; Hu, Jin Report 5611
A study of feature combination for vehicle detection based on image processing. Arrospide, Jon; Salgado, Luis Report 9295
A study of lock-free based concurrent garbage collectors for multicore platform. Wu, Hao; Ji, Zhen-Zhou Report 4656
A study of the talent Training Project management for semiconductor industry in Taiwan: the application of a hybrid data envelopment analysis approach. Kao, Ling-Jing; Chiu, Shu-Yu; Ko, Hsien-Tang Report 8426
A study on strategic provisioning of cloud computing services. Whaiduzzaman, Md; Haque, Mohammad Nazmul; Chowdhury, Md Rejaul Karim; Gani, Abdullah Report 12706
A Study on ultraviolet protection of 100% cotton knitted fabric: effect of fabric parameters. Kan, C.W. Report 8328
A supervised approach to predict the hierarchical structure of conversation threads for comments. Balali, A.; Faili, H.; Asadpour, M. Report 13942
A survey of artificial immune system based intrusion detection. Yang, Hua; Li, Tao; Hu, Xinlei; Wang, Feng; Zou, Yang Report 7734
A survey of partition-based techniques for copy-move forgery detection. Diane, Wandji Nanda Nathalie; Xingming, Sun; Moise, Fah Kue Report 10181
A survey of research progress and development tendency of attribute-based encryption. Pang, Liaojun; Yang, Jie; Jiang, Zhengtao Report 11661
A survey on personal data cloud. Wang, Jiaqiu; Wang, Zhongjie Report 8418
A synchronous-asynchronous particle swarm optimisation algorithm. Aziz, Nor Azlina Ab; Mubin, Marizan; Mohamad, Mohd Saberi; Aziz, Kamarulzaman Ab Report 7702
A synthesized heuristic task scheduling algorithm. Dai, Yanyan; Zhang, Xiangli Report 6580
A system for sentiment analysis of colloquial Arabic using human computation. Al-Subaihin, Afnan S.; Al-Khalifa, Hend S. Report 5270
A systematic comparison of data selection criteria for SMT domain adaptation. Wang, Longyue; Wong, Derek F.; Chao, Lidia S.; Lu, Yi; Xing, Junwen Report 6679
A tangible programming tool for children to cultivate computational thinking. Wang, Danli; Wang, Tingting; Liu, Zhen Report 7047
A temperature-based model for estimating monthly average daily global solar radiation in China. Li, Huashan; Cao, Fei; Wang, Xianlong; Ma, Weibin Report 6117
A test data compression scheme based on irrational numbers stored coding. Wu, Hai-feng; Cheng, Yu-sheng; Zhan, Wen-fa; Cheng, Yi-fei; Wu, Qiong; Zhu, Shi-juan Report 3799
A three-dimensional reconstructive study of pelvic cavity in the New Zealand Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus). Ozkadif, Sema; Eken, Emrullah; Kalayci, Ibrahim Report 3578
A three-stage birandom program for unit commitment with wind power uncertainty. Zhang, Na; Li, Weidong; Liu, Rao; Lv, Quan; Sun, Liang Report 9191
A three-step approach with adaptive additive magnitude selection for the sharpening of images. Kau, Lih-Jen; Lee, Tien-Lin Report 6593
A time scheduling model of logistics service supply chain based on the customer order decoupling point: a perspective from the constant service operation time. Liu, Weihua; Yang, Yi; Xu, Haitao; Liu, Xiaoyan; Wang, Yijia; Liang, Zhicheng Report 14766
A topological framework for interactive queries on 3D models in the web. Figueiredo, Mauro; Rodrigues, Jose I.; Silvestre, Ivo; Veiga-Pires, Cristina Report 7088
A TOTP-based enhanced route optimization procedure for mobile IPv6 to reduce handover delay and signalling overhead. Shah, Peer Azmat; Hasbullah, Halabi B.; Lawal, Ibrahim A.; Mu'azu, Abubakar Aminu; Jung, Low Tang Report 10867
A traction control strategy with an efficiency model in a distributed driving electric vehicle. Lin, Cheng; Cheng, Xingqun Report 4931
A user authentication scheme using physiological and behavioral biometrics for multitouch devices. Koong, Chorng-Shiuh; Yang, Tzu-I; Tseng, Chien-Chao Report 7489
A value and ambiguity-based ranking method of trapezoidal intuitionistic fuzzy numbers and application to decision making. Zeng, Xiang-tian; Li, Deng-feng; Yu, Gao-feng Report 4929
A variable neighborhood Walksat-based algorithm for MAX-SAT problems. Bouhmala, Noureddine Report 6784
A variable precision covering-based rough set model based on functions. Zhu, Yanqing; Zhu, William Report 4863
A vehicle detection algorithm based on deep belief network. Wang, Hai; Cai, Yingfeng; Chen, Long Report 4102
A web-server of cell type discrimination system. Wang, Anyou; Zhong, Yan; Wang, Yanhua; He, Qianchuan Report 2133
About merging threshold and critical flux concepts into a single one: the boundary flux. Stoller, Marco; Ochando-Pulido, Javier M. Report 5659
