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The Roving of Black Americans.


Karl Rove is credited with the strategy of converting one's principal asset into a deficit. The most prominent victim of this strategy was Senator John Kerry who addressed the Democratic convention as someone reporting for duty. Like a war hero.

The Republicans swiftly boated Kerry by exhibiting him as someone who was less than courageous. But long before the strategy was used on Kerry, it was blacks who got Roved. They're still getting Roved.

No ethnic group has been as devoted to work ethic than blacks because no ethnic group worked from 1619 to the end of the 1850s, and even following the Emancipation, in a state of what Juliet E. K. Walker calls "peonage." (1) This continued well into the 20th Century. The millions of immigrants didn't come here to work for free. Thousands of blacks still work for free as the police functions as recruiting agent, whose job is to steer black men into private prisons, not unlike the way vagrancy laws were used during Reconstruction to supply white businesses with free labor. As a result of a criminal justice system that favors white defendants over black ones and employs drug laws that punish blacks and browns disproportionately, two thirds of the blacks and browns who are in prison wouldn't be there if they were white.

The business of slavery reaped more profits than all other industries combined (2) and provided the seed capital for major banks, insurance companies, etc., yet, from the Reagan era to now, blacks have been defined by their enemies as "entitlements dependent" when it would take a thousand years for blacks to catch up with the kind of favoritism that whites have received from both the government and the private sector. In many instances of American history, white nationalist governments have delivered the assets of others--blacks, Native Americans, Hispanics and Asian Americans--to whites by force. "Government support of white businesses included not only land grants but also farm subsidies, oil subsidies, and military contracts." (3)

White immigrant groups have been heralded as those who rose from poverty to success through hard work. Maybe many did, but these immigrants also helped themselves to entitlements. (4) They were assisted by a powerful underground economy that also controlled law enforcement.

Even those programs that were meant to assist blacks and whites--the FDR reforms, the War on Poverty, the Small Business Administration and Affirmative Action--have been largely tilted toward whites. While most whites received Social Security benefits in 1935, blacks (65% of whom were farmers or domestics) didn't start receiving benefits until 1950. Since most blacks on an average don't live as long as whites, Social Security is a program in which whites always hit the lottery. And though the mainstream media has caricatured the Great Society programs as the traditional enemy of blacks, as well as making them out to be black programs, over 80% of those who receive Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security have been whites. (5)

The media regards Affirmative Action as a black program, even though it benefits white women the most and is the reason why 60% of college graduates are white women and why the number of white women faculty on the nation's campuses has increased. In a letter to The New York Times, Julian Bond tried to make this point. He was responding to an Op-Ed by one of The Times' white nationalist writers, Ross Duhat; he's one of those Times' Op-Ed writers who always picks fights with blacks whether they are members of the "black underclass" or the president of the United States. He's white, but the black ones (Charles Blow and Bob Herbert) who try to shore up their objectivity by taking it to the brothers and sisters from time to time, found it necessary to scold the "black underclass" about their lifestyles. Rarely does one find an editorial about white pathology. It was Nicholas Kristof who dismissed meth addiction among whites as "a fad." The Times and other newspapers are among the media that always paste a black face on dependency, giving demagogues on the right ammunition to paint blacks as "entitlements dependent" or as one of MSNBC'S hand picked black pundits, Michele Bernard, a global warming denier and defender of the 1% put it, "personal responsibility is a problem in the black community, especially."

Larry O'Donnell is on TV each night announcing that before the G.I. Bill only 6% of Americans received a college education, but after the G.I. Bill it rose to 20%. He says that the fact that his father was able to receive a college education, thanks to the G.I. Bill, enabled him to send five children to college. Democrat Bill Clinton, whose insidious Welfare Reform action has left families rummaging garbage cans for food, is one of those politicians who believes that the FDR programs benefited all American citizens. I've heard academics and pundits, black and white alike, assume the same thing. Clinton said that FDR'S most enduring legacy was the G.I. Bill, which passed Congress in June 1944. He said that the bill gave "generations of veterans a chance to get an education, to build strong families and good lives, and to build the nation's strongest economy ever, to change the face of America...."

