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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (December 1, 2018)

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Title Author Type Words
AKRATIC IGNORANCE AND ENDOXIC INQUIRY. McNeill, David N. Critical essay 17030
AMERICAN CATHOLIC PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 92, No. 4, 2018. Author abstract 931
AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 55, No. 4, October 2018. Author abstract 906
AVRAMENKO, Richard and Ethan Alexander, editors. Aristocratic Souls in Democratic Times. Schall, James V. Book review 859
CAHN, Steven M. Teaching Philosophy: A Guide. Lisska, Anthony J. Book review 807
DENICOLA, Daniel R. Understanding Ignorance: The Surprising Impact of What We Don't Know. Homan, Matthew Book review 796
DOYLE, James. No Morality, No Self: Anscombe's Radical Skepticism. Dougherty, Jude P. 790
ELDERS, Leo. Thomas Aquinas and His Predecessors: Philosophers and the Church Fathers in His Works. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 1155
FESER, Edward. Five Proofs of the Existence of God. Brock, Stephen L. Book review 792
GRUNENBERG, Antonia. Hannah Arendt and Martin Heidegger: History of a Love. Speliotis, Evanthia Book review 803
HAHN, Robert. The Metaphysics of the Pythagorean Theorem. Rioux, Jean Book review 815
HEIDEGGER, Martin. Anmerkungen I-V (Schwarze Hefte 1942-1948), Gesamtausgabe 97. Kanterian, Edward Book review 805
INTERNATIONAL PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 58, No. 4, December 2018. Author abstract 782
JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 56, No. 4, October 2018. Author abstract 1036
KANT'S MAXIM FOR JUDGING ORGANISMS. Barker, Michael Critical essay 12196
KRIEGEL, Uriah. Brentano's Philosophical System: Mind, Being, Value. Gabriel, Susan Krantz Book review 797
KULP, Christopher. Knowing Moral Truth: A Theory of Metaethics and Moral Knowledge. Kaspar, David Book review 827
LEGUTKO, Ryszard. The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptation in Free Societies. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 1111
MAGRINI, James M. and Elias Schweiler. Heidegger on Literature, Poetry, and Education After the "Turn": At the Limits of Metaphysics. Loht, Shawn 800
MIND Vol. 127, No. 508, October 2018. Author abstract 826
MORO, Andrea. A Brief History of the Verb To Be. McDermid, Douglas Book review 806
PATOCKA, Jan. An Introduction to Husserl's Phenomenology. Dwyer, Daniel 747
PHILOSOPHY AND PHENOMENOLOGICAL RESEARCH: Vol. 96, No. 4, October 2018. Author abstract 744
PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 93, No. 4, October 2018. Author abstract 755
PHRONESIS: Vol. 63, No. 4, August 2018. Author abstract 406
POINCARE, Henri. Science and Hypothesis. Safranek, John Book review 787
RATIO: Vol. 631 No. 3, September 2018. Author abstract 1075
RETHINKING HEGEL'S CONCEPTUAL REALISM. Wolf, W. Clark Critical essay 16735
SAMUELSON, Scott. Seven Ways of Looking at Pointless Suffering: What Philosophy Can Tell Us about the Hardest Mystery of All. Brugger, E. Christian Book review 895
SGARBI, Marco and Cosci, Matteo, editors. The Aftermath of Syllogism: Aristotelian Logical Argument from Avicenna to Hegel. Cohen, Daniel H. Book review 805
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 115, No. 10, October 2018. Brief article 262
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 115, No. 7, July 2018. Author abstract 485
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 115, No. 8, August 2018. Author abstract 277
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 115, No. 9, September 2018. Author abstract 267
THE MONIST: Vol. 101, No. 4, October 2018. Author abstract 732
WILFORD, Paul T. and Kate Havard. Athens, Arden, Jerusalem: Essays in Honor of Mera Flaumenhaft. Wilson, Jeffrey Dirk Book review 809
WINSLOW, Russell. Organism and Environment: Inheritance and Subjectivity in the Life Sciences. Weinman, Michael Book review 1160

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