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Articles from The Review of Contemporary Fiction (June 22, 2002)

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A (Very) Selective Bibliography of Modern and Postmodern Japanese Fiction and Culture (English Translation Only). McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda Bibliography 1583
A Meaning in Art that's No Longer Possible: an Interview with Kiyoshi Kasai. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda; Tatsumi, Takayuki Interview 3231
A. J. Perry. Twelve Stories of Russia: A Novel, I Guess. Ponce, Pedro Book Review 281
A. S. Byatt. On Histories and Stories: Selected Essays. Herman, Luc Book Review 316
Alfred Jarry. Collected Works of Alfred Jarry, Volume 1: Adventures in `Pataphysics. Tinker, Alan Book Review 316
Amy J. Elias. Sublime Desire: History and Post-1960s Fiction. Herman, Luc Book Review 314
Annie Ernaux. Happening. Howard, Gregory Book Review 321
Antonio Lobo Antunes. The Return of the Caravels. Post, Chad W. Book Review 335
Arthur Bradford. Dogwalker. Miller, D. Quentin Book Review 299
Barry Hannah. Yonder Stands Your Orphan. Evenson, Brian Book Review 310
Bird outside the Cage: an Interview with Yumi Matsuo. Gregory, Sinda; McCaffery, Larry Interview 3377
Books received. Bibliography 3092
Brion Gysin. Back in No Time: the Brion Gysin Reader. Hibbard, Allen Book Review 320
Carla Harryman. Gardener of Stars. Laurence, Patricia Book Review 335
Cees Nooteboom. All Souls Day. Buckeye, Robert Book Review 333
Cesare Pavese. The Selected Works of Cesare Pavese. Bursey, Jeff Book Review 294
Chris Bachelder. Bear v. Shark. Crossley, James Book Review 290
Claude Simon. The Jardin des Plantes. Orlando, Valerie Book Review 316
Dan Chaon. Among the Missing. Foltz, Anne Book Review 309
David Gilbert and Karl Roeseler, eds. Here Lies. Hemmingson, Michael Book Review 315
David Mamet. Wilson: A Consideration of the Sources. Dewey, Joseph Book Review 312
David Mitchell. Number9Dream. Picone, Jason Book Review 304
Dee Goda. Orchid Jetsam. Paddock, Christopher Book Review 307
Editors' acknowledgments. 886
Edward Carey. Observatory Mansions. Malin, Irving Book Review 314
Ekbert Faas. Robert Creeley: A Biography. Andrews, David Book Review 316
Frederick Busch. War Babies. Tinkler, Alan Book Review 313
Frederick Crews. Postmodern Pooh. Strecker, Geralyn Book Review 310
George Garrett. Going to See the Elephant: Pieces of a Writing Life. Birns, Nicholas Book Review 305
Gerald Locklin. A Simpler Time, A Simpler Place: Three Mid-Century Stories. Gwyn, Aaron Book Review 314
Ghostbusters--an Adventure Story. Takahashi, Gen'ichiro Short Story 876
Gilbert Sorrentino. Little Casino. Riker, Martin Book Review 592
Hanif Kureishi. Gabriel's Gift. Budzynski, Brian Book Review 293
Introduction. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda Critical Essay 3985
It Don't Mean a Thing, If It Ain't Got That Swing: an Interview with Haruki Murakami. Gregory, Sinda; Miyawaki, Toshifumi; McCaffery, Larry Interview 3988
Jean-Patrick Manchette. 3 to Kill. Sallis, James Book Review 264
Just a Nobody (from the Rumors about Me). Tsutsui, Yasutaka 1923
Keeping Not Writing: an Interview with Yasutaka Tsutsui. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda Interview 2662
Leonid Tsypkin. Summer in Baden-Baden. Bergman, David Book Review 307
Lucius Shepard. Valentine. Malin, Irving Book Review 304
Lydia Davis. Samuel Johnson Is Indignant: Stories. Strecker, Trey Book Review 262
Magnus Mills. Three to See the King. Evenson, Brian Book Review 301
Mary Robison. Why Did I Ever. Scanlon, Suzzanne Book Review 310
Michael Martone. The Blue Guide to Indiana. Foltz, Anne Book Review 303
Murder in Balloon Town. Matsuo, Yumi Short Story 5046
Not Just a Gibson Clone: an Interview with Goro Masaki. Gregory, Sinda; McCaffery, Larry Interview 3339
Oedipus City. Kasai, Kiyoshi Short Story 6644
Paul LaFarge. Haussmann, or the Distinction. Strecker, Trey Book Review 292
Paul Wilson. Someone to Watch Over Me. Parry, Sally E. Book Review 324
Percival Everett. Erasure. Strecker, Trey Book Review 310
Peter Carey. 30 Days in Sydney. Maliszewski, Paul Book Review 312
Peter Rock. The Ambidextrist. Gerlach, T.J. Book Review 287
Philip Tew. B. S. Johnson: A Critical Reading. Murphy, Richard J. Book Review 272
Ray Vukcevich. Meet Me in the Moon Room. Havel, Amy Book Review 262
Reinaldo Arenas. Mona and Other Tales. Axelrod, Mark Book Review 315
Richard Burgin. The Spirit Returns. Timmons, Jean Book Review 315
Robert Coover. The Grand Hotels (of Joseph Cornell). McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 181
Soft Clocks. Aramaki, Yoshio Short Story 6909
Sophisticated Masochism: an Interview with Masahiko Shimada. Gregory, Sinda; McCaffery, Larry Interview 2059
Stalled at a Kiss (from Master and Discipline). Shimada, Masahiko Short Story 4709
Steve Aylett. The Crime Studio. Feeney, Tim Book Review 315
Steve Weiner. The Yellow Sailor. Paddy, David Ian Book Review 309
Terry Southern. Now Dig This: the Unspeakable Writings of Terry Southern 1950-1995. Horvath, Brooke Book Review 316
The Human Factor (from Evil Eyes). Masaki, Goro Short Story 3482
The Japanoid Manifesto: Toward a New Poetics of Invisible Culture. Tatsumi, Takayuki Critical Essay 2587
The Mental Female. Ohara, Mariko Short Story 8554
The Twister of Imagination: an Interview with Mariko Ohara. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda; Kotani, Mari; Tatsumi, Takayuki Interview 2883
Thinking the Opposite: An Interview with Yoshio Aramaki. Oide, Mitsutaka Interview 3063
This Conflict between Illusion and Brutal Reality: an Interview with Yoriko Shono. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda; Kotani, Mari; Tatsumi, Takayuki Interview 3205
Three German Fantasies. Murakami, Haruki Short Story 3221
Time Warp Complex. Shono, Yoriko Short Story 5816
Vladimir Paral. Lovers & Murderers. Pinker, Michael Book Review 305
Why Not Have Fun?--an Interview with Gen'ichiro Takahashi. McCaffery, Larry; Gregory, Sinda; Koshikawa, Yoshiaki Interview 3561
William H. Gass. Tests of Time. Hove, Thomas Book Review 302
William Kennedy. Roscoe. Madden, David W. Book Review 309

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