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The Return of the Egg Cream.

Egg creams are having a moment. (Again.) In this weekend's Wall Street Journal, Kathleen Squires explains why you should order the egg creamthat fizzy, frothy refreshment which quizzically "contains neither eggs nor cream," and whose old-school charm is being refurbished by hip new vendors in New York City and beyond.

Of course, how each modern-day establishment makes its egg creams is distinct and purposeful. It's fitting for the soda fountain staple, whose craft and creation has long been the subject of much debate"whether syrup or milk comes first in the glass; the force with which the seltzer is streamed in; the vigorousness of the final, froth-producing stir," Squires explains.

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Author:Butnick, Stephanie
Publication:Tablet Magazine
Date:Sep 9, 2015
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