According to Ira Katznelson, (6) the G.I. Bill was the single legislation that brought millions into the middle class, yet, as in the case of the other FDR programs, the law was "deliberately designed to accommodate Jim Crow." As a result, the G.I. Bill, in the words of Truman Gibson, Jr., Veterans Editor of The Pittsburgh Courier, "the veteran's program had completely failed veterans of minority races." The G.I. Bill became known as "For White Veterans Only."

Despite the odds being stacked against black Americans achieving financial success since colonial times and their role in building the country's great fortunes (even in the West where their "owners" sent blacks to cultivate gold mines), the Reagan administration Roved black Americans as "Bucks" and "Welfare Queens," even though Ronald Reagan's father and his brother received entitlements' assistance from the FDR programs. His attack on the "welfare queen," who was one of those Reagan fictions, placed him to the right of Tom Metzger, a member of the American Nazi Party, who described the average welfare recipient as "a white woman whose husband had left her." When Metzger said this, it also placed him to the left of his opponent KKK leader, David Duke, who was running on a platform that opposed "the growing black underclass." Duke quit the presidential race on the grounds that the Republicans and Democrats had co-opted his platform.


Where are the white conservatives on this? Seems that they would oppose the hindering of a group's access to what they call the Free Market. Shouldn't they be opposing blacks being charged higher interest rates than whites who have credit ratings inferior to theirs? Are conservatives spending all of their rime wondering how people have sex and how to legislate against it? Currently there are suits against Bank of America and Wells Fargo for steering blacks into subprime loans when they were eligible for conventional loans. (7) This has been the case since Reconstruction and before. So how much have blacks lost as a result of banks using their savings to finance white home buyers and businesses, thereby putting them in the position of renters who then pay off the mortgages of white landlords? Gentrification happens because the redlining practices of the banks diminish the home owning opportunities of blacks, making them vulnerable to landlords who replace them with customers capable of paying higher rent. Gentrification in San Francisco was even helped by government subsidies. Because of the racist practices of the Federal Housing Administration, (8) whites have been able to accumulate hundreds of millions of dollars in mortgage loans at low interest rates since 1934. How many trillions of dollars have been denied blacks as a result of denying them benefits that were accorded to whites, the government and the private sector's Affirmative Action babies? Maybe some of the public intellectuals who haven't thought about the question and who promote the stereotype of black dependency by always viewing massive government intervention as the solution to black poverty might consider where the black unemployment rate would be if black businessmen had the same access to capital as whites. During this campaign, CNN and MSNBC, Tea Party networks, where blacks are represented by Michael Steele and one of Santorum's black ex-speech writers, have been holding the president to a below 8% unemployment rate. For whites it's 7.4%, yet the majority of whites will probably vote for Romney. As a result of white giveaway programs since the founding of the country, the assets of whites come in at 20 times that of blacks. Rick Santorum, who wants to phase out poor people and lives in a Georgian Revival home with six bedrooms and eight bathrooms benefited from social security. His mentor, Ayn Rand made an exception to her rage against collectivism by accepting Medicare and Social Security.

So the black dependency scam allows demagogues to advocate for government austerity. One of them, Rick Santorum, put it succinctly when he said, "I don't want to take white people's money and give it to black people." I heard something similar in Europe when I visited The Netherlands in the 1970s. There were complaints that immigrants were living off the fat of the land at the expense of hard working whites--a line which has led to the rise of far right parties in France and in Greece where the Neo Nazi party, The Golden Dawn, has made gains. Though flakey progressives view the Tea Party as "Marxist," as Arun Gupta of the publication Independent put it on Kris Welch's KPFA show, June 16, 2012, a NAACP report, "Tea Party Nation," exposes some Neo Nazi elements among this billionaire financed "Marxist" outfit.

