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Articles from The Review of English Studies (May 1, 1996)

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'Here a Captive Heart Busted': Studies in the Sentimental Journey of Modern Literature. Schad, John Book Review 785
'We have learnt to love her more than her books': the critical reception of Bronte's 'Professor.' Malone, Catherine 6176
A Bloomsbury Group Reader. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 688
A Critical Edition of 'The War of the Worlds': H.G. Wells's Scientific Romance. Batchelor, John Review 1328
A Dictionary of Sexual Language and Imagery in Shakespearean and Stuart Literature, vol. 1, A-F. Norbrook, David Book Review 662
A Linguistic History of English Poetry. Harris, Roy Book Review 657
A. D.H. Lawrence Chronology. Hewitt, Karen McLeod Book Review 507
All's Well That Ends Well. Hardman, C.B. Book Review 937
Almayer's Folly: A Story of an Eastern River. Hewitt, Douglas Book Review 589
Anglo-Saxonica: Beitrage zur Vor- und Fruhgeschichte der englischen Sprache und zur altenglischen Literatur. Festschrift fur Hans Schabram zum 65. Geburtstag. Wells, C.J. Book Review 1854
Art Imitates Business: Commercial and Political Influences in Elizabethan Theatre. Bawcutt, N.W. Book Review 657
Arthurian Literature XII. Mackenzie, Donald Book Review 971
Barnabe Riche, His Farewell to Military Profession. Duncan-Jones, Katherine Book Review 584
Britannia's Issue: The Rise of British Literature from Dryden to Ossian. Box, M.A. Book Review 869
Chaucer and His Readers: Imagining the Author in Late-Medieval England. Benson, C. David Book Review 711
Culture and Politics in Early Stuart England. Loewenstein, David Book Review 1164
Defoe De-Attributions: A Critique of J.R. Moore's 'Checklist.' Ellis, Frank H. Book Review 1775
Encyclopedia of Post-Colonial Literatures in English, vol. 1 and 2. Williamson, Karina Book Review 684
English Humanist Books: Writers and Patrons, Manuscript and Print, 1475-1525. Logan, George M. Book Review 841
English Preaching in the Late Middle Ages. Cigman, Gloria Book Review 869
Fanny Price refuses to kowtow. Knox-Shaw, Peter 2762
Gender and History in Yeats's Love Poetry. Dilworth, Thomas Book Review 712
George Herbert's Christian Narrative. Keeble, N.H. Book Review 1130
George Orwell: Vie et ecriture. Davison, Peter Book Review 630
Greece: A Literary Companion. Cartledge, Paul Book Review 602
Hell. Gordon, Robert Book Review 779
Henry James: History, Narrative, Fiction. Lyon, John M. Book Review 926
Identifying Poets: Self and Territory in Twentieth-Century Poetry. Sell, Roger D. Book Review 723
Index of English Literary Manuscripts, vol. 4, 1800-1900; part 3, Landor-Partmore. Priestman, Judith Book Review 989
Influence and Resistance in Nineteenth-Century English Poetry. Rooksby, Rikky Book Review 802
James Joyce and the Question of History. Mays, J.C.C. Book Review 1222
Jane Austen and the Clergy. Le Faye, Deirdre Book Review 511
Jodocus Crull and Milton's 'A Brief History of Moscovia.' Bedford, R.D. Bibliography 2314
Joyce: The Return of the Repressed. Mays, J.C.C. Book Review 1222
Kipps. Batchelor, John Book Review 1328
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu: Turkish Embassy Letters. Jump, Harriet Devine Book Review 495
Life, crown, and queen: Gertrude and the theme of sovereignty. Aguirre, Manuel 5163
Literary Englands: Versions of 'Englishness' in Modern Writing. Schmidt, A.V.C. Book Review 1014
Literature about Language. Aitchison, Jean Book Review 598
Lord Byron: The Complete Poetical Works, 2 vols. Storey, Mark Book Review 1813
Making the News: An Anthology of the Newsbooks of Revolutionary England, 1641-1660. Kitson, Peter J. Book Review 634
Middle English Historiography. Mackenzie, Donald Book Review 971
