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Articles from The Review of Contemporary Fiction (September 22, 1997)

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"Interludes" from Raymond Queneau. Jouet, Jacques; Campbell-Sposito, Mary 3971
"There's not one story that will change this": 'The American Woman in the Chinese Hat.' Cooley, Nicole 3346
"We will speak and bear witness": storytelling as testimony and healing in 'Ghost Dance.' (Carole Maso) DeSalvo, Louise 5604
A new language for desire: 'Aureole.' (Carole Maso, includes checklist of her work) Moore, Steven 3670
A Vision of His Own: The Mind and Art of William Gaddis. McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 185
After Rain. Kessler, Rod Book Review 312
American Nomad. Strecker, Trey Book Review 296
Awaiting Oblivion. Malin, Irving Book Review 289
Between the winding sheets: 'The American Woman in the Chinese Hat.' DeShell, Jeffrey 3446
Blindsight. Lowenthal, Marc Book Review 433
Blood and Milk. van Ryzin, Jeanne Claire Book Review 295
Canis Major: introducing Raymond Queneau. Campbell-Sposito, Mary 3789
Carole Maso: an introduction and an interpellated interview. Harris, Victoria Frenkel 3102
Charity begins at home. Mathews, Harry 4565
Ciphers. Olsen, Lance Book Review 261
Crowning the Queen of Love. Parry, Sally E. Book Review 294
Dewey Defeats Truman. Parry, Sally E. Book Review 382
Droles de drames. Blavier, Andre; Campbell-Sposito, Mary 2023
Emancipating the proclamation: gender and genre in 'AVA.' (Carole Maso) Harris, Victoria Frenkel 4245
Except joy: on 'Aureole.' (writing the novel) Maso, Carole 7325
Flying Home and Other Stories. Garrett, Greg Book Review 323
Ford Madox Ford: The Critical heritage. O'Brien, John Book Review 179
Frenzy. Malin, Irving Book Review 251
From 'Children of Clay.' (excerpt, translated from 'Les Enfants du limon') Queneau, Raymond Excerpt 1801
Fugitive Pieces. Evenson, Brian Book Review 309
Girls. van Ryzin, Jeanne Claire Book Review 251
Gould: A Novel in Two Novels. Hove, Thomas Book Review 357
Guided Tours of Hell. Kessler, Rod Book Review 296
Gut Symmetries. Paddock, Christopher Book Review 286
Hallucinating Foucault. Fraser, Graham Book Review 304
Her Other Mouths. Fraser, Graham Book Review 363
Holy Smoke. Wolf, Kent D. Book Review 333
Hotline Healers. Senier, Siobhan Book Review 398
Interior Designs. Champion, Laurie Book Review 383
Leave It to Me. Friedman, Ellen G. Book Review 334
Longer Views. Sallis, James Book Review 466
Making the Team: The Cultural Work of Baseball Fiction. Barone, Dennis Book Review 295
Mason & Dixon. McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 712
Nightwork. Tester, William Book Review 394
Purple America. Maliszewski, Paul Book Review 466
Queneau and poetic illusion. Debon, Claude 4557
Raymond Queneau (Interviews with George Charbonnier, part 5)(Interview) Charbonnier, Georges Interview 1828
Reading in the Dark. Wall, Eamonn Book Review 430
School Days. Lowenthal, Marc Book Review 335
Slander. Lowenthal, Marc Book Review 292
Sporting with Amaryllis. Madden, David Book Review 334
Technique of the novel. Queneau, Raymond 1720
The Aguero Sisters. Juffer, Jane Book Review 378
The art of the novel in 'Saint Glinglin.' (Raymond Queneau) Pestureau, Gilbert; Campbell-Sposito, Mary 2990
The birth of a form: elementary morality. Roubaud, Jacques 5461
The Crab Nebula. Friedman, Ellen G. Book Review 328
The dead fathers: the rejection of modernist distance in 'The Art Lover.' (Carole Maso) Harris, Charles B. 7677
The Dog King. Manaster, Robert Book Review 281
The Driftless Zone: Or a Novel Concerning the Selective Outmigration from Small Cities. D'Errico, Jon Book Review 301
The Sharp Teeth of Love. Bennett, Barbara Book Review 356
The Three-Arched Bridge. Hibbard, Allen Book Review 380
The Untouchable. Malin, Irving Book Review 240
Thomas Pynchon: Schizophrenia & Social Control: Papers from the Warwick Conference, Special issue of Pynchon Notes 34-35, Spring-Fall 1994. McLaughlin, Robert L. Book Review 239
Time Famine. Seed, David Book Review 431
Translating Queneau. Wright, Barbara 2044
Traveling light, from 'The Bay of Angels.' (fiction excerpt) Maso, Carole Excerpt 4201
Understanding Contemporary American Literary Theory. Hattenhauer, Darryl Book Review 388
Underworld. Malin, Irving Book Review 659
Unravelling. van Ryzin, Jeanne Claire Book Review 273
Urban Oracles. Juffer, Jane Book Review 278
Van Gogh's Bad Cafe: A Love Story. Landon, Philip Book Review 382
Variations for Raymond Queneau. Sorrentino, Gilbert 766
Winter's Edge. Logan, Lisa Book Review 265

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