And so the right wing's promotion of government austerity is based upon the hoax that the government is taking white people's money and giving it to black people, when, historically, it's the other way around. Most of the entitlements go to Tea Party members who live in Red States. These are people who, according to another television personality, Rick Santelli, are resentful because minorities are receiving all of the entitlements. The Republican argument holds that the deficit problem can be solved by ending the free handouts to idle blacks like the ones that the white executives at Lionsgate presented in the movie Precious, as lazy welfare cheats who spend their time watching television, eating fried chicken and having sex with their children. (These executives hid their hand in this movie by throwing up a fake black director and fake black producers.)

The Tea Party is an outfit that some progressives say we ought to warm up to. Of course most blacks will not embrace a Tea Party. Willie Horton alumni, Roger Ailes' (9) creation, whose leaders have referred to the president as a "skunk," called Obama's children "monkeys" and called for the president's assassination. Here is Arkansas Tea Party leader Inge Marier's idea of a joke:

A black kid asks his mom, "Mama, what's a democracy?"
    Well, son, that be when white
   folks work every day so us po'
   folks can get all our benefits.
   But mama, don't the white
   folk get mad about that?
   They sho do, son. They sho
   do. And that's called racism. 

Reagan's "bucks" have been used as scapegoats by both parties. Since Larry McCarthy, one of the creators of the infamous Willie Horton ad, in which a black rapist was used to scare whites into voting for George Bush, Sr., it's not surprising that the first two Super Pac ads show the vulnerability of white women under black rule, the trick that Southern white men have used to lynch black men and steal thousands of acres of land from blacks. It comes as no surprise that the typical Tea Party member is a Southern white male over fifty.

During the Civil Rights movement, blacks were regarded similarly to how the LGBT community is regarded now, that is as those who held the moral high ground. They were on "the right side of history" and their enemies presumably were on the wrong side. Dr. King once said that "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice," but Stokely Carmichael provided an opening for those who wished to demoralize those who operated on a high moral plane when he said that the position of women in SNCC was "prone." White feminists like Mary King made a big issue over the comment as an example of "sexism," not the "sexism" of their brothers, fathers, and employers, but of black men. Though some black women complained that their white women sisters had misinterpreted Kwame Toure's remark, (10) the elite white feminist movement ignored them. Not only do white Southern feminists criticize the media designated feminist leadership based in the Northeast, but black, Latina and Asian American feminists have accused the movement of excluding them and trivializing their issues, bell hooks says that she became so frustrated with the inability of white feminists to relate to the problems of black womanists that she would flee, in tears, (11) from Women's Studies classes at the University of California at Santa Cruz, which is supposed to be a far out radical institution. Among minority women who've been critical of the movement are bell hooks, Ana Castillo and Shirley Geok-lin Lim.

The charge of sexism against black men was picked up by the white male controlled The New York Times' Book Review, Magazine section and the Arts page, where, after black feminists were brought in to denounce black rappers, a white male reviewer proposed that Vanilla Ice might make rap more "centrist," (12) a typical example of white critics delivering markets created by blacks to whites. He would not be the only white Indiana Jones to put on a cape to rescue minority women from cruel insensitive men, but white male film producers, script writers, theater producers, like the ones who mounted the Broadway play Mountaintop that depicted Martin Luther King Jr. as a lech and a buffoon, have made fortunes on black sexism. Not that black sexism doesn't exist, but some of those white men who've profited from what the brilliant critic C. Leigh McInnis calls "the Black Boogeyman genre," which he says "sells better than sex," are mum about the sexism and child abuse that happens in their communities. Steven Spielberg, whose adaptation of the book The Color Purple was criticized by the author, especially when he said that when he read the book all that he could think about was rescuing Celie, is responsible for giving the world two black boogeymen, Mr. in The Color Purple, whose characterization offended the author of the book, and Leroy in The Help, a rip off of The Color Purple in which noble tragic and suffering black women have to deal with the kind of white women who are satirized in White Chicks, a movie by the Lawrence brothers. In both, The Color Purple and The Help white men are let off the hook for racism and sexism while black women's roles are limited to not only teaching white women, caricatured as silly frivolous and air headed, how to cook and clean, but also going around handing out free talk therapy to white women.

