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Articles from The Review of Contemporary Fiction (March 22, 1999)

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"After All, What Else Is There to Say?" Ed Sanders and the Beat Aesthetic. Herd, David 5702
A Music behind the Wall: Selected Stories, Volume Two. Schar, Kristin Book Review 316
A Terrible Beauty Is Born: Edward Sanders, the Techniques of Investigative Writing, and 1968. Liebler, M.L. 3714
A Winter's Journal. Evenson, Brian Book Review 270
Absent Without Leave: French Literature Under the Threat of War. Roudiez, Leon S. Book Review 285
After Dunkirk. Parry, Sally E. Book Review 322
An Edward Sanders Checklist. Horvath, Brooke Bibliography 1433
An Embarrassment of Tyrannies: Twenty-five Years of "Index on Censorship". Horvath, Brooke Book Review 308
An Interview with Ed Sanders--1 October 1968. Miles, Barry Interview 3895
Angela Carter: The Rational Glass. Gass, Joanne Book Review 306
Ashe of Rings and Other Writings. Hibbard, Allen Book Review 329
Birds of America. Malin, Irving Book Review 266
Blindness. Landon, Philip Book Review 306
Books Received. 2172
Bordeaux. Ireland, Susan Book Review 298
Collected Fictions. Malin, Irving Book Review 399
Damascus. Roberson, Matthew Book Review 332
DEAR EDITOR. Letter to the Editor 15206
Divining the Avant-Pop Afterburn: "Fame & Love in New York". Olsen, Lance 4132
Dreams of the Abandoned Seducer. Tinkler, Alan Book Review 306
Early Sorrows (For Children and Sensitive Readers). Pinker, Michael Book Review 316
Ed Sanders and Black Sparrow Press. Clark, Tom 505
Ed Sanders: The Un-Fuzzy Fug. Weinreich, Regina 447
Edward Sanders on His Fiction: An Interview. Horvath, Brooke Interview 3821
Enigma. Cokal, Susann Book Review 312
Errata: An Examined Life. Hove, Thomas Book Review 292
Existentialists and Mystics: Writings on Philosophy and Literature. Hove, Thomas Book Review 318
Farewell Waltz. Maliszewski, Paul Book Review 368
Father of Lies. Wall, Eamonn Book Review 306
Five Doubts. McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 311
From Tales of Beatnik Glory, Volume 3: The Psychedelicatessin. Sanders, Edward 6471
Ghost Town. McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 376
Helter Shelter: Strategic Interment in "Tales of Beatnik Glory". Dewey, Joseph 4516
Information Multiplicity: American Fiction in the Age of Media Saturation. Strecker, Trey Book Review 294
Introducing Edward Sanders. Horvath, Brooke 2230
Kitaj: Pictures and Conversations. Malin, Irving Book Review 330
Lawrence Durrell: A Biography. Raper, Julius Rowan Book Review 381
Marching with the Fugs. Charters, Ann 1224
Mirrors. DeShell, Jeffrey Book Review 349
Mocking Desire. McAlpine, Gordon Book Review 314
Mr. Ed Sanders. Wallenstein, Barry 1866
My Year in the No-Man's-Bay. Badura, Matthew Book Review 379
Mysteries of the Body and the Mind. Malin, Irving Book Review 402
Naming and Unnaming: On Raymond Queneau. Lowenthal, Marc Book Review 313
New and Recommended in Paperback. 86
Nod. Lennon, Brian Book Review 315
Notes from Hampstead: The Writer's Notes: 1954-1971. Hibbard, Allen Book Review 334
Once Again for Thucydides. Badura, Matthew Book Review 379
Oulipo Compendium. Motte, Warren Book Review 554
Our House. Ireland, Susan Book Review 254
Park City: New & Selected Stories. Evenson, Brian Book Review 317
Poet Be Like God: Jack Spicer and the San Francisco Renaissance. McGonigle, Thomas Book Review 399
Prospero's Mirror: A Translators' Portfolio of Latin American Short Fiction. Foster, David William Book Review 341
Reading between the Lines: Claude Simon and the Visual Arts. O'Brien, George Book Review 304
Rerunning the Creepy-Crawl: Ed Sanders and Charles Manson. Myers, Thomas 3923
Serendipities: Language and Lunacy. McAlpine, Gordon Book Review 320
Shame. Buckeye, Robert Book Review 448
Shards of God: An Epinician to the Heroes of the Peace-swarm. Boddy, Kasia 8091
Subterranean Kerouac: The Hidden Life of Jack Kerouac. Hunt, R. Timothy Book Review 306
Symmetries. Miller, D. Quentin Book Review 353
Tell The Story. Creeley, Robert 1228
The Bataille Reader. Sallis, James Book Review 343
The Best American Essays 1998. Hove, Thomas Book Review 311
The House That Jack Built: The Collected Lectures of Jack Spicer. McGonigle, Thomas Book Review 399
The Journey of 253 Lifetimes. Headley, Robert Book Review 297
The Path to the Spiders' Nests. Paddy, David Ian Book Review 412
The Tel Quel Reader. Roudiez, Leon S. Book Review 401
The Voice of the Turtle: An Anthology of Cuban Stories. Foster, David William Book Review 283
The Willow Tree. Horvath, Brooke Book Review 321
The World as It Is. Malin, Irving Book Review 402
Through the Dark Labyrinth: A Biography of Lawrence Durrell. Raper, Julius Rowan Book Review 381
Truman Capote: In Which Various Friends, Enemies, Acquaintances, and Detractors Recall His Turbulent Career. Malin, Irving Book Review 348
Weird Women, Wired Women. Malin, Irving Book Review 390
Writings 1903-1932. White, Ray Lewis Book Review 334
Writings 1932-1946. White, Ray Lewis 334
Yo Yo Boing! Foster, David William Book Review 333

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