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The Role of Fats in Human Nutrition.

The Role of Fats in Human Nutrition.

2nd edition. Edited by A J Vergroesen and M Crawford. Including the editors, there are twenty-three people who have been involved in writing this book which reviews our present understanding of the role of essential fatty acids in our nutrition. It is already well known that fatty acids can be involved in heart disease and a type of diabetes besides the generally overweight condition. On the otherhand, insufficient fat intake creates another problem with infants.

In this book the various authors discuss the analysis of dietary fats, dietary fatty acids, fish oils in health and the prevention of heart disease. They cover the use of linolenic acid in the treatment of diabetes and the role of fatty acids in the development of the growing child.

The first chapter, by the senior editor, is a lengthy introduction to the subject and there are a further eleven chapters. Their carry titles: Factors influencing fatty acid chain elongation and desaturation; The role of fats and EFA's for energy and cell structure in the growth of foetus and the neonate; Metabolic and nutritional aspects of long chain fatty acids of marine origin; The significance of fish and fish oil-enriched food for prevention and therapy of ischaemic cardiovascular disease; impact of dietary cholesterol and fatty acids on serum lipids and lipoproteins in man; The role of fat in the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus; The efficacy of linoleic acid in non insulin-dependent Diabetes Mellitus; Vitamins E and A; Nutrition and toxicological aspects of uncommon edible oils; Lipid analysis - Part 1; Lipid analysis - Part 2.

By its very nature this is a specialist text and a look at the various chapter titles tells you that the contributors go into the subject in some depth. Having said all that, this is an important work, especially when one considers just how much fat we consume and how much energy we gain from that fat.
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Author:Binsted, Howard
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Date:Dec 1, 1989
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