In The Help white men are shown as men who are awkward on dates and help black women carry their groceries. The film argues that the underclass white cops are the real racists, which is reminiscent of the plantation period where slave owners, who made enormous profits from breeding and exploiting black labor, blamed all of the plantation mischief on the overseers. That the killer of Medgar Evers was a white man is ignored. I figured that the producers' marketing plan surmised that this would be a real turn off for the post face mall ticket buyers for whom this movie was intended. White men look good in Black Boogeymen movies because, guess what, they're the script writers, directors and producers, causing one black feminist writer to say that when they get finished with a black male character, they look worse than they appeared in the original texts. The villain of The Help is Leroy who abuses his wife. Leroy has even fewer lines than the incest violator in Precious. I listed a bibliography in CounterPunch which detailed the abuse that Jewish women encounter in many Jewish households, abuse that some Jewish feminists contend has been covered up. What about rescuing Naomi and Rachel? How about Steven Spielberg, David Mamet, David Simon, or one of those white men who mediate black men and women relationships in his play Race rescue Naomi and Rachel? David Mamet didn't have to announce to me through The New York Times that he'd gone right. I saw his film Edmund. Edmund, Richard Price's NY-22 and David Simon's depiction of black life are no different from the depiction of black men and women in the Nazi media. (13)

So what has been the result of the Roving of SNNC, where white feminists, according to Mary King, stole the SNNC manifesto and began the black Boogeyman craze? Well, people have made a lot of money from it in academia, white men and women, some of whom are teaching The Wire have made careers of it. At U.C. Berkeley a white male professor is teaching a course on Black Masculinity for instance. White women, however, still vote for white male patriarchs who wish to patent their uteri and oppose a black president who is pro choice and got the Ledbetter Act to pass. They still get pimped by Karl Rove and others with nightmarish visions of what might happen under continued black male rule.

Maybe Eve Ensler and Caitlin Flanagan should take some time off from denigrating the brothers and head South to do missionary work among white women voters who, according to novelist Pam Kingsbury are taught to be submissive to their husbands. Maybe other critics of black males like Robin Morgan and Gloria Steinem will join in this mission. Maybe Steven Spielberg can pay for the buses.

The Black Boogeyman craze entered The New York Times Book Review when Henry Louis Gates Jr. was assigned by feminist book review editor Rebecca Penny Sinkler to blast black male sexism. This was a response to a farewell column by Mel Watkins who agreed with novelist Diane Johnson that white audiences are thrilled by products that show black men at their most depraved. He cited Ellison's character Norton, the philanthropist, who was fascinated by True Blood, who tells him of having sex with his daughter. Gates said that those who criticized The Color Purple, which became the business model for other Black Boogeyman projects like Precious and The Help were "misguided." That must include Toni Morrison, who scathingly blasted the book during an interview with Cecil Brown that was published by The Massachusetts Review. She blamed Gloria Steinem for the whole thing, yet when I had a white feminist character directing trends in black boogeyman literature in my novel Reckless Eyeballing, a white male critic said that I was "paranoid," (14) even though Mrs. Morrison and Michelle Wallace said the same thing.

Gates' next assignment was to accuse blacks of being the last group to harbor anti-Semitic attitudes. For some reason, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was The Times' designated point person whose assignment was to turn that arc of the universe into a boomerang heading straight toward the brothers and sisters. After his blanket indictment of the black, male writing fraternity, he called black Americans the last Anti Semites. This came at a time when the Anti Defamation League reported that anti-Semitism among blacks was on the decline. I pointed this out to Skip. He told me that The Times had promised that there would be a follow up about racism among American Jews. It never appeared. The Gates' anti-Semitism smear stuck and was taken up by talk radio and television. Tea Party network, (15) CNN, broadcast its Black anti-Semitism show in two hundred countries. And so it comes that when I visited Israel for the first time, I was asked why American blacks hated Jews so much. Even a Sephardic poet who claimed that in Israel, she was treated as a second class citizen, asked me this question.

