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The Schatz Technique.

The Schatz Technique

Bernard Schatz, P.T.

Ascara Publishing

536 Pantops Center, #105, Charlottesville, VI 22911

0977470717 $34.95

Written by expert physical therapist Bernard Schatz, The Schatz Technique: Loving Touch Can Change the World and Reverse Chronic Pain is an extensive discussion of chronic pain caused by contracted tissues that press on nerves, and means to treat it. A disclaimer at the beginning of the Schatz Technique instructs chronic pain sufferers to visit a doctor first; even though doctors are not always trained to diagnose or treat soft tissue dysfunction, they are skilled at detecting other medical problems, from vertebral fractures to various disease processes, that are beyond the scope of The Schatz Technique. The Schatz Technique is different from massage, or massage therapy; the focus is upon exploring tight, contracted fibrotic tissue with the aid of a proper lotion, and gradually coaxing the intense knot of dysfunctional tissue to normalize--to be fully effective, a session usually needs to last at least two hours. The Schatz Technique offers chapters specific to arthritic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, ear pain, knee pain, "logger's hand", neck pain, rotator cuff syndrome, sprained ankle, tennis elbow, and many other types. Perhaps most valuable of all, The Schatz Technique gives detailed instructions for treating one's own pain with the power of one's own touch--no drugs or surgery, given that a doctor has already ruled out causes for which drugs or surgery are the best cure. An utterly invaluable self-treatment aid for anyone who has been given the runaround by the medical establishment while seeking help for pain, and highly recommended for massage and physical therapists seeking to expand their repertoire of healing techniques.
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Title Annotation:The Schatz Technique: Loving Touch Can Change the World and Reverse Chronic Pain
Publication:The Bookwatch
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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