About positivity of green's functions for nonlocal boundary value problems with impulsive delay equations. Domoshnitsky, Alexander; Volinsky, Irina Report 4348
Absolute stability criteria for large-scale Lurie direct control systems with time-varying coefficients. Liao, Fucheng; Wang, Di Report 5292
acACS: improving the prediction accuracy of protein subcellular locations and protein classification by incorporating the average chemical shifts composition. Fan, Guo-Liang; Liu, Yan-Ling; Zuo, Yong-Chun; Mei, Han-Xue; Rang, Yi; Hou, Bao-Yan; Zhao, Yan Report 4964
Acaricidal activity of petroleum ether extract of leaves of tetrastigma leucostaphylum (Dennst.) Alston against rhipicephalus (Boophilus) annulatus. Krishna, T.P. Adarsh; Krishna, T.P. Ajeesh; Chithra, N.D.; Deepa, P.E.; Darsana, U.; Sreelekha, K.P. Report 3653
Accelerating content-based image retrieval via GPU-adaptive index structure. Zhu, Lei Report 6994
Accuracy enhancement for forecasting water levels of reservoirs and river streams using a multiple-input-pattern fuzzification approach. Valizadeh, Nariman; El-Shafie, Ahmed; Mirzaei, Majid; Galavi, Hadi; Mukhlisin, Muhammad; Jaafar, Oth Report 4776
Accuracy improvement capability of advanced projectile based on course correction fuze concept. Elsaadany, Ahmed; Wen-jun, Yi Report 4026
Accuracy-energy configurable sensor processor and IoT device for long-term activity monitoring in rare-event sensing applications. Park, Daejin; Cho, Jeonghun Report 6413
Accurate parameter estimation for unbalanced three-phase system. Chen, Yuan; So, Hing Cheung Report 2797
Accurate sparse-projection image reconstruction via nonlocal TV regularization. Zhang, Yi; Zhang, Weihua; Zhou, Jiliu Report 4008
Achyranthes aspera root extracts induce human colon cancer cell (COLO-205) death by triggering the mitochondrial apoptosis pathway and S phase cell cycle arrest. Arora, Shagun; Tandon, Simran Report 9386
Acoustic emission monitoring of multicell reinforced concrete box girders subjected to torsion. Bagherifaez, Marya; Behnia, Arash; Majeed, Abeer Aqeel; Kian, Chai Hwa Report 7523
AcT-2: a novel myotropic and antimicrobial type 2 tryptophyllin from the skin secretion of the Central American red-eyed leaf frog, Agalychnis callidryas. Ge, Lilin; Lyu, Peng; Zhou, Mei; Zhang, Huiling; Wan, Yuantai; Li, Bin; Li, Renjie; Wang, Lei; Chen, Report 4292
Activity of a carboxyl-terminal truncated form of catechol 2,3-dioxygenase from planococcus sp. S5. Hupert-Kocurek, Katarzyna; Wojcieszynska, Danuta; Guzik, Urszula Report 5585
Adaptation of mycoplasmas to antimicrobial agents: Acholeplasma laidlawii extracellular vesicles mediate the export of ciprofloxacin and a mutant gene related to the antibiotic target. Medvedeva, Elena S.; Baranova, Natalia B.; Mouzykantov, Alexey A.; Grigorieva, Tatiana Yu.; Davydova Report 3731
Adaptive bacteria colony picking in unstructured environments using intensity histogram and unascertained LS-SVM classifier. Zhang, Kun; Fei, Minrui; Li, Xin; Zhou, Huiyu Report 5235
Adaptive broadcasting mechanism for bandwidth allocation in mobile services. Horng, Gwo-Jiun; Wang, Chi-Hsuan; Chou, Chih-Lun Report 8158
Adaptive cuckoo search algorithm for unconstrained optimization. Ong, Pauline Report 5235
Adaptive iterated extended Kalman filter and its application to autonomous integrated navigation for indoor robot. Xu, Yuan; Chen, Xiyuan; Li, Qinghua Report 2715
Adaptive low-power listening MAC protocol based on transmission rates. Hwang, Kwang-il; Yi, Gangman Report 3257
Adaptive MANET multipath routing algorithm based on the simulated annealing approach. Kim, Sungwook Report 5635
Adaptive neural network motion control of manipulators with experimental evaluations. Puga-Guzman, S.; Moreno-Valenzuela, J.; Santibanez, V. Report 7159
Adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for classification of background EEG signals from ESES patients and controls. Yang, Zhixian; Wang, Yinghua; Ouyang, Gaoxiang Report 6516
Adaptive phase rolling for opportunistic beamforming in OFDMA systems with a small number of users. Rim, Minjoong Report 3925
Adaptive random testing with combinatorial input domain. Huang, Rubing; Chen, Jinfu; Lu, Yansheng Report 11864
Adaptive super-twisting observer for estimation of random road excitation profile in automotive suspension systems. Rath, J.J.; Veluvolu, K.C.; Defoort, M. Report 5293
Adaptive total variation minimization-based image enhancement from flash and no-flash pairs. Yoon, Sang Min; Lee, Yeon Ju; Yoon, Gang-Joon; Yoon, Jungho Report 2722

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