So how did American blacks express their anti-Semitism? When Senator Lieberman ran for president, be was the first choice among blacks and when Rev. Al Sharpton entered the race, he became second choice. The Congressional Black Caucus has consistently been pro Israel. Norman Finkelstein described the president of the United States, Barack Obama, as having the political outlook of a "liberal Jew." You might hear some Anti Semitism from black nationalist intellectuals and academics, but their views exist at the margins. The late novelist Ron Sukenick was right when he said that in academic circles it's based on competition like who gets to interview candidates at MLA conventions. Benjamin Ginsberg was also correct when he said that blacks don't have the power to harm Jewish Americans. (16) The same could be said of LGBT Americans.

Not content with Roving blacks as sexists, anti-Semites and entitlements dependent, the Times brought in the intellectual tag team of Caitlin Flanagan and Benjamin Schwarz of The Atlantic to do the smear job. (17)

Black homophobia became all the rage, especially the alleged homophobia of the black church. The passing of Proposition 8 in California, the proposition that banned Gay marriage, was blamed on black homophobia, even though Hispanics and Asian Americans supported the measure. So did Catholics. Mormons provided more than a million dollars that helped to make Proposition 8 successful. Writing in the Nov. 7, 2008 Huffington Post, Raymond Leon Roker stated "49 percent of Asians [...] voted for Prop 8. And 53 percent of Latinos fell in line for it too. And then there is the white vote in support of 8. Slightly under 50% percent of them, a group representing 63% of California voters, voted "Yes" on 8. Last time I checked, blacks held little sway over all of those groups." Among those who refuted the claims made by Schwarz and Flannagan was People for the American Way (18) and GLAD. Flanagan is on a Black Male Pathology roll. In a toe licking tribute to Oprah Winfrey, she noted that black men are cruel toward black women. She's Irish! DO you suppose we could have Irish American guys write an instructional manual about how to be proper feminists? For his part, Schwarz is the writer who said that black lynching victims were probably guilty (19), which sounds like the Nazi rationale for murdering Jews. With the Flannagan--Schwarz smear, The New York Times wasn't finished with accusing blacks of homophobia. On July 3, 2012, Daniel Mendelsohn, in an article called "Do Gay Celebrities Have an Obligation to Come Out?" wrote, "And yet for many gay people, particularly gay youth, and especially gay youth of color, the acknowledgment that you're gay is still a process fraught with anxiety, if not terror and often violence." I wrote a letter to the Public Editor reminding him that most of the hate crimes are committed by white youth. I asked whether it wasn't irresponsible for the Times to print such an assertion without statistics. My letter wasn't printed. (20) One of the most powerful black journalists, who totes the values of the one percent, actually lied when he smeared black journalists as homophobes. In the opening session of the Unity Journalists convention, Mark Whitaker, executive vice president and managing editor of CNN Worldwide, while moderating a panel, falsely stated that the National Association of Black Journalists had left Unity because of the presence of the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, rather than the financial and governance issues NABJ cited. NABJ had left Unity before Unity invited NLGJA to join, but none of the panelists corrected Whitaker. Moreover, Richard Prince reported that the distinguished Hispanic journalist agreed with the NABJ'S leaving Unity:
    "Juan Gonzalez, who is
   credited with originating
   the Unity concept and who
   was silent when the coalition
   accepted the National
   Lesbian & Gay Journalists
   Association, said Tuesday
   that the National Association
   of Black Journalists was
   right to leave the coalition."
   Gonzalez, a former president
   of NABJ, took a position
   contrary to that of the current
   NABJ leadership. On the
   Unity board, NABJ President
   Michele Salcedo seconded the
   motion to drop "Journalists
   of Color" from the Unity
   name. The motion passed II-4
   with one abstention. 

