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The Royal Tombs of Egypt: The Art of Thebes Revealed.

THE ROYAL TOMBS OF EGYPT: The Art of Thebes Revealed


Egypt's Valley of the Kings is the burial site of most of the pharaohs of the New Kingdom. Hawass, head of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, writes that the tombs shed light on the deep religious views of the time. In this elaborately illustrated book, He explains how the ancient Egyptians' beliefs are represented in the architecture and adornment of the tombs of their kings. In an introduction, he explains why the valley was chosen as a royal burial ground. In the rest of the book, the author traces the ruling dynasties, explains how structures and adornments represented the gods, and explores people's beliefs about the netherworld. What supposedly awaited kings and queens in the afterlife was illustrated in both words and images inside the tombs. The book includes 30 foldout images, more than 300 color illustrations, and photos by Sandro Vannini. Thames & Hudson, 2006, 316 p., color images, hardcover, $65.00.
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