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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (March 1, 2009)

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American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 82, No. 3, Summer 2008. 1039
American Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 45, No. 4, October 2008. 675
An idea is not something mute like a picture on a pad. Goodman, Lenn E. Critical essay 17242
Beals, Corey. Levinas and the Wisdom of Love: The Question of Invisibility. Crosby, John F. Book review 812
Beards, Andrew. Method in Metaphysics: Lonergan and the Future of Analytical Philosophy. Monsour, H. Daniel Book review 895
Brundage, James A. The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession; Canonists, Civilians and Courts. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 1183
Burger, Ronna. Aristotle's Dialogue with Socrates: On the "Nicomachean Ethics. Lindenmuth, Donald C. Book review 816
Cary, Philip. Inner Grace: Augustine in the Traditions of Plato and Paul. Zimmerman, Brandon Book review 1820
Cicero, Aquinas, and contemporary issues in natural law theory. Seagrave, S. Adam Critical essay 12901
Clarke, D.S. Some Pragmatist Themes. Hanink, James G. Book review 787
Crosby, Donald A. Living with Ambiguity: Religious Naturalism and the Menace of Evil. Schall, James V. Book review 813
Curle, Clinton Timothy, Humanite: John Humphrey's Alternative Account of Human Rights. Dennehy, Raymond Book review 894
Dahlstrom, Daniel. Philosophical Legacies: Essays on the Thought of Kant, Hegel, and Their Contemporaries. Hickson, Michael W. Book review 982
Dauphinais, Michael and Barry David and Matthew Levering, ed.: Aquinas the Augustinian. Spiering, Jamie Book review 803
Dean, Richard. The Value of Humanity in Kant's Moral Theory. Sabelli, Mary Veronica Book review 1078
European Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 17, No. 1, March 2009. 1021
Fafara, Richard J. The Malebranche Moment: Selections from the Letters of Etienne Gilson & Henri Gouhier (1920-1936). Redpath, Peter A. Book review 816
Fallacies regarding free will. Rescher, Nicholas Critical essay 4666
Hahn, Songsuk Susan. Contradiction in Motion: Hegel's Organic Concept of Life and Value. Yeomans, Christopher Book review 810
Harman, Graham. Heidegger Explained: From Phenomenon to Thing. Gorner, Paul Book review 796
Harris, Jay M. Maimonides after 800 Years: Essays on Maimonides and His Influence. Garver, Eugene Book review 613
Honneth, Axel. Reification: a New Look at an Old Idea. Simpson, Peter Book review 810
International Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 48, No. 3, September 2008. 992
International Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 48, No. 4, December 2008. 782
Jones, Sheilla. The Quantum Ten: The Story of Passion, Tragedy, Ambition and Science. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 1144
Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 105, No. 10, October 2008. Abstract 165
Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 105, No. 5, May 2008. Abstract 154
Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 105, No. 6, June 2008. Abstract 258
Kerr, Fergus. "Work on Oneself": Wittgenstein's Philosophical Psychology. Eldridge, Richard Book review 828
Klein, Terrance W. Wittgenstein and the Metaphysics of Grace. Jacquette, Dale Book review 1032
Krell, David Farrell. The Tragic Absolute: German Idealism and the Languishing of God. Lawler, James Book review 818
Lehner, Ulrich. Kants Vorsehungskonzept auf dem Hintergrund der Deutschen Schulphilosophie und-theologie. Tacelli, Ronald K. Book review 554
McGinn, Marie. Elucidating the Tractatus: Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy of Logic and Language. Winblad, Douglas G. Book review 864
Mind: Vol. 117, No. 468, October 2008. Abstract 1279
Mooney, Edward F. On Soren Kierkegaard: Dialogue, Polemics, Lost Intimacy, and Time. Bubbio, Paolo Diego Book review 835
Novak, Michael. No One Sees God: The Dark Night of Atheists and Believers. Richard T. McClelland Book review 782
Oderberg, David S. Real Essentialism. Rehnman, Sebastian Book review 954
Peacock, Anthony. Deconstructing the Republic: Voting Rights, The Supreme Court, and the Founders' Republicanism Reconsidered. Stevens, Paul Book review 973
Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 59, No. 234, January 2009. Abstract 785
Philosophical Review: Vol. 117, No. 4, October 2008. Abstract 539
Philosophical Review: Vol. 118, No. 1, January 2009. Abstract 816
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research: Vol. 78, No. 1, November 2008. Abstract 308
Phronesis: Vol. 54, No. 1,2009. 535
Powell, H. Jefferson. Constitutional Conscience: The Moral Dimension of Judicial Decision. Dougherty, June P. Book review 918
Ratio: Vol. 21, No. 4, December 2008. 789
Rickless, Samuel C. Plato's Forms in Transition: A Reading of the Parmenides. McCoy, Joe Book review 803
Rojcewicz, Richard., The Gods and Technology: A Reading of Heidegger. Lovitt, William Book review 1215
Schindler, D.C. Plato's Critique of Impure Reason: On Goodness and Truth in the Republic. Stevens, Paul Book review 721
Schonbaumsfeld, Genia. A Confusion of the Spheres: Kierkegaard and Wittgenstein on Philosophy and Religion. Whittaker, John H. Book review 898
Shank, J.B. The Newton Wars and the Beginning of the French Enlightenment. Nemoianu, Virgil Book review 832
Sweetman, Brendan. The Vision of Gabriel Marcel: Epistemology, Human Person, the Transcendent. Michaud, Thomas Book review 962
Teske, Roland. To Know God and the Soul: Essays on the Thought of St. Augustine. Stark, Judith Chelius Book review 876
The grounds of right and obligation in Leibniz and Hobbes. Johns, Christopher Critical essay 9869
The Monist: Vol. 91, No. 3/4, July/October 2008. Abstract 949
The will as practical reason and the problem of akrasia. Guevara, Daniel Essay 10923
Walsh, David. The Modern Philosophical Revolution: The Luminosity of Existence. Purcell, Brendan Book review 1006
Weissman, David. Styles of Thought: Interpretation, Inquiry, and Imagination. Jennings, David Book review 805
Williams, David Lay. Rousseau's Platonic Enlightenment. Kelly, Christopher Book review 806

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