Instead, the UNITY board turned its attention to incorporating another group, the National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association, into the alliance. By doing so in such rapid fashion, UNITY leaders effectively discarded the core mission that made the group such a powerful voice in American journalism since its founding conference in Atlanta in 1994. They revealed, moreover, little understanding of the sacrifices and struggles made by so many journalists of color who preceded us. Our four organizations were all the product of two centuries of unfinished business within our nation and our media system--the fight against all vestiges of racial and ethnic segregation and discrimination. Saying this in no way belittles or marginalizes similar efforts to oppose other types of discrimination, whether based on gender, sexual orientation, age, or physical disabilities. But racial and ethnic bias has proven to be the most persistent, most divisive, most intractable of social inequities. The great moral authority of UNITY was its role as the key organization advocating better coverage of race and equal opportunity for journalists of color. Its power came from being organized and led solely by journalists of color. So when UNITY rushed to incorporate NLGJA before properly addressing the departure of NABJ--the largest and most influential group within the alliance--it sent a clear signal, whether intended or not, that racial and ethnic equality was no longer its main mission.

The leaders of UNITY, many of them my friends, will no doubt argue differently. But the same logic that says NLGJA belongs in UNITY holds true as well for Women in Communications, the Association of Women Journalists, the [South] Asian Journalists Association, etc. The New York Times ran a story about the split, in which they favored the NLGJA side of the story, but they did point out that the NLGJA lacked diversity in its ranks.

Andrew Sullivan was one of those who said that he became tearful when he heard President Obama endorse same sex marriage. When at The New Republic, he devoted an issue to Charles Murray's stunt, The Bell Curve, which revived the old canard about black intellectual inferiority. The research was supported by the Bradley Foundation, a right wing outfit where Newark Mayor Cory Booker unapologetically hangs out. The research was also paid for by the Pioneer Fund, described as a Neo Nazi organization. (21) Just as The Times, which continues to print articles about "Black Homophobia," neglected to print the Op-Ed about racism among some Jews, that was promised to Henry Louis Gates Jr., we should not expect one about LGBT racism, which has been observed by Barbara Smith, Audre Lorde and Marlon Riggs. The moral high ground has been ceded to this constituency, which has been served by this president more than other components of the democratic coalition, according to Chris Hayes.

Much has been made about how LGBT histories and Black Civil Rights histories entwine. Here are two of many ways in which they separate. There is a higher concentration of gays and lesbians among the financial and cultural elite than blacks and there is a higher concentration of gays and lesbians among the American right than blacks. The Times which charged blacks as sexists, anti-Semites and homophobes took a couple of more swipes at blacks as Gay haters.

During his campaign and since his election, Barack Obama has been Super Roved. The decision was made on the night of his Inaugural, when Congressmen who are members of the nascent Confederate guerrilla movement, met to discuss how to turn his assets against him. If he is charismatic and can do some Al Green licks, he's an entertainer in chief. If he and his wife Michelle are high class, then we depict him and his wife as hoodlums and associate them with food stamps. If he's professorial and cerebral, show his presidential library as a bullet riddled outhouse with the inscription "for a good time call Michelle" written on the inside. The latter was the creation of Dave Hurtt, who said he built the outhouse as a statement against Obama's policies. Outside are fake bullet holes. Inside is a mockup of Barack Obama's birth. It was on exhibit at a meeting of the Montana Republican Party. The moron who ran for Governor of New York, Carl Paladino, sent out emails showing the president's wife and him as a pimp and a whore. If his mother is a distinguished anthropologist and scholar, then we have her having sex with a dog. If he wins re-election, some GOV members from Georgia have threatened armed revolt (a Jack Daniel's inspired threat, probably). How do you think that these clowns would fare against an American armed forces that's been integrated and which has practiced Affirmative Action since the forties? This hatred for the president has led me to argue in my new book Going Too Far that Barack Obama is not a Muslim. He's more like the Catholic priest in The Exorcist, and his election causes all of the rotting demons of American Racism to rise to the surface! They wear the faces of the gargoyles atop Notre Dame!

