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The Religion/Spirituality Shelf.

Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet

Missy Buchanan

Upper Room Books

1908 Grand Avenue, Nashville, TN 37212

9780835810463, $12.00,

The twilight of your life is not the end. "Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet: Inspiring Faith Stories for Older Adults" is a collection of stories from those with advanced age who use their advanced wisdom to still contribute meaningfully to life and society. With thirty stories and plenty of wisdom and faith, Missy Buchanan's compilation will uplift any elder who reads it to remember that it isn't over until it's over. "Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet" is a strong and highly recommended read, not to be missed.

Simple Meditation

Curt Remington

Meditation Resources

34 Longshore Ln, Bellingham, WA 98229

9781936610068, $14.95

One must remember the connection they share strongly with the world around them. "Simple Meditation: A Spiritual Connection for Transforming Your Life" is a driven spirituality guide from Curt Remington as he advises readers to find their own peace in life and use that peace to further their relationships and lives more effectively. With strong metaphysical thought, "Simple Meditation" is a wise and solidly recommended read, not to be missed.

Why We Believe in God(s)

J. Anderson Thomson

Pitchstone Book

1909 Stillhouse Rd., Charlottesville, VA 22901

9780984493210, $12.95,

Is there more to faith than just ancient stories? "Why We Believe in God(s): A Concise Guide to the Science of Faith" is a discussion of why mankind has readily created something greater to them to grant them cause and belief for their lives. Drawn on the studies of psychologists, and with a foreword by famed author and thinker Richard Dawkins, "Why We Believe in God(s)" is a fascinating study to the human nature involved in faith and the reason for its lasting strength.

The Spirits

Heather Preston

Sweet Olive Press

PO Box 872, San Anselmo, CA 94979

9780692001110, $35.00,

Trees have surrounded mankind for their entire existence, and much has been said about them. "Tree Spirits: Tales and Encounters" is a blend of spiritual fiction and art from Heather Preston, as she focuses on the story of the trees and their relationship with the long history of mankind. All around the world, different cultures have different perspectives on the meaning and importance of these ancient plants that last generations. "Tree Spirits" is a fascinating experience that will make readers ponder the importance of trees and human history.

Circle of Catholic Women

Karen Pavlicin

Juloya Celebrating Life

8362 Tamarack Vlg, Ste. 119 106, St. Paul, MN 55125

9781934617113, $16.95,

Womanhood and a bit of faith are things that often go well together. "Circle of Catholic Women: Personal Reflection and Group Sharing to Help You Deepen Your Faith and Find Balance in Your Everyday Life" is a spiritual workbook for Catholic women as they ask themselves the many questions of their life and seeks to help them focus their energies on many aspects of modern life. "Circle of Catholic Women" is a choice pick for women of faith.

The Alabaster Jar

Anna Alden Tirrill

White Cottage Publishing Co.

17675 Eureka Ave. West, Farmington, MN 55024

9781885831330, $19.95

Faith still guides women as it has for thousands of years. "The Alabaster Jar: Deep Calls Unto Deep: Devotions for Women" is a collection of scripture and thought from Anna Alden Tirrill who offers her own thought, drawing from the Bible and other women of faith. With plenty to ponder and empower, "The Alabaster Jar" is a spiritual and highly recommended read.
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