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The Sault recorded more than $211m in construction.

The Sault recorded more than $211m in construction

Sault Ste. Marie enjoyed a record year of $211.2 million for the construction of new buildings in 1989.

In addition to a healthy growth in residential and commercial construction, the city recorded $95.3 million worth of institutional construction. This included the Ontario Lottery Corporation offices ($46 million), the Ontario Tree Institute and Forest Biomass Institute labs ($19.5 million) and the Northern Treatment Centre ($15 million).

More than 1,900 building permits were issued during the 1989 calendar year.

City senior plans examiner Syl Allard said the Sault is projecting construction worth $110 million for 1990. Announced projects include a $10-million waterfront condominium, $8.5 million in additional contracts for the Ontario Lottery Corporation, a Relax Inn and an automobile dealer complex worth $8 million, a $5.5- million Italian housing corporation project which is being reviewed by the Ontario Municipal Board and the $2.5-million hospitality wing addition to Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology.

Of last year's $211.2 million construction total, residential construction accounted for $64.1 million. Commercial construction was listed at $13 million, industrial construction at $38.8 million and institutional construction at $95.3 million.
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Title Annotation:Construction Report; Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
Publication:Northern Ontario Business
Date:May 1, 1990
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