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The Rise and Fall of the Hugh Hefner-Published Trump Magazine (No, Not That One).

Last year, I wrote about Harvey Kurtzman, the comic genius who created MAD Magazine. In 1956, after endless battles with MAD's tightfisted and controlling publisher Bill Gaines, Kurtzman was forced out. (Arguably, he forced himself out. His perfectionism, demanding nature, refusal to compromise, and difficulty with deadlines were, shall we say, problematic.) Kurtzman then joined forces with Hugh Hefner, a big fan of his work, to create a full-color, satirical magazine for sophisticated grown-ups. (Subtext: Not just for the teens and semi-juvenile adults who read MAD.) In 1957, Trump Magazine appeared. And quickly disappeared. Only two issues were ever published.

What went wrong? In a new anthology, Trump: The Complete Collection, Dark Horse Comics attempts to answer that question. The heavy coffee-table book reprints the two issues of Trump in their entirety, along with snippets of the never-completed third issue, and annotations explaining who did what, how the mag went down, and what some of the now-dated jokes mean.

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Author:Ingall, Marjorie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Jan 24, 2017
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