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The Risk Pool.

Fr. George Szews is a chapLain at the Newman Community, Eau Claire, Wis.

My book is The Risk Pool by Richard Russo (Vintage Contemporaries Edition, 1989,479 pages, $8.95).

There is a delicate balancing act that goes on among us -- things said and unsaid, feelings acknowledged and hidden, vented and buried, excuses granted and forgiveness withheld until more evidence comes in -- that keep us in relationship with those we love and hate and even those we don't care about much anymore but once did. If we could ever expose this process, it might look like a Calder mobile. The boldness of the colors betrays the elegance of the interrelationships.

Richard Russo provides a verbal mobile in The Risk Pool. He relies heavily on the humor of who we are to help us take the hardness of what becomes of us. He tells a story of a boy, a dog, a mother, a father and their assorted friends and love(er)s.
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Author:Szews, George
Publication:National Catholic Reporter
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Nov 19, 1993
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