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The SDR Forum Announces New International Radio Security Services API Project That Will Reduce Cost of Development and Upgrades.

Specification Will Define a Common Waveform Application Interface for Radio Security Services

WASHINGTON -- Today The SDR Forum (, a non-profit international industry organization dedicated to promoting the success of next generation radio technologies, approved the formation of a new project designed to reduce the cost associated with introducing and maintaining secure radio technologies. The output of this project will be a radio security services application programming interface (API) employing a common, open software architecture and supporting a broad ecosystem of waveform application developers.

According to Daniele Olmisani of Selex Communications and co-chair of the International Radio Security Services API Task Group, this API will simplify the use of cryptographic services through the definition of a standard behavior, will help to ensure compliance with national and international standards and will simplify the porting of waveform application on 3rd party platform by providing a common high-level framework.

The project is aimed at supporting the needs of national administrations, international organizations and radio manufacturers. The API will be developed though collaboration between SDR Forum member organizations and invited experts from all over the world, and will be openly available, supported and maintained providing an industry endorsed specification supporting the security services applicable to all types of radios.

The SDR Forum is comprised of more then 100 member organizations who have initiated and led multiple work efforts, such as the aforementioned API, that promote their organization's specific objectives. Efforts include creating specifications defining application programming interfaces for smart antenna or RF transceiver subsystems:

* Smart Antenna API Specification

* Transceiver Facility Specification API

as well as defining the use cases and requirements for SDR and Cognitive Radio technologies in addressing the needs of the public safety community:

* Software Defined Radio Technology for Public Safety

* Use Cases for Cognitive Applications in Public Safety Communications Systems - Volume 1: Review of the 7 July Bombing of the London Underground

Outputs from these and other related efforts are often used by the SDR Forum to promote our member companies positions throughout the advanced wireless community.

The inaugural meeting of the International Radio Security Services API will be in 20-24 April in Madrid, Spain, during the SDR Forum's 62nd General Meeting, which will comprise working sessions advancing the SDR Forum's 2009 operations plan in support of the commercial, public safety, avionics, and international tactical radio communities. Groups tentatively scheduled to meet in Madrid include:

* Public Safety Special Interest Group

* International Tactical Radio Special Interest Group

* Cognitive Radio Work Group

* Commercial Baseband Processing Technologies Work Group

* Meta-language for Mobility Work Group

* SCA Work Group

* Security Work Group

* Smart Antenna Work Group

* Transceiver System Interface Task Group

Experts in these areas will be attending the meeting.

To learn more about The SDR Forum, this new International Radio Security Services API, and myriad other SDR Forum projects, visit

About The SDR Forum[TM]

Established in 1996, The SDR Forum[TM] is a non-profit international industry association with a 100+ strong membership comprised of world-class technical, business and government organizations from EMEA, Asia and the Americas who are passionate about creating a revolution in wireless communications based on reconfigurable radio. The SDR Forum is the only organization in the world dedicated to serving the industry's needs through advocacy, opportunity development, commercialization and education. For more information, please visit
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Date:Apr 6, 2009
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