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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (December 1, 2006)

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A defense of quasi-memory. Roache, Rebecca Brief article 152
A new argument for evidentialism. Shah, Nishi Brief article 121
Adventures of the reduction: Jacques Taminiaux's metamorphoses of phenomenological reduction. Morgan, Dermot Brief article 203
Akrasia in the protagoras and the republic. Morris, Michael Brief article 187
Anselm's definition of free will: a hierarchical interpretation. Tyvoll, Stan R. Brief article 123
Aquinas on non-voluntary acts. Hause, Jeffrey Brief article 136
Battin, Margaret Pabst. Ending Life: Ethics and the Way We Die. Peach, Andrew Book review 872
Beeckman, Descartes and the force of motion. Arthur, Richard Brief article 107
Berkeley on immediate perception: once more unto the breach. Dicker, Georges Brief article 130
Berkowitz, Roger. The Gift of Science: Leibniz and the Modern Legal Tradition. Mathias, Michael B. Book review 812
Bernardete, Seth. Achilles and Hector: The Homeric Hero. Berg, Steven Book review 1363
Collingwood, R. G. An Essay on Philosophical Method. Robinson, Daniel N. Book review 893
Concurrence or divergence? Reconciling Descartes's physics with his metaphysics. Hattab, Helen Brief article 101
Creating identities, creating values? Black, Oliver Brief article 118
Dialetheism, semantic pathology, and the open pair. Amour-Garb, Bradley; Woodbridge, James Brief article 132
Empirical concepts and the content of experience. Ginsborg, Hannah Brief article 150
Felt, James W., S.J. Human Knowing: A Prelude to Metaphysics. Haggerty, William Book review 824
Flynn, Thomas R. Sartre, Foucault and Historical Reason, Volume Two: A Poststructuralist Mapping of History. McGushin, Edward Book review 882
Frank, Jill. A Democracy of Distinction: Aristotle and the Work of Politics. Weber, Eric Thomas Book review 800
Fronterotta, Francesco and Leszl, Walter, editors. Eidos-Idea: Platone, Aristotele e la Tradizione Platonica. Ewbank, Michael Book review 954
Groth, Miles. Translating Heidegger: Contemporary Studies in Philosophy and the Human Sciences. Weidler, Markus Book review 798
Guyer, Paul. Kant's System of Nature and Freedom: Selected Essays. Melnick, Arthur Book review 884
Hegel on the life of the understanding. Morris, David Brief article 106
Heidegger, Paul Klee, and the origin of the work of art. Watson, Stephen H. Critical essay 11904
Hill, R. Kevin. Nietzsche's Critiques: The Kantian Foundations of his Thought. Conard, Mark T. Book review 848
Hodgson, Peter. Hegel and Christian Theology: A Reading of the Lectures on the Philosophy of Religion. Lauinger, Billy; Ver Eecke, Wilfried Book review 793
Huffman, Carl A. Archytas of Tarentum: Pythagorean, Philosopher and Mathematician King. Rousseau, Philip Book review 935
Human reason and a common world: why Wittgenstein and Rawls are both wrong. Kaplan, Morton A. 10190
Inwood, Brad. Reading Seneca: Stoic Philosophy at Rome. Laumakis, Stephen J. Book review 793
Kant on conscience, 'indirect' duty, and moral error. Timmermann, Jens Brief article 142
Kantian duties to the self, explained and defended. Timmerman, Jens Brief article 112
Kenny, Anthony. Medieval Philosophy: A New History of Western Philosophy, vol. 2. Doolan, Gregory T. Book review 878
Leibniz on concept and substance. Shim, Michael K. Critical essay 156
Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm. Confessio Philosophi, Papers Concerning the Problem of Evil, 1671-1678. Crockett, Timothy Book review 800
Liebert, Georges. Nietzsche and Music. Bohm, Arnd Book review 677
Mind-independence disambiguated: separating the meat from the straw in the realism/anti-realism debate. Page, Sam Brief article 128
Moral competence and Bernard Williams. Rosenthal, Abigail L. Brief article 109
Nietzsche's metaphysics in the birth of tragedy. Hanspile, Beatrice Brief article 145
