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The Saturday Night Supper Club.

Carla Laureano; THE SATURDAY NIGHT SUPPER CLUB; Tyndale House Publishers (Fiction: Romance) 14.99 ISBN: 9781496420244

Byline: Hannah Williams

This romance nurtures the balance between following one's dreams and embracing the moment.

Carla Laureano's surprising cozy romance The Saturday Night Supper Club follows a woman as she finds love again, even though it requires letting go of everything she thought she wanted.

Chef Rachel Bishop runs a successful fine-dining restaurant in Denver. That is, until a scandalous smear campaign causes her to be pushed out of the business by her partners. Alex Kanin -- a successful essayist and the inadvertent initiator of the debacle -- had no idea that his article would create such a disastrous outcome.

Alex vows to do whatever it takes to repair the damage done to Rachel's career. Rachel decides to partner with him to start the Saturday Night Supper Club. They both hope to help Rachel find a potential investor for her future restaurant. In the process, an unexpected romance unfolds.

The novel is told from both Rachel's and Alex's perspectives, following along as their romance unfolds. They evaluate their choices and life struggles along the way. Both characters' points of view are enjoyable, and both are well-developed characters with rich and complex backstories.

Although it is truly a love story, the book breaks free from genre conventions by mixing romance with personal struggles and character growth. Rachel is a driven and talented chef, but she has never been able to settle down or to find true happiness and love. Her story is careful to nurture the balance between following one's dreams and slowing down long enough to embrace the moment.

An excellent balance of friendship, love, and personal struggles weaves through the narrative, as Rachel learns not only to love again but also what it means to be true to herself, to be vulnerable, and to invest in her gifts and talents for the good of others.

With its many powerful themes, The Saturday Night Supper Club captures a complete picture of a couple's journey to embrace their true selves, heal from their pasts, and discover love.

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Author:Williams, Hannah
Article Type:Book review
Date:Dec 27, 2017
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