Milton in Government. Hammond, Paul Book Review 758
Old English Homilies from MS Bodley 343. Scragg, D.G. Book Review 773
Othello, the Moor of Fleet Street (1833). Davison, Peter Book Review 707
Pencils Rhetorique: Renaissance Poets and the Art of Painting. Haskell, Francis Book Review 581
Romance and Revolution: Shelley and the Politics of a Genre. Erkelenz, Michael Book Review 686
Romantic Poetry by Women: A Bibliography, 1770-1835. Owen, W.J.B. Book Review 1378
Ruskin: The Genesis of Invention. Birch, Dinah Book Review 662
Shakespeare Reshaped: 1606-1623. Saunders, J.G. Book Review 1194
Shakespeare the Actor and the Purposes of Playing. Dymkowski, Christine Book Review 673
Shakespeare's Comic Commonwealths. Scragg, Leah Book Review 918
Shakespeare's Early Comedies: Myth, Metamorphosis, Mannerism. Scragg, Leah Book Review 918
Spectacular Politics: Theatrical Power and Mass Culture in Early Modern England. Moody, Jane Book Review 811
Talking Animals: Medieval Latin Beast Poetry, 750-1150. Townsend, David Book Review 870
The Authorship of 'The Equatorie of the Planetis.' Blake, N.F. Book Review 920
The Bachelors Banquet. Duncan-Jones, Katherine Book Review 584
The Battle of Maldon: Fiction and Fact. Irvine, Susan Book Review 690
The best of companions: J.W.N. Sullivan, Aldous Huxley, and the new physics. Bradshaw, David 9521
The Birth of Modernism: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats, and the Occult. Crawford, Robert Book Review 739
The Cambridge Companion to Beckett. Worth, Katharine Book Review 809
The Cambridge Companion to English Poetry: Donne to Marvell. Rudrum, Alan Book Review 1230
The Chronicle History of Henry the Fift with His Battell Fought at Agin Court in France. Togither with Auntient Pistoll. Womersley, David Book Review 544
The History of Mr. Polly. Batchelor, John Book Review 1328
The Independent Spirit: John Clare and the Self-Taught Tradition. Watson, J.R. Book Review 475
The Influence of John Donne: His Uncollected Seventeenth-Century Printed Verse. Rudrum, Alan Book Review 1230
The Island of Dr. Moreau. Batchelor, John Book Review 1328
The maid in the moor and the Rawlinson text. Duncan, Thomas G. 5741
The Manor, the Plowman, and the Shepherd: Agrarian Themes and Imagery in Late Medieval and Early Renaissance English Literature. Dillon, Janette Book Review 715
The Merchant of Venice. Watts, Cedric Book Review 586
The Poems of Anna Letitia Barbauld. Stafford, Fiona Book Review 481
The Poetics of Personification. Fletcher, Alan J. Book Review 806
The Politics of the Picturesque: Literature, Landscape and Aesthetics Since 1770. Colvin, Howard Book Review 688
The Prelude. Owen, W.J.B. Book Review 1378
The Reinvention of Love: Poetry, Politics and Culture from Sidney to Milton. Keeble, N.H. Book Review 1130
The Time Machine. Batchelor, John Book Review 1328
The Virginia Woolf Manuscripts: From the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection at The New York Public Library. Flint, Kate Book Review 986
The Waves. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 688
The Woman Reader: 1837-1914. Brant, Clare Book Review 1010
Theatre and Government Under the Early Stuarts. Howard-Hill, T.H. Book Review 999
Thomas Hardy's 'Studies, Specimens &c.' Notebook. Maxwell, Catherine Book Review 866
Thomas Hardy: Selected Poems. Maxwell, Catherine Book Review 866
Ulysses and the Irish God. Mays, J.C.C. Book Review 1222
Variation and Change in Early Scottish Prose: Studies Based on the Helsinki Corpus of Older Scots. Mapstone, Sally Book Review 783
Women and Nation in Irish Literature and Society: 1880-1935. Pyle, Hilary Book Review 742
Women, Writing, and Revolution: 1790-1827. Jump, Harriet Devine Book Review 1143

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