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Articles from The Review of English Studies (May 1, 1993)

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A Critical Bibliography of Old English Syntax to the End of 1984 Including Addenda and Corrigenda to Old English Syntax. Stanley, E.G. Book Review 706
A Gregorian model for Eve's Biter Drync in 'Guthlac B.' (theme of Eve as source of death from Gregorian the Great's homily) Hall, Thomas N. 9566
A Reader in the Language of Shakespearean Drama. Miller, B.D.H. Book Review 746
A solution to riddle 72 in the Exeter Book. McCarthy, Marcella 2991
Addison and Steele Are Dead: The English Department, Its Canon, and the Professionalization of Literary Criticism. Box, M.A. Book Review 924
Allegorical Remembrance: A Study of The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man as a Medieval Treatise on Seeing and Remembering. Ogilvie-Thomson S.J. Book Review 927
Antony and Cleopatra. Duncan-Jones, Katherine Book Review 992
Beowulf: A Translation and Commentary. Irvine, Susan Book Review 1994
Chaucer Traditions: Studies in Honour of Derek Brewer. Hardman, Phillipa Book Review 835
Contingent Meanings: Postmodern Fiction, Mimesis, and the Reader. Kelly, Lionel Book Review 1199
Cultural Aesthetics: Renaissance Literature and the Practice of Social Ornament. Lloyd, Christopher Book Review 1071
D. H. Lawrence and the Trembling Balance. Bradshaw, David Book Review 1328
Encyclopedia of Literature and Criticism. Cottle, Basil Book Review 1376
For lucre of for fame: Lockhart's versions of the reception of 'Marmion.' (John Gibson Lockhart's manipulation of criticisms of Sir Walter Scott's poem) Millgate, Jane Biography 8620
Frances Burney: The World of Female Difficulties. Salmon, Christine Book Review 967
Henry Fielding: A Life. Irwin, Michael Book Review 2045
Henry James and Revision: The New York Edition. Bradbury, Nicola Book Review 1135
Irish Writers and Politics. Mays, J.C.C. Book Review 639
Italy and the English Renaissance. Brennan, Michael G. Book Review 841
Jewish Presences in English Literature. Simons, Judy Book Review 690
Learning to Curse: Essays in Early Modern Culture. White, R.S. Book Review 684
Milton, Shakespeare, Pindar and the bees. Hughes, Felicity A. Biography 4525
Ossian Revisited. Thomson, Derick S. Book Review 704
Pinter in Play: Critical Strategies and the Plays of Harold Pinter. Saunders, J.G. Book Review 710
Prose in the Age of Poets: Romanticism and Biographical Narrative from Johnson to De Quincey. Lurcock, A.F.T. Book Review 637
Sacred Rhetoric: The Christian Grand Style in the English Renaissance. Miller, B.D.H. Book Review 1117
Samuel Ferguson: The Literary Achievement. McDonald, Peter Book Review 1008
Samuel Johnson, Richard Rolt, and the 'Universal Visiter.' (dispute over authorship of 18th century essays) Ferrero, Bonnie 3763
Shakespeare's Dramatic Transactions. Watts, Cedric Book Review 687
Shakespeare: A Bibliographical Guide. Vickers, Brian Book Review 3144
Space and the Eighteenth-Century English Novel. Colvin, Howard Book Review 709
Staging Shakespeare's Late Plays. Dymkowski, Christine Book Review 678
Stories, Theories & Things. Alexander, Flora Book Review 1027
Table Talk, 2 vols. Salvesen, Christopher Book Review 735
The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant. Smith, Sheila M. Book Review 723
The Battle of Maldon AD 991. John, Eric Book Review 814
The Boy in the Bush. Pollnitz, Christopher Book Review 1124
The Ends of History: Victorians and 'the Woman Question.' Stewart, James C.Q. Book Review 978
The first quarto of 'Hamlet' and the date of 'Othello.' (dating of William Shakespeare's plays) (Notes) Honigmann, E.A.J. 3903
The Great Gatsby. Hewitt, Douglas Book Review 663
The Muses of Resistance: Laboring-class Women's Poetry in Britain, 1739-1796. Jump, Harriet Book Review 695
The Puritan-Provincial Vision: Scottish and American Literature in the Nineteenth Century. Robertson, Fiona Book Review 715
The Sociable Humanist: The Life and works of James Harris, 1709-1780. Womersley, David Book Review 605
The Welles Anthology: MS. Rawlinson C. 813: A Critical Edition. Wilson, Edward Book Review 1792
Victorian Doubt: Literary and Cultural Discourses. Wright, T.R. Book Review 1133
Virgil and The Tempest: The Politics of Imitation. Norbrook, David Book Review 865
W. B. Yeats: A Classified Bibliography of Criticism. Worth, Katharine Book Review 674
W.H. Auden: 'The Map of All My Youth:' Early Works, Friends, and Influences. Crawford, Robert Book Review 612
Walt Whitman and the American Reader. Cologne-Brookes, Gavin Book Review 683
What's Wrong with Postmodernism? Critical Theory and the Ends of Philosophy. Crawford, Robert Book Review 634

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