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Articles from The Review of Contemporary Fiction (March 22, 2008)

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Title Author Type Words
A fire. Punti, Jordi; Tree, Matthew Fictional work 1792
Acknowledgments. 508
Afterword: stolen time. Newman, Mary Ann Fictional work 1195
Alasdair Gray. Old Men in Love: John Tunnock's Posthumous Papers. Bernstein, Stephen Book review 328
Andy Mozina. The Women Were Leaving the Men. Feeney, Tim Book review 317
Anna Kavan. Guilty. Ponce, Pedro Book review 300
Barren. Sala, Toni; Tree, Matthew Fictional work 1855
Barry Gifford. Memories from a Sinking Ship. Waxman, Jeff Book review 320
Charles Baxter. The Soul Thief. Kalich, Richard Book review 406
Continental. Pages, Vicenc Fictional work 3500
Dannie Abse. Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve. Birns, Nicholas Book review 328
Dear editor. 5517
Douglas Messerli. My Year 2005: Terrifying Times. Evenson, Brian Book review 323
Family life. Monzo, Quim; Newman, Mary Ann Fictional work 4398
Fiesta. Zabala, Manel; Mcglaughlin, Laura Fictional work 3119
From this side of the cloister. Ibarz, Merce; Wark, Julie Fictional work 2003
Guest editor's note. Subirana, Jaume 606
Ha Jin. A Free Life. Garrett, Daniel Brief article 309
James Sallis. Potato Tree. Ponce, Pedro Brief article 304
Jordi Coca. Under the Dust. Dewey, Joseph Book review 332
Joseph Tabbi and Rone Shavers, eds. Paper Empire: William Gaddis and the World System. Crossley, James Book review 336
Julio Cortazar and Carol Dunlap. Trans. Anne Mclean. Autonauts of the Cosmoroute. Dutton, Danielle Book review 412
Kathy Acker. Acker: Articles from the New Statesman, 1989-1991. Jameson, A.D. Brief article 259
Kenneth Koch. On the Edge: Collected Long Poems. Gordon, Noah Eli Book review 377
Kercheval, Jesse Lee. The Alice Stories. Miller, Quentin Brief article 311
Lance Olsen. Anxious Pleasures: A Novel After Kafka. D'Aoust, Renee E. Book review 314
Magdalena Tulli. Flaw. Pinker, Michael Brief article 314
Myth of the Americans. Sarsanedas, Jordi; Wark, Julie Fictional work 1469
Our war. Pamies, Sergi; Bush, Peter Fictional work 2056
Paul West. Sheer Fiction IV. Davies, Jeremy M. Book review 355
Peter Carey. His Illegal Self. Murphy, Neil Book review 351
Provisional report of Elies Santapau's sprint. Moncada, Jesus; Tennent, Martha Fictional work 1508
Shimon Ballas. Outcast. Pinker, Michael Book review 319
Some general resources in English about Catalan Literature. Subirana, Jaume Brief article 274
Strange name. Barbal, Maria; Tennent, Martha Fictional work 1088
The brothers Kovacks. Fonalleras, Josep M.; Tennent, Martha Fictional work 1427
The dying country. Espriu, Salvador; Newman, Mary Ann Fictional work 940
The future. Serra, Marius; Tree, Matthew Fictional work 2047
The importance of oral and dental hygiene. Moliner, Empar; Bush, Peter Fictional work 1348
The keys. Seres, Francesc; Thomson, Richard Fictional work 3056
The madmen's ship. Pinol, Albert Sanchez; Phillips, Rowan Ricardo Fictional work 1764
The salamander. Rodoreda, Merce; Tennent, Martha Fictional work 3565
The unexpected at number 10. Calders, Pere; Bush, Peter Fictional work 2041
The window. Monso, Imma; Bush, Peter Fictional work 2747
Victoria Redel. The Border of Truth. Sobelle, Stefanie Book review 342
Violette Leduc. The Lady and the Little Fox Fur. Zambreno, Kate Book review 328
William T. Vollmann. Riding Toward Everywhere. Hemmingson, Michael Book review 263
You can't not feel it. Guixa, Pere; Thomson, Richard Fictional work 1398

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