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The Role of Technology in the Transition of the Global Economy.

The Role of Technology in the Transition of the Global Economy; Special issue of Int. J. Technology Management, Vol. 29, Nos. 3/4, 2005; Guest Editor: Junmo Kim, Konkuk University, South Korea.

This special issue focuses on three elements of the role of technology in shaping the transition of the global economy: 1) how knowledge-intensive sectors are affected; 2) technology policy issues; 3) new ideas and concepts that will illuminate future discussions of technology management and policy.

Articles in the first category are: "A French revolution: technology management in the aerospace industry. The case of Toulouse; "Software industry in the fastest emerging market: challenges and opportunities"; "Development strategies and prospects for Taiwan's R&D service industry"; "Energy systems in transition: perspectives for the diffusion of small-scale pellet heating technology"; "Impacts of international mergers and acquisitions on the logistics operations of manufacturing companies."

Articles in the second category:

"Knowledge and technology transfer grid: empirical assessment"; "Are industries destined toward 'productivity paradox'?: an empirical case of Korea"; "Technological challenges--case study and theorization."

Articles in the third category:

"Measuring the impact of global information technology applications"; "Recovering from science: how far can we push?"
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Date:Jul 1, 2005
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