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Articles from The Review of Metaphysics (June 1, 1997)

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Title Author Type Words
A Theory of Textuality: The Logic and Epistemology. Patterson, Dennis Book Review 743
An Introduction to Kant's Ethics. Johnson, Gregory R. Book Review 565
Aristotle's Modal Logic: Essence and Entailment in the Organon. Elders, Leo J. Book Review 343
Aristotle's Theory of Material Substance: Heat and Pneuma, Form and Soul. Coles, Andrew Book Review 981
Between transcendental and transcendental: the missing link? Doyle, John P. 15462
Beyond postmodernism: Langan's foundational ontology. Calcagno, Antonio 9529
Descartes on causation. Flage, Daniel E.; Bonnen, Clarence A. 14712
Dialectic and Narrative in Aquinas: An Interpretation of the 'Summa contra gentiles.' McInerny, Daniel Book Review 731
Dignity, Character, and Self-Respect. Paden, Roger Book Review 588
Discourses on Livy. Mulvaney, Robert J. Book Review 819
Enlightenment's Wake: Politics and Culture at the Close of the Modern Age. Wegierski, Mark Book Review 784
Explaining an Eclipse: Aristotle's 'Posterior Analytics' 2.1-10. Bell, Ian Book Review 610
God and the Philosophers: The Reconciliation of Faith and Reason. Copan, Paul Book Review 567
Greater Good: The Case for Proportionalism. Kaczor, Christopher Book Review 856
In and About the World: Philosophical Studies of Science and Technology. Wilkerson, T.E. Book Review 561
Making Men Moral: Civil Liberties and Public Morality. Lee, Patrick Book Review 1091
Metaphysical Personalism: An Analysis of Austin Farrer's Metaphysics of Theism. Buford, Thomas O. Book Review 737
Metaphysics and Culture: The Aquinas Lecture, 1994. Levesque, Paul J. Book Review 948
Morality, Mortality: Rights, Duties, and Status, vol. 2. Hartle, Ann Book Review 998
Mortality and Morality: A Search for the Good After Auschwitz. Schumacher, Bernard Book Review 754
On Transforming Philosophy: A Metaphilosophical Inquiry. Dann, G.E. Book Review 752
Perception and Reality: A History from Descartes to Kant. Ablondi, Fred Book Review 605
Philosophical Historicism and the Betrayal of First Philosophy. Johnson, Gregory R. Book Review 1103
Practical Realism and Moral Psychology. Morgan, Vance Book Review 596
Reason and the Heart: A Prolegomenon to a Critique of Passional Reason. McAleer, G.J. Book Review 599
Recasting Conservatism: Oakeshott, Strauss, and the Response to Postmodernism. Johnson, Gregory R. Book Review 879
Taking the universal viewpoint: a descriptive approach. Wood, Robert E. 5482
The Crisis of Judgment in Kant's Three 'Critiques': In Search of a Science of Aesthetics. Kerckhove, Lee Book Review 510
The Embodiment of Reason: Kant on Spirit, Generation, and Community. Johnson, Gregory R. Book Review 1115
The Enigma of Health: The Art of Healing in a Scientific Age. Whelton, Beverly J. Book Review 720
The Hegel Myths and Legends. Schellhammer, Erich P. Book Review 524
The Letters. Frank, Daniel H. Book Review 678
The nonfixity of the historical past. Weberman, David 8554
The Philosophical Papers of Alan Donagan, 2 vols. Hanna, Robert Book Review 1733
The Politics of Philosophy: A Commentary on Aristotle's Politics. Dink, Michael Book Review 793
The Skeptic Way: Sextus Empiricus's Outlines of Pyrrhonism. Lynch, Michael P. Book Review 667
Values Education and Technology: The Ideology of Dispossession. Wegierski, Mark Book Review 775
Virtues of the Will: The Transformation of Ethics in the Late Thirteenth Century. Wood, Rega Book Review 1108
Whitehead und Einstein. Wissenschaftsgeschichtliche Studien in Naturphilosophischer Absicht. Ford, Lewis S. Book Review 842
Wittgenstein on Mind and Language. Marti, Genoveva Book Review 694

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