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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (September 1, 2007)

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Alesina, Alberto and Giavazzi, Francesco. The Future of Europe: Reform of Decline. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 682
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 80, No. 4 Fall 2006. Sherman, Thomas; Curzer, Howard J.; Cummings, Andrew; Krause, Andrej; Symington, Paul; Jaeger, Lydia 1085
American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 81, No. 1 Winter 2007. Hause, Jeffrey; Heider, Daniel; Byrne, Patrick H.; Wang, Stephen; Osborne, Thomas M., Jr.; Cosgrove, 1173
Australasian Journal of Philosophy: Vol. 85, No. 1, March 2007. Abell, Catherine; Dilworth, John; Ney, Alyssa; Whittle, Ann; Sungho Choi; Piccinni, Gualtiero; Broga 788
Boghossian, Paul. Fear of Knowledge: Against Relativism and Constructivism. Priest, Graham Book review 841
Brown, Deborah J. Descartes and the Passionate Mind. Kraus, Pamela Book review 844
Buller, David J. Adapting Minds: Evolutionary Psychology and the Persistent Quest for Human Nature. Meijer, Danielle Book review 828
Bunge, Mario. Chasing Reality: Strife over Realism. Forbes, Daniel Book review 790
Dancy, R. M. Plato's Introduction of Forms. Trivigno, Franco Book review 851
Darwin and the question of form: the Greek connection. Weiss, Raymond L. 3709
Doctoral dissertations 2006-2007 *. 4823
Fichte, Johann Gottlieb. Werke 1808-1812. Zaborowski, Holger Book review 854
Fleming, Bruce E. Art and Argument: What Words Can't Do and What They Can. Marathe, Sudhakar Book review 828
Frogel, Shai. The Rhetoric of Philosophy. Controversies, Volume 3. Wallace, William A. Book review 851
Fumerton, Richard. Epistemology. Conee, Earl Book review 794
Haught, John F. Is Nature Enough? Meaning and Truth in the Age of Science. Levering, Matthew Book review 825
Hegel's realism: the implicit metaphysics of self-knowledge. Stovall, Preston 15170
Herder's critique of pure reason. Sikka, Sonia Critical essay 7692
Holden, Thomas. The Architecture of Matter: Galileo to Kant. McMullin, Ernan Book review 967
International Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 47, No. 2, June 2007. Hoskins, Gregory; Hoffman, Kevin; Hodes, Greg; Hershenov, David B.; Engelmann, Edward M.; Austin, Mi 859
Journal of the History of Philosophy: Vol. 45, No. 4, October 2007. 782
Leerssen, Joep. National Thought in Europe: A Cultural History. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 855
Lolordo, Antonia. Pierre Gassendi and the Birth of Early Modern Philosophy. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 605
Manicas, Peter T. A Realist Philosophy of Science: Explanation and Understanding. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 868
Mehl, Peter J. Thinking Through Kierkegaard: Existential Identity in A Pluralistic World. Turnbull, Jamie Book review 821
Murphy, Mark. Natural Law in Jurisprudence and Politics. Neill, Jeremy Book review 826
North American professors abroad, 2007-2008. 191
Panichas, George A., ed. The Essential Russell Kirk. Dougherty, Jude P. Book review 519
Philosophy: Vol. 82, No. 2, April 2007. Cook, John W.; Somerville, James; Skidelsky, Edward; Everitt, Nicholas; Buckle, Stephen; Magee, Brya 971
Phronesis: Vol. 52, No. 2, April 2007. Mignucci, Mario; Heinaman, Robert; Papazian, Michael 407
Phronesis: Vol. 52, No. 3, July 2007. Henry, Devin M.; Nielsen, Karen M.; Reydams-Schils, Gretchen J. 730
Purcell, Michael. Levinas and Theology. Tallon, Andrew Book review 825
Radder, Hans. The World Observed/The World Conceived. Manicas, Peter T. Book review 860
Rasmussen, Douglas B., Den Uyl, Douglas J. Norms of Liberty: a Perfectionist Basis for Non-Perfectionist Politics. Cook, Travis Book review 814
Ratio: Vol. 116, No. 463, July 2007. Danielsson, Sven; Olson, Jonas; Frankish, Keith; Hoefer, Carl; Peijnenburg, Jeanne; Schellenberg, Su 1114
Reginster, Bernard. The Affirmation of Life: Nietzsche on Overcoming Nihilism. Limnatis, Nectarios G. Book review 1292
Remedios, Francis. Legitimizing Scientific Knowledge: An Introduction to Steve Fuller's Social Epistemology. Collier, James H. Book review 1076
Richard Rorty (1931-2007). Bernstein, Richard J. In memoriam 883
Roush, Sherrilyn. Tracking Truth: Knowledge, Evidence, and Science. Sankey, Howard Book review 810
Smith, James K.A. Who's Afraid of Postmodernism? Taking Derrida, Lyotard, and Foucault to Church. Meconi, David Book review 875
Smith, Steven B. Reading Leo Strauss: Politics, Philosophy, Judaism. Schall, James V. Book review 796
Taylor, Gabriele. Deadly Vices. Sanford, Jonathan J. Book review 806
The Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 57, No. 228, July 2007. Sommers, Tamler; Sinclair, Neil; Justice, John; Archard, David; Stoltz, Jonathan; Wall, Steven 1041
Urbinati, Nadia. Representative Democracy: Principles and Genealogy. Henning, Brian G. Book review 797
Value and the dynamics of being *. Goodman, Lenn E. 8254
Visiting professors from abroad, 2007-2008. 344
Wanting something for someone: Aquinas on complex motions of appetite. White, Kevin 11919
Westphal, Kenneth R. Kant's Transcendental Proof of Realism. Miles, Murray Book review 806
White, Nicholas. A Brief History of Happiness. Barron, Robert Book review 840
Wolff, Jonathan. An Introduction to Political Philosophy. Brunstetter, Daniel R. Book review 792
Young, Julian. Nietzsche's Philosophy of Religion. Kaplan, Grant Book review 855

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