No norm needed: on the aim of belief. Petersen, Asbjorn Steglich Brief article 105
Non-mereological universalism. Miller, Kristie Brief article 149
Norton, Anne. Leo Strauss and the Politics of American Empire. Schall, James V. Book review 942
Now is the time. Cresswell, Max Brief article 141
On whether Aquinas's ipsum esse is "platonism" (1). Brock, Stephen L. Critical essay 16932
Papineau on etiological teleosemantics for beliefs. Mendola, Joseph Brief article 111
Partenie, Catalin and Rockmore, Tom, editors. Heidegger and Plato: Toward Dialogue. Lindenmuth, Donald C. Book review 810
Potential being and the source of cosmic order. Atkinson, Gary Brief article 139
Punishment and repentance. Tasioulas, John Brief article 177
Quinean skepticism about de re Modality after David Lewis. Divers, John Critical essay 152
Rauscher, Anton, editor. Nationale und kulturelle Identitat im Zeitalter der Globalisierung. Elders, Leo J. Book review 552
Re-acquaintance with Qualia. Bigelow, John; Pargeter, Robert Brief article 191
Rockwell, W. Teed. Neither Brain Nor Ghost: A Nondualist Alternative to the Mind-Brain Identity Theory. Baldner, Steven Book review 905
Saving ta legomena: Aristotle and the history of philosophy. Long, Christopher P. Critical essay 9483
Science of being, science of faith: philosophy and theology according to Heidegger. Brogan, Michael J. Viewpoint essay 110
Seeskin, Kenneth. Maimonides on the Origin of the World. McLaughlin, Thomas J. Book review 904
Siger and the skeptic. Cote, Antoine Critical essay 9145
Skrbina, David. Panpsychism in the West. Rudd, Anthony Book review 832
Small, Robin. Nietzsche and Ree: A Star Friendship. Emden, Christian J. Book review 797
Sorell, Tom. Descartes Reinvented. Ablondi, Fred Book review 803
Sources of delusion in Analytica Posteriora 1.5. Hasper, Pieter Sjoerd Critical essay 226
Stoic realpolitik. Debranander, Firmin Brief article 144
Stone, Allison. Petrified Intelligence: Nature in Hegel's Philosophy. Lauer, Christopher Book review 793
Sufficiency or priority? Benbaji, Yitzhak Brief article 119
The Aristotelian prescription: skepticism, retortion, and transcendental arguments. Bardon, Adrian Critical essay 134
The crooked timber of reality: sovereignty, jurisdiction and the confusions of human rights. Laughland, John Brief article 154
The humanity of the word: personal agency in hermeneutics and humanism. Arthos, John 143
The nonindividuation argument against zygotic personhood. Guenin, Louis Brief article 193
The normative limits to the dispersal of territorial sovereignty. Kaufman, Daniel Brief article 150
The opening of on interpretation: toward a more literal reading. Wallz, Matthew D. Brief article 165
The theory of friendship in Erasmus and Thomas More. McEvoy, James Critical essay 115
The Thomistic telescope: truth and identity. Milbank, John Critical essay 215
Thomson, Iain D. Heidegger on Ontotheology: Technology and the Politics of Education. Torsen, Ingvild Book review 840
Three rival versions of political enquiry: althusius and the concept of sphere sovereignty. Ossewaarde, M.R.R. 143
Tradition, dialectic, and ideology: contemporary conflicts in historical perspective. Colapietro, Vincent Brief article 221
Underdetermination and the argument from indirect confirmation. Bangu, Sorin Brief article 116
Ver Eecke, Wilfried. Denial, Negation, and the Forces of the Negative: Freud, Hegel, Lacan, Spitz, and Sophocles. Goldsmith, Marcella Tarozzi Book review 794
What are desires good for? Towards a coherent endorsement theory. Bykvist, Krister Brief article 155
What is philosophy? Priest, Graham Brief article 244
When seeing is not believing: a critique of priest's argument from perception. Kabay, Paul Brief article 169
Wu-wei and the decentering of the subject in Lao-Zhuang: an alternative approach in the philosophy of religion. Hao, Changchi Brief article 138

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