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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (December 1, 2009)

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American Philosophical Quarterly: October 2009, Vol. 46, No. 4. 477
Barnes, Eric Christian. The Paradox of Predictivism. Leplin, Jarrett Book review 927
Beversluis, John. C. S. Lewis and the Search for Rational Religion. Harrison, Frank Book review 809
Beyond nature: Karol Wojtyla's development of the traditional definition of personhood. Taylor, Jameson Report 14875
Bird, Alexander. Nature's Metaphysics: Laws and Properties. Storrie, Stefan Book review 743
Brague, Remi. The Legend of the Middle Ages: Philosophical Explorations of Medieval Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 1515
Brann, Eva. Feeling Our Feelings: What philosophers think and people know. Speliotis, Evanthia Book review 922
Camus, Albert. Christian Metaphysics and Neoplatonism. Rubin, Michael Book review 786
Carlson, John W.: Understanding Our Being: Introduction to Speculative Philosophy in the Perennial Tradition. Statile, Glenn Book review 784
Corrigan, Kevin and Suzzane Stern-Gillet (eds.). Reading Ancient Texts: Presocratics and Plato. Ewbank, Michael Book review 1542
Deely, John N.,: Intentionality and Semiotics: A Story of Mutual Fecundation as Told by John Deely. Redpath, Peter A. Book review 613
Dodds, Gregory D.: Exploiting Erasmus. The Erasmian Legacy and Religious Change in Early Modern England. Bietenholz, Peter G. Book review 859
Dummett and the origins of analytical philosophy. Duke, George Report 7120
Dworkin, Ronald. Justice in Robes. Rosenthal, Alexander S. Book review 1289
European Journal of Philosophy: September 2009, Vol. 17, No. 3. 574
Evans, C. Stephan. Kierkegaard: An Introduction. Colton, Randall G. Book review 842
Fischer, John Martin. Our Stories: Essays on Life, Death, and Free Will. Piercey, Robert Book review 820
Gillespie, Michael Allen. The Theological Origins of Modernity. Feser, Edward Book review 896
God's transcendent activity: ontotheology in Metaphysics 12. Gabriel, Markus Report 12556
Hendrix, Burke A. Ownership, Authority, and Self-Determination. Maloberti, Nicolas Book review 805
International Philosophical Quarterly: June 2009, Vol. 49, No. 2. 891
Is there an arche kakou in Plato? Wood, James L. Report 15858
Journal of the History of Philosophy: January 2010, Vol. 48, No. 1. 636
Keller, James A.: Problems of Evil and the Power of God, Ashgate Philosophy of Religion Series. Viney, Donald W. Book review 637
Longueness, Beatrice. Hegel's Critique of Metaphysics. Schlitt, Dale M. Book review 772
Metaphysics and the origin of culture. Verene, Donald Phillip Critical essay 8582
Mind: July 2009, Vol. 118, No. 471. 1151
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research: September 2009, Vol. 79, No. 2. 576
Philosophy: July 2009, Vol. 84, No. 4. 972
Phronesis: Vol, 54, No. 4-5. 1040
Quine, W.V.: Quine in Dialogue. Gregory, Paul Book review 807
Rahe, Paul A. Montesquieu and the Logic of Liberty. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 763
Ratio: December 2009, Vol. 22, No. 4. 964
Rogerson, Kenneth F.: The Problem of Free Harmony in Kant's Aesthetics. Buford, Thomas O. Book review 842
Spector, Horacio. Autonomy and Rights: The Moral Foundations of Liberalism. Scholz, Sally J. Book review 829
The Philosophical Review: October 2009, Vol. 118, No. 4. 524
Ver Eecke, Wilfried. Ethical Dimensions of the Economy: Making Use of Hegel and the Concepts of Public and Merit Goods. Donovan, John Book review 786
Vinx, Lars. Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law: Legality and Legitimacy. Rosenthal, Alexander S. Book review 1017
Zuckert, Catherine H.: Plato's Philosophers: The Coherence of the Dialogues. Lindenmuth, Donald C. Book review 983

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