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The Right Side of the Line.

The Right Side of the Line, Video, 2005, VisionPoint Productions, $795-$995.

Support: facilitator guide, participant materials.

Looking for a ready-to-use training program completely focused on sexual harassment? This isn't it. However, if you need a general program on a harassment-free workplace based on respect, The Right Side of the Line might be the one for you.

An easy-to-use program, it is designed for all employees. It uses video vignettes and discussion to define three types of behaviors: unprofessional, prohibited, and illegal.

Step-by-step directions

The support material--a facilitator guide, participant guide, DVD, and VHS video--gives the trainer everything needed to facilitate a complete training program.

Designed for someone relatively new to training, the facilitator guide is very straightforward, with step-by-step instructions. Agendas are provided for conducting either one-hour or two-hour sessions, follow-up sessions, and management sessions. All handouts, PowerPoint slides, and illustrations of flipchart pages are included.

Once the trainer decides on the training session, all that is needed is a room. The facilitator guide tells you what to do, what to show, what to write on a flipchart, what questions to ask, and what to say each step of the way.

The participant guide is also very straightforward. Designed to follow the written script in the facilitator guide, all questions the trainer asks during the session are in the participant guide with plenty of white space to answer them as well as take notes.

The main focus of this training is the video vignettes. Six short clips illustrate the three types of unacceptable workplace behaviors. Together with the facilitated discussions and exercises, the participant should leave the training with a clear understanding of what is and is not considered appropriate behavior in the workplace.


An agenda and all materials are also provided for a follow-up session. Its purpose is to learn how to effectively handle situations in which others engage in unacceptable workplace behaviors by using a model called "Let's M.E.E.T.," an acronym for a four-step process designed to help resolve day-to-day situations before they escalate. The video has an additional vignette for the follow-up meeting that demonstrates how to use the M.E.E.T. model.

Best feature

The best feature of The Right Side of the Line is its adaptability. The producer recommends a two-hour version of the training program with all six video vignettes and a later one-hour follow-up session. With some study of the support materials, you can mix and match different parts of the agendas to make the program work for you. You can show only one vignette or as many as you like. Also included are printed case studies you can use in place of or in addition to the video.

Another feature I really enjoyed is a four-minute opening video that can be played as participants enter the session. This segment displays different messages designed to get participants' attention before you start the training session. An optional exercise is included to incorporate the messages into the agenda.

The downside of this program is that it relies too heavily on the video. Eighty-five out of 120 minutes are devoted to using the video vignettes with follow-up questions--and the questions tend to be the same for each segment. Also, if you follow the recommended agendas, participants must wait for the follow-up session to learn how to handle a situation. I would like to see this section revised and included in the first training session. Only one video vignette is provided that shows the Let's M.E.E.T. model, and no practice is built in to the initial training session. With careful planning, the case studies could be adapted and turned into a roleplay, but that will take extra work on the trainer's part.


How good is The Right Side of the Line? If you are an experienced trainer with years of facilitation under your belt, you most likely will find the product too simplistic. However, if you are new to training or to the topic of harassment, with some fine-tuning, this program can work for you. Review the facilitator guide and all materials thoroughly, then build an agenda with participant practice--and your participants should have a clear understanding of what is inappropriate behavior for the workplace and how to respond if it occurs.

Review by Linda Pacheco
Product Ratings

The Right Side of the Line

Holds user interest ***
Acting/presenting *** 1/2
Diversity *** 1/2
Production quality *** 1/2
Value of Content ** 1/2
Instructional Value ** 1/2
Value for the money ** 1/2
Overall rating ** 1/2
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Date:May 1, 2006
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