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The Rise of NovaVision.

US-based NovaVision Inc is a leading specialist manufacturer of holographic labels, tamper evident stickers, security tape and mechanical security seals, which are commonly used to combat counterfeiting and/or tampering.

The company has grown significantly over the last few years, winning numerous awards as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private businesses in the USA, and continues to invest in new equipment and manufacturing capability. The company also markets brands of security tapes and security labels through its CGM-NV wholly-owned division and thermal transfer ribbons via its Thermal Images division.

Holography News[R] charts the rise of NovaVision, it's products and what the future holds.

Background and history

NovaVision was founded in 1994 by entrepreneur Al Caperna as a research and development company to develop a process for in-line embossing of holograms on a printing press. Initially, the process was set up on a narrow web printing press at Century Marketing, another company owned and operated by Caperna.

A year later the company moved to larger premises and created one of the first commercial hologram labs in the USA, which included an origination machine, electroforming lab, and a narrow web printing press for hot stamping and embossing holograms onto substrates. The company also secured several large customers for its in-line holographic process and began to sell the foil and holographic shims.

In 1998 Mike Messmer joined NovaVision as General Manager and the company began to focus on commercialising its technology and expertise to market holographic products.

Early adopter--internet marketing

During the millennium the company moved again to larger premises to accommodate its expansion ambitions and purchased further hologram embossing equipment and a printing press.

Thermal Images, a distribution business for thermal transfer printers, ribbons and labels, was purchased two years later, and in 2003 the company was one of the early adopters to market its products on the internet, which helped to transform the company.

In the following few years the company continued to grow and relocated again to a 12,000 sq ft facility, expanded its security label products, purchased further embossing machinery and a new printing press.

In 2009 the company was recognised by Inc Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private businesses in the USA. This award was subsequently made for seven consecutive years.

Investment, expansion and capability building

In 2011 the company signed an agreement to exclusively market its products to the former customers of CGM-AST (the company that first patented tamper evident tape). This event doubled its production and warehouse space with an extra 12,000 sq ft of space, added another press to produce tamper evident tape more efficiently, added more finishing equipment and hired an extra 15 employees. This was subsequently followed by the addition of laser etching capability and an expansion of embossing capacity.

In 2013 the company, together with Vacumet and Angell-Demell, won the IHMA Excellence in Holography Best Decorative Product award for the holographic kick plate on North American versions of the Nissan Leaf electric car.

High speed inkjet printing capability was soon added and later expanded, and the company also completed its accreditation of ISO 9001, the security print ISO 14298 standard and C-TPAT security rating. Additional acquisitions followed with the purchase of the assets of US-based Holographic Security Concepts and Jordan Products, followed by another 45% expansion of the production facility to 35,000 sq ft and the installation of additional manufacturing equipment and warehouse space.

Last year cast and cure embossing capability was added together with more finishing equipment, an expansion of the production offices and testing laboratory, and the purchase of 4 acres of land adjoining the current facility for potential future expansion. The company currently employs 65 full time staff.

More recently the company invested in new holographic origination equipment (KINEMAX) and has electroforming capability together with both thermal and ultra-violet (UV) cast and cure embossing. The company also has flexo print capability, digital printing, laser etching, a range of finishing capabilities including laminating, die cutting, slitting, hot stamping and 100% inspection amongst its range of manufacturing capabilities.

Customers and products

NovaVision is primarily a manufacturer of hologram stickers, security tape, and tamper evident labels. It has a global customer base, and over 5,000 active customers which include governments, large International companies, retailers, brand owners, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, banks, trucking and logistics organisations and many small business.

The company's major products includes tamper evident security hologram labels, promotional hologram stickers, tamper evident security labels, vehicle registration decals and plates, security tape, holographic overlays for ID cards, holographic lamination pouches, parking permits, window stickers, and hang tags.

Customised and stock products (over 300 different stock security products --hologram labels, tamper evident stickers, security tape and security seals) are available--the largest selection in the world, says the company. Stock products can be customised with names or logos and ordered online or by phone and at varying volumes from a few hundred holographic labels to thousands or millions.

For customised security solutions, custom holograms can be combined with tamper evident materials, consecutive serial numbers, barcodes, special inks, taggants, and other materials depending on security, performance and budget requirements.

Other products include promotional holographic products that can be used for shelf appeal or other promotional applications, tamper evident bags that are used for clinical drug trials, confidential documents and securing valuable property. Mechanical security seals are also available (bolt seals, cable seals, barrier seals, etc.) which are commonly used in the logistics market.

The future

Mike Messmer said: 'the future is looking very positive, today about one third of our revenue is holographic related with the rest of our revenue split between tamper evident labels, security tape and mechanical security seals. Our focus is on high quality products and fast service. We are especially competitive to make custom product--whether small or large projects.'

'Going forward we see more 'layering' of security technologies along with more track and trace requirements. We are projecting continued growth in all of our existing product lines and markets and are well positioned to expand and grow with the markets we serve.'

Caption: Nova Vision's 40,000 sq ft facility is located in Bowling Green, Ohio.

Caption: The Nissan LEAF hologram made by NovaVision was notable as the first decorative hologram used in the North America automotive market.

Caption: South Carolina Tag: NovaVision's automobile temporary license tag with jumbo numbers and holographic security.

Caption: In addition to custom hologram designs, Nova Vision offers stock images which are custom imprinted with ink or laser etched. Some of the stock images include microtext and covert laser features.

Caption: Cable seal supplied by NovaVision for the logistics industry.

Caption: NovaVision's tamper evident tapes are typically used to secure shipping cartons and pallets.

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