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The SU PARTE Welfare-to-Work Initiative: University of New Mexico Valencia Campus.

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The University of New Mexico (UNM) Valencia campus is a two-year college in rural Valencia County. UNM-Valencia provides vocational and general education, basic skills assistance, a community education program and a small business development program. In fall 1998, the campus had 750 full-time-equivalent (FTE) students and 807 part-time students; 52% of the students were Hispanic, and 41% were non-Hispanic white. In July 1997, UNM-Valencia received a $1.1 million contract from the New Mexico Human Services Department (HSD) to run a Welfare-to-Work program. The campus developed SU! PARTE (Sign Up! People Acting Responsibly Through Employment) to assess, provide training and support services to, and place TANF and food-stamp recipients who were referred for mandatory program participation by the HSD. More than 80% of SU! PARTE participants do not have a high school diploma, 40% have never held a job, many are victims of domestic violence, and many tested at educational levels below 2nd grade. The SU! PARTE program offers a core class that tackles self-esteem issues as part of the assessment process, along with continued management, transportation, and child care information and assistance. SU! PARTE also has a van service that brings students to campus, and provides substance abuse treatment, domestic violence counseling, and housing assistance to the homeless. Curriculum includes basic and life skills classes. (NB)

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Author:Melendez, Edwin; de Montrichard, Alexandra
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Jun 1, 2001
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