I don't know where the Roving of the president and black Americans will end, but I'm pretty sure that in the privacy of the White House living quarters Barack tells Michelle before reaching for a cigarette, which Michelle promptly removes from his fingers, that he wished he'd indicted Rove's flabby fat ass for revealing the identity of a C.I.A. operative.


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(15) When the partnership was announced, CNN political director Saro Feist (Daily Kos, 12/17/10) called the Tea Party movement "a fascinating, diverse grassroots force." It's unusual for a centrist news outlet to take an openly partisan group as a partner in producing a political event; we can't recall progressive groups being granted any similar opportunities in recent years, But the Tea Party Express has been criticized by actual grassroots conservative activists, who liken it to "a gop linked slush fund," as a Politico report (12/20/10) noted. The group is connected to a political action committee called Our Country Deserves Better, run by a California-based Republican strategist (New York Times, 9/19/10). And there's much more. Tea Party Express chairman Mark Williams made a number of bigoted statements before moving from chair to spokesperson in June 2010--including calling Barack Obama an "Indonesian Muslim turned welfare thug and a racist-in-chief" (CNN, 11/14/09). Williams, unsurprisingly, was also a "birther" who doubted the legitimacy of Obama's birth certificate (Boston Globe, 4/22/10). And he was active in the campaign against efforts to build an Islamic center near Ground Zero, calling it a place to worship "the terrorists' monkey god" (Daily News, 5/19/10). After Williams, apparently responding to NAACP criticism of Tea Party racism, posted a "satirical" letter from "We Colored People" to Abraham Lincoln (sample "joke": "How will we coloreds ever get a wide screen TV in every room if non-coloreds get to keep what they earn?"), the Express was booted from the National Tea Party Federation, an umbrella group for the conservative protest movement, over its failure to repudiate its spokesperson (Think Progress, 7/19/10).

His successor has a similar record, as the Institute for Research & Education on Human Rights (1/25/11) points out:
    Williams was replaced by TPE director of
   grassroots & coalitions Amy Kremer.
   But just like Williams, Kremer has a problem
   with racism. Like Williams, Kremer is a
   birther. Her blog, Southern Belle Politics, is
   filled with calumny for the president,
   including repetition of the (false) charge that
   he is not a natural-born American. She's also
   gone out of her way to defend a fellow
   Tea Partier after he sent out racist emails
   depicting President Obama as a witch doctor. 

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(18) "Blaming Black Voters for Prop. 8 Loss is Wrong and Destructive," Nov. 7, 2008.

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(20) The Offender Profile: The "Typical" Offender In recent years, a consistent, if incomplete, picture of the "typical" hate crime offender has emerged. He is young, white, and male; he does not come flora ah especially impoverished background; he has little or no previous contact with the criminal justice system; and he does not belong to an organized hate group (Craig, SOURCES: Bureau of Justice Assistance (2001) and Department of Justice (2008a).2002; Dunbar, 2003). In 1999, for example, more than 68% of reported hate crime offenders were white (Nolan, Akiyama, & Berhanu, 2002), and in 2007, of the 6,965 offenders of known race, the FBI reported that 62.9% were white.

(21) Naureckas, Jim. Racism Resurgent "How Media Let The Bell Curve's Pseudo-Science Define the Agenda on Race" when the New Republic devoted almost an entire issue (10/31/94) to a debate with the authors of The Bell Curve. Editor Andrew Sullivan justified the decision by writing, "The notion that there might be resilient ethnic differences in intelligence is not, we believe, an inherently racist belief." Nearly all the research that Murray and Herrnstein relied on for their central claims about face and IQ was funded by the Pioneer Fund, described by the London Sunday Telegraph (3/12/89) as a "neo-Nazi organization closely integrated with the far right in American politics." The fund's mission is to promote eugenics.
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