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The Russians are coming -- to AFAK and YVC Bolnes.

The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming! In fact, they've already come to the Netherlands for refitting the factory vessel Dauriya, part of the Sevrybholodflot fleet operating out of Murmansk.

Under a contract with AFAK Holland BV, fish processing equipment division of the Meyn Group, and the YVC Bolnes ship repair yard, the Dauriya was upgraded over the winter and spring to process 600 tons a day of pelagic fish into 100 tons of fish meal and 90 tons of frozen roundfish -- quadruple its former output.

Highly Automated

The ship receives species like Alaska pollock, herring, mackerel and horse mackerel from small catcher boats through a vacuum pressure pump with a 1,000-liter capacity. The fish goes through a water separator consisting of two reservoirs with a capacity of a cubic meter each; used in alternation (one fills as the other empties), they keep an automatic tonnage count (a cubic meter weights about a ton) of incoming fish.

The reservoirs drain onto a discharge conveyor fitted with six hand-operated doors, from which movable chutes in turn discharge the fish into six storage tanks. Two of the tanks are refrigerated, and these are used for the top quality fish to be processed into frozen blocks; the lesser quality fish from the other four tanks is destined for fish meal. Fish from the refrigerated tanks is transferred by a 600-liter fish pump into the hopper elevator, which in turn feeds it to a sorting machine (if it doesn't need to be sorted, it goes by chute directly to the sorting output belt).

Small Fish Sorted

The KL-25 sorting machine separates the smaller species, which are diverted onto a conveyor that carries them to the infeed hopper elevator of the fish meal plant. Fish of the right size for freezing go to the packing table, where trays are packed and weighed before being loaded into horizontal freezers. After freezing, the trays are unloaded and sprayed with hot water to loosen the blocks for removal by an automatic tray-unloader. The blocks are then glazed before being packed in cartons, strapped and stored.

AFAK custom-designed the system for Sevrybholodflot, and cites the retrofit as an example of its specialist expertise in the design, engineering and installation of complete fish handling systems for large trawlers and factory ships as well as small cutters.
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Title Annotation:AFAK Holland B.V.; YVC Bolnes B.V.
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Oct 1, 1992
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